Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 9)


While me and Arohi where still looking at each other. Kiran said “she is my very good friend guys and we have known each other from almost 10 years. Me, Rohit, Rahul, Ankita and Sowrajyam were from same school and in fact during the first year of engineering college too but Anki decided to move abroad for her studies as she was not interested studying engineering here anymore but then she went to UK and she is back again to the base few days back when we went to Sowrajyam’s marriage.”

I was like – “Oh, if she was here during her marriage, she could have attended as well. It would have been nice to know her then, Sowrajyam would also have been happy”. Arohi nodded agreeing to me and said “I can call Rahul too if you want to meet him, he is free anyway”

Before Kiran could tell anything, Ankita said “I wanted to meet everyone but situations were not correct, so I decided to give it a pass”. She turned to Arohi and said “I would love to meet Rahul, but I came here to speak to Kiran alone. “She asked both of us “If you girls don’t mind, Shall I take Kiran away as I have a lot to speak to him and I need a little privacy with him”
That was weird! I saw Kiran and Kiran shrugged and said “I will catch you later Divi, call me when you get free”.

Ankita was staring at him and harshly said to him “Shall we Kiran?”

We came back to our places and Arohi said “She is weird”. I said “Yes, she was nice at the start but all of a sudden she has so much of attitude and look at the way she speaks to Kiran”.
While I was sipping my coffee, I saw Kiran and Ankitha speaking and Kiran was convincing something to which she wasn’t agreeing. I wondered who is she and why is Kiran so weak in front of her?
Before we left, We went to Kiran’s table and said “Sorry to disturb you guys but I was leaving so wanted to tell a bye”I turned to Kiran and said “Good night Kiran, we shall meet again” Kiran stood up and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “I know what’s going on in your mind, I will call you tonight. Keep yourself free”

I was like what is happening, why there is so much suspense in this!

We headed back and I said Bye to Arohi as she dropped me and I went home. Sonu was at home and he told that he has some good news and Dad and mom came in and hugged me and said Congratulations! I was like what is happening? Just then Mom told you got a call today and you left your phone at home one again!!! At the moment she told I left my phone, I panicked, I hadn’t deleted Ro’s messages that were sent recently and was also scared what if he kept calling continuously and cursed myself for forgetting the phone at home and asked mom and dad what it was.

They were super happy and said you got a job in Intel with a very good package! I was astonished for a moment and was so happy that it took me a while to come back to my senses and I jumped and hugged everybody and jumped a lot with joy and mom gave me sweets and my dad told “I am so proud of you Divi, We told them that you are not here and they told you to call by 6pm, you have 20 min left to 6, so call them soon”. I said “Yes”and called them right away. I was told that I had to go the next day and collect my offer letter from the company and sign few contracts and then they will notify me again in a month where I would have my training. I told the same to Dad and mom. Dad told me that he would take me to the company as he also wants to see the place I will be working. I told him that this is just the office here and it need not be the same office I work. Dad said “I know, but I get to see how it is in an IT firm. I nodded my head.

I called up Arohi and broke the news to her. She was very happy too. We had given interviews in our college as a part of campus recruitment. Arohi was already placed in HCL by the final semester but Intel had delayed thee results and I had lost hopes. So, as per what she told me only 4 were selected and I was the only one selected from Electronics dept. I was soo happy and my joy had no limit! I was so happy that I forgot to call Kiran and slept peacefully.

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  1. Woww superrr dr divi need to trach a lesson to ro and nikki

  2. what’s is wrong with Ankita??,,,
    ,but t’day’s part was good,enjoyed it a lot
    take care

  3. Yaayyyee divi got a job !! but l thought she would also go to abroad 4 higher studies but yes it can be happen during her job too..l guess kiran is convincing Anki to reveal her n Ro’s past or anything related to Ro…Ohhh l’m just eager to read d next phase,,,waiting !!
    #stay blessed

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