Strangers (Part 69)


Part 69
Afterall that nonsense at Rohit’s place ,we went to the hospital to see Nikki, she was absolutely fine,no injuries ,no harm done .I was so relieved knowing that .She was just a bit stressed due to what all happened but the doctor said she will be fine in a day!!!
I went into the room were she was , as soon as she saw she jumped on to me and hugged me. I thought she was still scared I said,” Hi Ok Nikki , its all fine now , their is no need to worried or scared of anything now he won’t bother you again”.
I gently on her head assuring her of this she looked at me and said , “I know its not about that , I’ m just thankful to you , Thank you so much Divi, Thank you for every damn doing , thank you for slapping me for what I did too“
I said , “What ?”
Nikki replied,”yeah ,thank you or that too and thanks for forgiving me too”
I said,”when did I tell you that I forgave you ??”
Nikki replied,”you did I know !”
I said ,”no,I didn’t”
She replied,”oh common divi,I know u did ,after all u love ur friends and I’m ur friend so you love me too don’t you?”
I said ,”oh god Nikki, u’re such a b*t*h u idiot” and I laughed
Arohi and shraddha also came and we had a group hug
Kiran came and said ,”oh so what about me then??”
I pulled him into the group hug too haha Sonu and Vishu were like,”this is so unfair ,what about us”
We all had a group hug and all smiles on our faces .finally ,it seemed liked everything was back to normal ,my life , my friends, our gang , our bond ,it din’t break. Thank god for that . May be that was the first love , first heart break phase of my life the first love phase was over already, but my first heart break I didn’t know when that was gonna pass away.
Kiran said ,” so lets all go to my house and party what say” ?

I said, “ Wait, lets get bathed , we all are stinking Yukkk!!!! aspecially “ Kiran” haha….
Kiran was like , “What ?, Stinking and me? , what nonsense , this is my special perfume “ and we all started laughing.
Just then , my phone rang , It was mom, I answered , “Hello mom”…
Mom : “Divya where are you ? you first get backhome now wherever you are !!!”
I said, “but what happened mom , sonu is with and ya I forget to tell wish too is here”
She replied , “Ok then bring all of them home too , but get back home right now”
I said, “Ok , mom we’ll start”
Everyone asked , “What happened “
But I din’t know the answer either, “Indian moms” you see hahaa
I said , “lets just go to my house, mom asked to bring you all along too but u gotta start now or she gonna eat me up alive”.
So we went home but there was a surprise awaiting me there.
As we all entered inside there were some guests in the hall and as we were passing by all of there eyes were only starring at me .I din’t know you though .Dad was already talking to them but he din’t notice us.
Just then mom came hustling out of the kitchen and introduced me to them and whispered to me ,”do Namaste and go and touch there feet and take there blessings “
I din’t have a clue what was going on .but touching their feet and all was way too intense I din’t even know them so,I just did Namaste and we all quickly ran up to my room
Nikki was like ,”div’s ,what was all that ??.looks like a marriage proposal to me”
Vish was like ,”what ??’no way ,who will marry this devil”
I said,”shut up u both its nothing of that sort ok!”
Kiran also sorted pulling my leg,”its definitely that only , finally we all get rid of u now” and all started laughing .
Just then sonu came in and said ,”di they are all right!.It is a marriage proposal and they have ome to see you ,mom is asking you to get ready and come down”

if i get commets then only i am going to continue now its all in ur hads whether shud i continue r not i knowit sounds rude but it really hurts wen u dont get any response

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