Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 5)


I wanted to know if it was all a dream. With a weak voice I asked her “Arohi, what happened”?
She replied – “Idiot, we have been waiting for more than a week and we missed you like hell. I didn’t even enjoy my cousin’s engagement as I always thinking about you. Where were you, I will kill you when we meet! You made me miss you like crazy and I know it sounds stupid, but Divi, it is tough to be without you around, you made my BP go high so I hate you!”
I was so relieved! Ufff, this anger was the anger of love. I laughed and said “Arohi, you do not know how much I wanted to speak to you right now and I was so scared when you started yelling at me”
Arohi said- “Of course, what else to do. I told you many times to tell and get things off your chest but you never listen to me!”
I said “I am sorry Arohi, You know I needed time”. She said “I know, that is the reason I didn’t want to disturb you during these days, forget the past. So, how are things going on and when are we meeting”
I said her “Everything is fine Aro, tomorrow I am going with mom for some shopping. She is jealous of you as I hang out with guys often” Arohi laughed “Ofcourse, you are their princess and anyone would be jealous of whom you go out with, now I am jealous that you are taking aunty along and not me”
I smiled and said her “Arohi, I need to talk to you about a lot of things, but not over the phone. I will be busy tomorrow and day after I want to meet you, will you be free?”
Arohi said “Divi, you are asking me permission, are you mad? Ofcourse I am free for you anytime and I have to tell you a lot of things that happened when you were not around. I will tell Kiran and Rahul to join us too”
I said “Thanks Aro, You decide the place and I want it to be only you and me please”
Arohi said “Okay then, so it’s a girly date only you and me under the tree”
I couldn’t stop laughing at what she said “Aro, you never change! Anyway, I am tired and sleepy today, I just wanted to speak to you”
Arohi said “Sure, you sound sleepy. Go sleep, I will message you tomorrow with the place and time and I will come to pick you up, my brother is on vacation with his friends and his car is free. Good night”
I replied “Good night “and hung up the phone and slipped into sleep.
I woke up early the next day and went for a walk with Sonu and Dad. I felt so energized. And for the outing with mom, I decided to slip into light blue jeans, a nice pair of shoes, a nice white t shirt and a navy blue cardigan. I came down all ready by 9 and my mom was shocked to see me ready so soon. She told “OMG, Divi you are up and ready early today” Sonu added “It means you are late and lazy every other day” I stick out my tongue at him and said to my mom “Yes mom, I kept alarm and here I am, so I am ready whenever you are”. She served us breakfast and went to get ready. By 10 am we left our house. Dad dropped us and told that he would pick us up. We went mall hopping and bought a lot of clothes for me and mom. Mom also purchased few things for dad and Sonu. At lunch, we went to a cozy restaurant and had lot of junk food. We had the best time of our lives and I told mom that we need to do this more often and she immediately agreed.
At around 5 pm, we called Dad and told him to pick us up. We were waiting and dad called us again and told us to cross the road and wait near the signal as there was a light traffic jam and we could get in there with ease. While I was crossing the road, turning my head left and right I spotted something similar. I saw it again, there he was Rohit on his bike waiting at the signal. My heart skipped a beat seeing him. By the time my mind could think anything, the signal turned green and he passed by me. He didn’t see me but to my astonishment he was not alone. There was a girl sitting behind him which I missed seeing first time with her hands on his shoulder and it was none other than Nikki! She had a lot of bags in her hand which clearly showed they had gone shopping together. I gave out a loud breath and felt so weak in my knees like I am about to collapse, mom asked if I was fine. I told her yes, just that there are many vehicles and lot of smoke. Just then Dad was there honking to get our attention. We got into the car and took off. I kept scanning the roads to see if I could get a sight of them again but I didn’t and we reached home.

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  1. Dr we want obething plzzz divi go and slap nikki she dont deserve love and friendship

  2. Super super super…… it

    1. thanks!

  3. Aaaww i love Arohi n diviii’s bond… n i knew dis was goin to happen ;)…
    N about rohit i hate him… i want him to suffer lyk hell…

  4. really wanna slap nikki and rohit as long as l get tired,,how could a frnd be so mean?,l hate these both equally but l want to c nikki in pain not happy being with rohit
    #after a long time enjoyed Arohi nd Div’s convo ..thnx yaar.for upd so soon.
    Stay blessed

  5. Hey dippy,did l tell u, u r awesome.
    it’s not easy to continue other’s ff,really glad u r continuing it..
    u asked if l remember all character,,here r some other ppl
    l do remember-Divi’s aunt nd uncle (part 21),
    , kiran’s family member (part 50),Vishu (divi’s bff ),
    Sraddha, Suji ,her fiance,,hope it’s gonna help u..take care,,nd upd d next part soon

    1. Thanks a lot Anu! it is really helpful. I am reading the olf parts to get the names and this helped me.

  6. Hi dear,,t’day’s part is so good,,
    l knew it’s nikki with whom Ro’s hanging out,,
    stupid both of them,just perfect for each other..
    n these Arohi is always there for divya,l really adore her..
    thnx for this.

  7. these guy never gonna change ,l hate him

  8. thanks a lot Guys for your responses. It makes me write more and more!

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