Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 8)


I was so shocked!! I didn’t know what to tell and I was so dumbstruck and very weak to tell anything. I stammered and asked Arohi if this is all true and if Ro asked Nikki and if Nikki agreed? Arho was sad seeing me and she told “Yes Divi, Ro asked her and then Nikki was so happy and she immediately said an yes, you know she is so desperate and Rohit asked his mom everything and she is arranging everything for her and they will be leaving end of next week most probably, Rohit will leave first and Nikki will go 2 days later, she tried a lot to get tickets with him but there were none left”

While I was sad to hear it something in me told me not to lose hope in my life and be sad. I believed that Karma will strike back and Nikki and Rohit will learn their lessons.
Arohi told “Yes, from that day she has never left Rohit’s side. She goes shopping with him together, they eat together and you know what shocking, she stays in Ro’s outhouse now”
I was like “Whaaat??? Did his mom agree to it? She was making a fuss when we went”
Arohi said “Yes, after Nikki and Shraddha fought, Shraddha told Nikki to leave immediately from her room and then this drama queen went to Ro’s house and started making a scene and they agreed and what you won’t believe is Ro’s mom likes Nikki! I saw them 2 days ago in a salon together”
I remembered his mom’s taunting at me and shook my head, what is that she liked in Nikki and not me? And asked Arohi “Do you know anything about his sendoff party, did Ro invite you as well?”
Arohi said “Yes, but I know you will not go, so I am also giving it a skip”

I said “But Arohi, I have my reasons but why don’t you go?”She said “Naa, friend’s enemy is my enemy and if I see that Nikki you never know I might punch her in her face”
I laughed out loud, and saw the time. It was already 3pm. I was like how did the time go so fast already and we were yet to finish our cold fries! Just then we saw Kiran with a girl at the same restaurant we were and he was helping her to sit, I blurted out “Kirraaaannn??? And saw Arohi.
She was like “No Divi, I have not told anyone. I promise and where is he by the way?”
I just pointed at him and asked her “It is just a week and he already has a girlfriend?”
Arohi was equally shocked and said her “I do not know Divi, I have been messaging him but he never mentioned anything about a new girl in his life and he was free most of the days when Rahul went out with him. You knows guys get busy when he has a girlfriend, but let me check with Rahul if he knows something”

She messaged Rahul and Rahul had the same reply that Kiran is single and is not seeing anyone.
I saw Arohi and said “This looks so strange. Kiran is always secretive, do you think he hid it from all of us?”
Arohi saw me back “Do you think so?”
I replied “Yes, you remember we were with him for so many days and he never mentioned about him, his family and only when we went there we got to know about it”
Arohi just shrugged her shoulders and said “Maybe!”
By then, Rahul messaged asking if Arohi is joining the party for Ro and as he is close to Rohit, he had to go but he didn’t want to hurt her and do anything against her.
Arohi smiled reading the message and I was like “Awww, He is so sweet Aro”
She was blushing already but then came back to her senses and asked me “Divi, what do you think? We have one last chance to show how awesome we are in front of Nikki and Ro’s mom. Do you want to go”

I just thought for a minute and replied her “Arohi, you are right. Rohit may have behaved very badly with me, but he is going away and I want to tell him one final good bye and want him to realize what he is missing “and gave a wink.
Arohi was laughing and said “So, you are going there to make Rohit jealous and Nikki uncomfortable and to confuse his mom”
I smiled and said “You got me right, it is good to be bad!”
Just then, when we were laughing I saw Kiran and he was staring back at me astonished. I just waved my hand at him and Arohi turned back and gave a wave
Slowly his astonished face softened into a bigg smile and he hurriedly jumped from his table and ran towards me and gave me a tight hug and said that he missed me and he is so happy to see me again smiling.
I told him that I missed him too and before he could ask anything, the girl with whom he came patted on his shoulders, laughed and told him if he forgot his manners not to desert a girl like that.

Kiran apologized to her. I and Arohi were looking at each other and he introduced Arohi and me to her. She was like “Ohh, you are Divya. I have heard a lot of good things about you. Hello again, my name is Ankita”

I was so shocked and turned towards Arohi was equally shocked and said to myself- “So, now we will know a little bit of Rohit’s past!”

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  5. ha ha Devil divi,l knew she’ll definitely attend d party,n Ankita’s entry was really nicely presented,it seems she is good but it left me shocked coz Rohit told divi,that his ex ditched him,l guess he misunderstood her too, over possessive guy!!
    l liked it very much yaar ,,upd d next one soon,, waiting!! love ya.
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  6. kiran has gf,l really wanted him to pair with Sraddha,but it’s ok if ankita is good l don’t mind..n ”’Ro n Nikki wait 4 Divya ,she is all set to give d pain back to u Guys”

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