Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 3)


It was late for the movie and my mom was calling me out from below to come fast. I wore a floral dress with blue rose earrings and matching neck chai with blue shoes. I have a lot of such stuff. I hurried down. My dad told me- “You look like a princess” to which I replied- “Thanks Dad, you I am your princess, you are the king, and mom the queen”. Sonu coughed and told “Looks like people forget that there is a son in the house too!” Mom laughed at the jealousy and joked “don’t worry Sonu, you will our gate keeper”. All burst out laughing and Sonu turned red. “I have no value in the house when Divi is around! At least I could have been a minister” Dad cut him in “Ok, Minister, if you are all done with the talks shall we go? It is late already!”
Sonu told “See, I was the one ready before all of you and you are telling me if I am done, I think I am adopted”

I laughed out loud and told “Dad, wasn’t that supposed to be a secret?”
Sonu shouted “Whaaaaaattttt? Am I adopted for real!?”
Dad had enough of our drama and told “Divya, stop irritating your brother! Sonu, you are the prince and me and mom love you as much as we love Divya”Sonu had a smile and told “I know it, I was just irritating all of you being a rebel”
I cut him in and told “And you know that it doesn’t suit you, you are my sweeto brother.”
Sonu right away responded “Divi, I love you but NO, don’t come near me and give me your girly hugs!”

We all laughed and left the house. We went for a movie first as we were already late. On my insistence we went to Kung Fu Panda, we all kept laughing and laughing throughout the movie. It was interval time and I came out to buy a drink and popcorn. While I was buying the popcorn, I saw out of another movie hall Anu (Ro’s sister) coming out with a guy hand in hand. I was shocked for a moment. It took me to the past again, Ro’s mom telling I need to dress different, and all her taunts seeing me. Anu telling that that is how girls should be and all that. My head was spinning around and all the laughs I had few moments ago vanished. But I pulled myself up, telling myself to Calm down and it is all past. And started walking towards the cinema hall and to the fate, Anu and the guy just came in front of me while I was coming out and Anu froze for a moment seeing me and suddenly freed her hand from the guy. It was pretty surprising to me to the way she was behaving seeing me and with a very weak smile she replied- “Hi Divya, how are you? It is been long”.

I smiled back to her and the guy and said “Hi Anu, I am doing good and you? Yes, I have been a little busy these days”
Anu was seeing me up and down seeing the way I have dressed and told ”I am doing good too. Yes, I heard. So, where is Ro, is he in the cinema hall?”
I was startled “What? Rohit? No, I came with my family”
Anu was shocked “Family? I called him some time ago and he told that he is in a movie and I heard a girl’s voice, So I thought it was you”
I was calm and replied her ”No anu, it was not me and don’t worry, from next time I can assure you that it will never be me!”
Anu was quite taken aback with my response “Divya, is everything alright with you?”
I replied her “Yes Anu, I have never felt better anytime, anyway, it was great seeing you. The second half will start soon, so I need to go”
I told her bye and when I was about to leave I could hear Anu telling to the guy “This is the girl I was speaking to you about, now you get my point right? That is why my mom doesn’t allow me to dress like her and to come out alone often”

I was really shocked to see her speaking like that about me, and I would have let it go if I was the old Divya but this time I was already frustrated with what her brother did and she again taunting me, I just turned back and said “Hey anu, I am sorry but you didn’t introduce the guy you are holding hands with?”

Anu was wide eyed with my question and she stammered- Aaaaa…he is… my friend.. rakshit.. And I gave a smile to him “Hi Rakshit” and turned towards her – “Isn’t it nice to have a friend who hold hands and always there for you! “She understood I was being sarcastic and said, “aaaa,, yesss.. I guess” I smirked and walked towards the hall and I was really happy for not letting her ruin my day speaking about me!

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  1. Superb dr 🙂

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  2. So ro already moveon ek tappad tho banta heina yaar uss badtameez ko

    1. Of course! 🙂 But wait for it 😀

  3. hello guys,

    I have updated the episode for today and hope you like it and Do let me know your suggestions. I want to wait before I write the next episode because I am not having enough responses regarding the article, going forward I will write the article once in 2 days or so, and depending upon the responses I will make it daily.


  4. Hey dippy,thnx for writing in divya’s pov.

    1. Thanks to you Ruby for correcting me.

  5. Thnx yaar, thnx for writing it as Divya,
    really glad to read today’s part as Strong Divya is back,,,
    this anu’s not less than her bro,,
    eagerly waiting for d next,,,,what about rahul,niki,,hope u’ll
    bring ’em step by step,,take care

    1. Thanks Sara, Yes i will bring them one by one. I am still reading the old ones to get the characters. Do you remember all of them?

  6. oh l guess am late,but loved it,, thnx 4 upd it regularly

    #stay blessed

    1. Thanks Anu, I will try to but I can do it if I am getting many responses. If very few then it will be tough to write daily.

  7. Hey dippy u r such a fab writter m jus loving it… do continue soon

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  8. Awesome episode, love you loads

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