Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 4)


As expected the second half had already begun! Sonu said: “Don’t worry it just started few seconds ago “and we shared the popcorn.

After the movie was over while we were coming out, I saw Anu looking at me but I pretended I didn’t see and we headed out for a dinner.
We had a very heavy meal and I was stuffed. I came home and wanted to sleep. It was such a beautiful day, I was tired and my face was aching from laughing a lot. I went to freshen up and by the time I came out, my mom was already in my room. She said- ‘Divi, I am happy that you are happy and I came to give you a good night kiss”, I was like awwww, my mom is so lovely.
She gave me a peck, hug and tucked me in to the bed like I was a little girl. I said: “Mom, I am not a kid, I can pull the blanket myself”, She laughed and said “For me you and sonu never grow up and are always my little babies” I smiled and while switching off the light, she turned and said- “good night Divi, and don’t forget to be ready by 10am tomorrow, we have to do some shopping!”
I was so looking forward to tomorrow.

With a week of not using the phone, I completely had forgotten to take my phone today. I kept an alarm for tomorrow as I promised dad that I will go for a walk with him and Sonu and while I unlocked my phone, I saw that there were 1110 missed calls and 28 messages. I was wondering who on earth is missing me so much and as usual the calls were all from Rohit! I didn’t bother and went to read the messages there was Kiran and Arohi wishing me a beautiful day. Few promotional messages, I always forget to block them! And there were 3 messages from Rohit. I didn’t want to read them but something in me compelled to. I read the first one. Hello Miss Divya, I heard you are enjoying your time a lot seeing movies. Did you go with Family or friends?” I cursed him that he will never ever change and deleted the message.

The next one read: “Divi, why are you so stubborn. Didn’t I tell sorry? What else do you need?” I was like what the hell is his problem. Does a sorry correct all the mistakes he did? What else do I need? I need peace my friend! Peace can be achieved when you do not bother me like this! I felt it is no use of thinking too much as it only angered me

The 3rd one: “Divya, We shared so many sweet moments and you are not even bothered. Is it so easy for you to just forget everything in a week and enjoy going out. I know everything about you Divya, what Nikki told about you is correct. All girls are same, you just need a guy to buy you things and take you out. And when someone else does it you forget the previous guy. I used to scold Nikki for telling about you, but I feel she is right. I blindly trust you even though you were going around with other guys, hugging them or whatever. I thought you are different but you are also same. I wanted to tell you that whatever happened just happened, but I want to meet you one last time. I am going to US next week for MS and my mom is organizing a sendoff party this Saturday. I want you come”

I was fuming in and out reading the message. Ro fell so down in my eyes once again. I thought to myself what was wrong with me that I kept forgiving him irrespective of whatever he did with me and this is what he thinks of me. Thank god, I got to know this much before. I have already wasted my days being and adapting myself to him. He has such a cheapo brain who has no value for girls. But, what the hell has Nikki told him? I had to find out. “I want you to come “is that an order, does he think I am his maid? I will not go and not even reply to him. Such a cheapo.
I started missing Arohi a lot, I wanted to speak to her so badly! I wanted to take all this burden off my chest. I messaged her “Awake??, I want to talk to you” It was hardly 5 sec and my phone started ringing. Arohi calling. I smiled and thought few things never change!

She screeched from the other side- “Diviiiiiiiiiiii, what the hell? I do not want to speak to you” I was shocked, she never spoke to me like that! My whole world fell apart. She was my best friend and her tone didn’t seem like that anymore. She didn’t sound like my bestie Arohi!

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  1. Hi dippy ..
    U doing a great job
    I missed it like a loooot
    Thanls 4 continuing it
    Lots of love n TC

    1. Thanks Zayn 🙂

  2. What happend to arohi
    And about rohit i want slap like this guys

  3. Hey dippi … I misssed ff tooo… N happy to c it going on a good note…… N plzz upload regularly…….. Keep going buddy …. Its truely fab

    1. Thanks Dev, I will try my best to do it on a daily basis.

  4. are u Bhgi’s twin,,l guess u r!!,,,l’m getting past flavor from this,honestly…yaar,, u r progressing day by day,,,nd today’s part is damn good…loved every bit of it..keep it ya
    #stay blessed

    1. Anu, thanks so much 🙂 I am overwhelmed by your comments. I loved bhgi and I know I cant replace her but I am doing my best

  5. Ohh God,,this Ro’s mind is filled with so much dirt and cheapness ..
    it’s hard to believe he’s d same Ro who used be so sweet ..
    l thought he would repent for his deed but this fellow won’t change ever,
    l don’t know why l’m feeling ,,>>on phone it’s Ro not Arohi,,
    really l’m feeling to give him a tight slap,,

    Dippy,u just nailed it today,,thanks a lot for this beautiful part,u made my day ,,take care
    plz upd d next one soon,,best of luck to u for ur journey as writer of Stranger.

    1. Thanks Sara 🙂 I will try my best to continue the story like bhgi would

  6. on phone if it’s any girl’s voice it could be Nikki, l guess,,
    suspense is killing me!!..upd soon

  7. Even i used 2 think wat was wrong wid divi that she kept forgiving him irrespective of whatever he did.. bt m likin dis divi alot..
    Thnx n continue soon

  8. awesome..plz continue dear…strangers began with luv stry of 2 strangers >. Divi nd rohit ..l really liked both together but this Rohit is so disgusting. l wonder where all his care,love,emotion went…l’m sure nikki is behind all these,,nd she called Divi not arohi..n l think Divi would go to Ro’s party to reveal nikki’s truth,,eagerly waiting

    1. Yes, Initially I loved the way bhgi expressed their love and it took a bitter turn later.

  9. Awesome episode, love you loads.

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