Strangers (Part 68)


part 67 Marriage???
Oh god! I’d rather be dead than marry Rohit and be his slave for the rest of my life. But how can someone think so low, I mean how can you force the person you love to marry so that you can own them and rule them for the rest of your life??

How can you force a person to love you? Love should come from within. One cannot force a person to love them, forcible love is not possible. But Rohit wanted to own me by hook or crook now. Love didn’t even matter to him anymore.

I said,”Rohit, you can’t force me into this,I don’t want to marry you,I don’t love you the way I used to anymore!” Rohit was like,”Divi!! Oh god! I know you’re angry and mad at me right now. That’s ok, once we get married everything will fall in place, we’ll go to US so nobody can bother us, not your friends, not my friends, not our parents, nobody! You can stay home and I’ll go work and come home to you everyday. You don’t have to do any work outside the house or inside, I’ll do all the work, you don’t have to go out for anything either, it’ll be just you and me in our world and no outsiders!”

I said,”Rohit, are you gone crazy, I’m telling you I don’t love you. I don’t wanna marry you. I don’t want to be with you even for a second, don’t you get that??”

Rohit got angry and pointed the knife at me. I said,”go ahead, kill me now than make me suffer the rest of my life”. Rohit replied,”No, I won’t kill you, I’ll kill myself” and he kept the knife on his throat.

Kiran and I didn’t know how to control the situation, it was really going out of hands. Rohit shouted,”now tell me will you marry me or shall I kill myself and if I die, you’ll be responsible for it Divya, you!!” I said,”Rohit No!!! Please stop acting so stupid, just give that knife to me”.

Just then Kiran signalled me to look at his phone screen, it was a text, I was close enough to him that I could read it. I nodded my head saying yes. Then I went near Rohit and said,”Rohit! Please don’t harm yourself. I dint know you loved me so much. I’m sorry” and I hugged him.

The knife was in his hand but he held it loose and just then Vishu came in, grabbed his hands from the back and took the knife from his hands and the it away and gave him a tight punch on his face. Rohit fell on the ground with that punch and became unconscious.

Vish came to me and asked,”you alright?” I replied,”yeah Vish, thank you, thanks a lot” Vish was like,”Idiot, what are you thanking me for, I need you to annoy me all my life, you just can’t stop now. Hahaha”

Kiran said,”guys, first lets go check on Nikki”. We all went out but only Sonu was there and also the car wasn’t there. I asked,”Sonu, where is Arohi and Nikki and where’s the car?” He replied,”Nikki fell unconscious, she rushed to the hospital”. I said,”lets go then”. But Vish said,”then what about Rohit, what if he does this again?” I said, “lets take Rohit to his home, we’ll sort things out there”.

We took Rohit to his home, he was still unconscious. Anu, Rohit’s sister was the first one to see us enter the house. Vish and Kiran laid Rohit on the sofa. Anu came running towards us and in a worried tone she asked,”what happened to Rohit? Is he ok?” I said,” yeah he’s fine, call aunty Anu”. Anu went and called her mum.

Her mum became so furious looking at Rohit but she didn’t even ask what had happened, she just started yelling at us, “what did you people do to my son? I know you guys are responsible for everything”. Kiran stopped her and told her what all had happened and after listening to it all she said,” this is all because of this stupid girl and the fact that even more she’s standing here with you three guys! God knows what’s wrong with this girl. She sees nothing but guys around her, can’t you act like a girl for once!”

For the first time Sonu spoke or rather I must say yelled,”excuse me aunty, don’t you dare say another word to my sister! It’s because of women like you, guys like Rohit are becoming like this. Being brought up by a women who does not respect other women, who herself is so narrow minded, it is not surprising that your son turned out to be such a narrow minded male chauvinistic pig”

She was startled and I was as well cos I never heard my brother speak to someone in such a loud tone and a firm one. Rohit’s mom was dumbstruck and didn’t utter a word. Sonu continued,” even my parents are a little conservative and protective but they aren’t like you. My mom respects my sister’s decisions and lets her be herself and my sister is an example of today’s generation girls should be, she never misuses her freedom and breaks our parents’ trust. It’s because of her that today I respect woman. We are here only cos of my sis otherwise your son would be behind bars till now. This is the last warning to him and everyone related to him, if he ever disturbs my sister or anyone related to her he’ll be in jail and yeah everything he said had been recorded already so don’t try anything stupid”.

Sonu turned to me and said, ” come di! Lets go!”. I was so proud of my brother at that moment and also my parents for bringing us up the way they did and I’m very glad I have a family and friends who stand by me come what may

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  1. guys this is 67 part only dnt get confused

  2. Lud the episode bhgi!!
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    1. thnks arushi vl continue dear☺

  3. Yo bhgi!! Finally update aindi story. 🙂
    This part is so awesome!! Sonu baga support chesadu. Superb!! Divi is a proud sis. Tc.. love you 🙂 waiting for next part.

    1. pedda task complete yinatu undi asalu
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  4. sonu done a great job…nice

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  6. hey i jst read d dis nw…..its gud tht sonu supported his sis..divi should tell her parents too…nw tht things r too complicated …she hd initially told her aunt …bt nt aftrwards nor did dy askd her…..update nxt epi asap…

  7. Wowwww bhgi…marvellous episode, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it. ..sonu’s words n divi’s friends support was awesome. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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