Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 7)


Arohi continued and told I will tell you exactly what happened that day- “Nikki wouldn’t shut her mouth Divi, she told us that we are all supporting you without knowing the truth and told us to understand how sad Rohit is. Then I said her that we understand and that is the reason we are here at this time for Rohit when he called us. But Nikki told we came here so that he doesn’t cause you any harm and we were just thinking about your welfare”
I was shocked to hear her saying this, I never expected more from her but I never expected that she would fall so low too.

Arohi said “You wouldn’t believe Divi, the way she was acting that day comforting him, standing by him for all the wrong things was so pathetic. She started telling to Rohit not to worry and even if the world is against him, she will stand by him.”
I was so disgusted and asked “didn’t Rohit stop her”?
Arohi said “No Divi, he didn’t! Infact he was very happy that she was with him and said us she is the real person among us and we are all fake.”
I was like OMG! Is Rohit under any spell?

Arohi continued “It was Shraddha who couldn’t take her shit any longer and shouted at her – “Nikki do you even realize what you are doing? You are standing with a man who tried to molest his girlfriend. Is that right? Do you think it is? If he had done this with you would you be quiet? I have been seeing you from then, I supported you for everything but not this time. Shut the crap and let’s go, you are making things complicated for Rohit, Divya and all of us”
Arohi said “And this is what Nikki said to us and her- “Shraddha, Thanks for being my friend but this time Rohit needs me as you are all against him. What complicated? This Divya made it complicated for Rohit and for all of us. If anyone has to be blamed it is Divya. You asked me if I would be quiet right. If I had a boyfriend like Ro, I wouldn’t even see other guys forget hugging. I would have given all my attention to Ro and he would have never done anything like that to me. This Divya was hugging all other guys, doesn’t she know that she is committed and shouldn’t do all these things? And moreover, what wrong did Rohit do, after all she is his girlfriend and he has the right to do whatever he wants with her and…. “

I was almost crying listening to what had Nikki said about me, is this what she thinks I am? Is hugging a guy wrong? If you are in a committed relationship why is the right of me being friends with other guys a problem? Arohi sensed my sadness and said “Sorry Divi, I didn’t want to, but you need to know what happened” I said her “Yes, Arohi. Sometimes I trust people blindly and I am paying for it”. She said “Forget Arohi, listen to what happened next. While she was still continuing to speak, Shraddha stood up went to her and whammmmm.. Gave her a tight slap”
I was like “Whaaaaaaaattttt? Did she? Really? Good, she deserved it for ruining my life!”
Arohi was happy and she said “Yes yes!! and Shraddha said- “Nikki, I took all your crap but this is too much. Do you not value a woman? I am so ashamed that I stood by you when you kissed Ro and now I know your mentality and you cannot do any better. This is the last day I am speaking to you and our relationship is over, good bye!”

I was so shocked, what is happening to everyone’s relationship because of this Nikki.
Arohi continued “I was happy and I also told her that she is standing up for the wrong cause but you know what hurt me most that time it was Rohit. He suddenly yelled at all of us telling us to Shut up and stop scolding at Nikki and hugged her and said “Sorry and because of me you had to hear everything and thanks for being there when everyone left me”
I was like “Whyyy!!! Why did he do that? Whatever little concern I had vanished after listening to you Arohi”

Arohi said “Yes divi, we are not speaking to her anymore and you know she completely took advantage of the situation and she started crying so loudly and told –“You know I love you Ro and I can fight the world to be with you. I know these are my only friends and I cannot bear the fact they said something against you. I will never tolerate “and we were like seeing each other and Kiran shouted “Nikki, cut the drama “but she increased it more and started telling to Rohit -“Now I do not have anybody for me. My so called friends hate me and you will go to USA and now, what will happen to me? I know all this would happen but yet I stood for you Rohit and I do not regret it. I will be alone my entire life but I wanted to stand by you today. You take care Rohit., I will go now. I am very hurt and need to think”
I was dumbstruck and blinking my eye seeing Arohi, Is this a serial that she acted so much and what is this melodrama? I said Arohi “Good, she lost everyone now. I am happy she is alone”
Arohi said “No Divi, she isn’t”.

I was like “What are you telling, she left and now Rohit will go to USA, and you are not speaking to her. I do not understand”
Arohi continued “after he drama and she was about to leave, rohit stopped her and said -“Nikki, I am sorry for whatever happened because of me to you but I do not want you to be alone among these people. I am not in love with you but will you be my best friend and come to US with me for studies? I will tell my mom to arrange everything for you. We will go together.”

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  1. What the crap yaar chi nikki

  2. really feeling very distraught after reading this part.
    Sraddha shouldn’t stop slapping Nikki once,she need more than it
    .thnx dear 4 ur effort..u upd 3 parts in a day.
    take care

  3. Thank u yaar 4 dis one ,,u wrote very well,just loved sraddha’s vibe n smart move,,Nikki deserve d worst wound that won’t be healed n rohit also deserve punishment from Divi,such a jerk ,,,,keep it up,,,,,,love u loads
    #stay blessed

  4. Oh yrrr this nikki is so irritating… i feel lyk slapping her hard….

  5. buddy ur narration do good .Really d situation got so messed but it’s time to clean d mess n punish Nikki n Rohit. l want rohit to repent n divi not to ever forgive him

  6. too* good

  7. Thanks guys!
    But, you know what I see that I do not get a lot of responses like the other FF. So I am thinking that I will start writing again when I get more responses.
    Sorry guys, but it feels bad that for a new ff there are so much appreciations and only few for me so 🙁

  8. Hi dippy,l thought Bhgi is back but found u r continuing it..glad to read as l missed it,but why r u stopping dear ,there many silent readers too. whatever l can understand ur situation too, may be strangers fan will not be able to read d rest of it coz whoever is continuing it facing issues n leaving like this only

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