Strangers (Part 67)


Hi guys it’s anisha.I am here with my story strangers….support me guys.I am also silent reader for tisha ,surbhi,sowmiya di’s ff

Neil mehra and ranveer kapoor together started a company RN group of companies and today it is listed in top 5 companies in india.they earned name and fame.apart from good business patners ,Neil and ranveer were neighbours ,friends too.
Their wives ragini mehra and shradha kapoor were best friends like their husband’s.

Abhishek mehra
He is a 21 years old ,handsome ,hard working guy loves his parents. He loves music.after graduation he flied to London for higher education
Pragya kapoor
She is 19 years old girl.sweet and independent girl and loves her parents
Neil mehra
A hard working business man loves his family ,he can sacrifice his life for his friend ranveer.
Ragini mehra
A dynamic lady with love and care for family
Ranveer kapoor
A businessman who can solve any problems.he is very practical loves his family
Shradha kapoor
A traditional lady whose life is only with her family.
Purab khanna
A nice boy ,friend of abhi
Tanu mehta
Supermodel ,friend of abhi
Bulbul arora
Bubbly girl ,friend of pragya
Mother of Neil

In RN group of companies
Neil entered his cabin ,it was a huge cabin which was divided into two parts .both sides were exactly same with desk ,laptop ,chair and files but there was a provision to pull an artificial partition id anf one of them wants to do private meeting.
Ranveer was asusual punctual and very hard working so he was always the first to enter the cabin and starts his work.
As usual Neil is late ,entering the cabin saying good morning bro
Ranveer looking at Neil ,ha good morning Neil .how is abhi.I tried to call him last night but not reachable everything is ok.
Neil sitting in his chair ,ha he is fine .quite busy in his project .moreover after his studies he will return
Ranveer says ha then pragya and abhi will run over the company
Neil says no..I won’t allow pragya to work ,she will talk to me day night ,will feed me food made by her.
Ranveer says ha she will do but I want her to be independent, so she will not suffer after me.
Neil in anger tone says stop yaar..why are you talking like this now as we both have to eat dishes made by pragya ,want to look for a guy for her marriage ,and play with her kids.
Ranveer says acha ,so even you started to dream about her marriage
Neil says ha…I will select a guy ,you should not interfere in this matter.
Ranveer says ok ok With whomever you say I will make pragya to marry.I promise now can we DO some work as I have to attend a marriage to which pragya is denying to come ,so i will leave her at your home.
Neil says ok come let’s finish the work fast as I can spend more time with my pragya.
They both finished their work by 4 pm and left to their respective home .

Kapoor’s home
After reaching home ,ranveer and shradha were getting ready for the marriage function as pragya was packing her bags as she was going to stay in mehra’s mansion for the night.
Ranveer asked can we leave.PRAGYA and shradha says yes. ..
All three left to mm..

At mm…
In living room
RAGINI was busy in instructing the servants to make room ready for pragya and she cooks all her favourite dishes while Neil was waiting for pragya.

PRAGYA was the first to enter mm,she came running and hugged ragini from back ,twirled her around and kisses her cheeks and gets blessings from dadi and ran towards Neil and say hugging him From side.Samberg and shradha entered after her.
Shradha says uffho pragya,who comes running like this now aa you have grown up .PRAGYA made a sad puppy face and looked at Neil.Neil says hey shradha now don’t scold her and my Angel is not that much big she has to stay in discipline.
RAGINI too defends her saying ha shradha if not here ,then where will she do mischief so let her do whatever she wants.
PRAGYA hugged ragini and gave a victory smile to shradha.shradha surrended as she know to win over Neil and ragini in pragya ‘s matter is impossible.

Ranveer and shradha left for marriage function asking pragya to take care of herself and ragini went to kitchen to See whether the dinner is ready while pragya and Neil chatted .
Soon ragini called them for dinner.
After finishing dinner, they saw a comedy movie.pragya was lying on couch with her head on ragini’s lap and Neil next to ragini.they were having a great time.

At 10 pm,Neil ‘s phone rang and he moved aside to answer the call.suddenly he started shivering and his phone fell from his grip.PRAGYA and ragini got worried and went near him asking what happened but Neil could not utter a word.

What might had happened. ..

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