Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 6)


As we were already full, I and mom didn’t eat anything and we on the way bought food from restaurant for Sonu and Dad. I changed my dress to a nightdress and sat thinking about what I had just witnessed. I reread his messages again and again where he had told that we shared so many moments together and I am not bothered. Who was least bothered now, me or him? Is it so easy for him to roam around with that Nikki, she spoiled my relation with him and now she has turned everything to her favor and I have to find out what she told about me to Rohit. Just while I was thinking, Arohi messaged me with the details of where we are meeting tomorrow. I just said to myself that I have to tell everything about this to her and find out what is going on.
It was morning and I woke up and dressed like the Old me with a pale green dress and accessorized them with dark pink chain and hair clip and matching sandals. I told mom that I would be going out today and just when I was finishing my breakfast Arohi came in shouting “Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,, How are you. I missed you like crazy” and gave me a biggg hug and told me I was looking so perfect. My mom with a raised brow was seeing how stupid we were and suddenly out of the blue popped up the question to Arohi

But dear, if you really missed her why didn’t you come and see her. She told you are very busy” Arohi looked at me and quickly answered “Yes, aunty. I was busy with my cousin’s engagement and we had a lot of family at home “My mom nodded her head and said “Enjoy your day girls, Divi, don’t forget to let me know if you are late”

I replied her an Yes and left the home. I thanked Arohi for handling the situation well. She told not to bother about that and asked me “How are things going on” I told her about my outings and all the things I shopped, she told me about her cousin’s engagement. We went to a nice restaurant café and ordered some cold coffee, sandwiches and fries. She told me “Divi, it is just few days you were not in touch with us and you do not know how much I missed you and our hang outs.” I smiled and said that I missed her too. Then I told her about what Rohit messaged me, that I saw him and Nikki together and she has told him something about me and everything.
Arohi’s face fell when I told her about Nikki and she told “I still cannot believe that Rohit changed. With two of you fighting Nikki took advantage and she became very close to Rohit. I needed to tell you all this.

After the incident and you left not speaking to anyone. Rohit was completely down. He was calling, shouting at Me, Kiran, Rahul, Shraddha and Nikki to tell him about you. When we told we do not know he thought we were lying and was telling us to call you. He held Kiran by his collar and told that whatever happened was his fault and he created a drift between you two” I was shocked listening to this. She continued “Kiran was so angry and he started shouting, If he had respected you, things wouldn’t be like this and he also told something which bothered me Divi, he told to Ro that “You are always like this, even with Ankita you were like this and you blamed her and her friends and now you are doing the same with Divi, I am so ashamed to call you my friend.” I was shocked with eyes wide open. My head was all stuck up, was it not the first time Ro did this and now who is this Ankita? I asked her “What, but who is this Ankita”, She said “I do not know, we need to ask Kiran.

As soon as he told Ankita, Ro shouted not to take that b***h’s name and Kiran got very angry and slapped him telling to respect her and not to use cheap words and both started hitting each other. We somehow managed to stop the fight between these two and pulled Kiran to our side. I and Rahul were on Kiran’s side and only Nikki was on Ro’s side and Shraddha was just confused with what was happening. I told Rohit that what he was doing was wrong and when we already told him we have no information about you, he shouldn’t have blamed and shouted at us” I was deeply listening to what all happened because of me and I blamed myself for all this.
She continued “Just then Nikki brought water for Rohit and told us what Rohit did was correct and what we were doing is not correct and we deserved the shouting and Kiran deserved the hit.
We were all so shocked listening to it. You know how close Shraddha is to Nikki and for the first time, she pulled her so hard towards her and told her it was enough and asked her to shut her mouth”

I was wide eyed and said “Shraddha scolding Nikki?”I was shocked, she always supported her even in wrong ,the time Nikki kissed Ro and Shraddha took her side and this was unexpected. Arohi said “Yes, but this didn’t make her shut her mouth “and continued telling……

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  1. it’s good Shraddha spoke up….
    suspense is killing me ,,,eagerly waiting.
    take care

    1. I thought I will write tomorrow, because of your comment I decided I will write today and upload. Thanks!

      1. aww thank u

  2. awesome,l liked it n l’m just guessing Divi will meet rohit nd Nikki today..

    1. Thanks! Keep guessing 😉

  3. Updt nxt part dr. . . Pls. . .

    1. I will soon

  4. She dont deserve anyones love i hate this nikki charecter

    1. I hated her too!

  5. Dippy….I just love this……u really do justice with this ff

    1. Thanks Maandey. I am really happy that you feel so

  6. Sorry dippy cudnt comnt on d last epi … Well both wer pretty good n lets know wat happnd durin d brkup of divi now

    1. It is coming soon!

  7. Thnx for updating 2parts today… n i jus hate dis nikki n ro… i want nikki to slap both nikki n ro… n u r doing fab job dippy.. continue soon n plz make it longer

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