Strangers (Part 66)

Part 66
We entered inside, there was nothing or nobody at the entrance hall, there were many rooms in the farmhouse if we went searching.
I shouted, “Rohit! Where are you? I am here, I came back for you!” There was no reply. I shouted again, “Rohit! Reply me where are you?” Again no reply.
Arohi said, “lets go in different directions and search where they are” Kiran said, “wait, no! That’s a bad idea. If Divi goes alone to Rohit, its too risky, lets all stick together”
But my gut feeling said Rohit and Nikki would be in the same room where Rohit and I had our first dance.
I told Kiran, “let’s search that room first”. So we went straight to that room and as expected I was right. Rohit was there and so was Nikki.

Nikki was tied to a chair and her mouth was plastered… Looking at her like that itself was so horrifying for me… I couldn’t imagine her trauma and when I looked back at Rohit he had a knife in his hand, that scared me alot.
I mean is this the same person I knew, the same person I loved? How could a person change so much in so less time? Or is it that all this time his real personality was masked beneath his charming face.
On one side was my best friend and on the other side was the person I was madly in love with and to be truthful I still loved him even in that very moment but my love for him was changed love, tainted love, it wasn’t the same love I had for him to a few days ago…. He is a total different person now… A person who can hurt others and also his friends to get what he desires… He was harmful and dangerous and in that moment Nikki was in danger and so was I!
With all these thoughts running through my mind I stood there dumbstruck and horrified! Rohit spoke, “Oh! So finally you all are here! I was directing the exact people to be here”. I didn’t speak a word. Kiran said, “Rohit! What is this madness? Do you even realise what you’re doing? This is not the way for anything Rohit, let Nikki go and you can talk it out with Divi”. Rohit replied, ” whoa whoa whoa, look who’s talking, you’re new bf, isn’t it? He was talking to me.
I said, “No Rohit! Kiran is just a good friend. You know that! You misunderstood me all the time, I only loved you and no one else, trust me!”

Rohit replied, “Oh really? If you truly loved me then why didn’t you forgive me? You know I was drunk that day, didn’t you? Why did you break up with me? Huh?” I said, “see whatever it is, it’s between you and me. Why are you bringing Nikki in between all these, let her go! If the police get involved you’ll be behind bars. So is better that nobody gets hurt OK!”
Rohit replied, “do you think Il get scared of the police and all? Haha! Nothing can stop me from making you mine! Nothing and no one can stop me! You’re either mine or you can’t be anyone else’s, do you get that?” I said, “OK, I’ll come with you, I’ll do whatever you say, just please let Nikki go and we can sort this all out Rohit!” Rohit replied, “OK! You come to me first, then I’ll let let everyone else go! All I want is you!”
At that moment I was so scared to even go near him. I can’t explain in words,I was dying of fear on the inside but I couldn’t show that on my face. Cos if I did, Rohit is gonna feel more powerful,I had to act like I was OK thing back to him and everything was normal.

I went near him when he pulled me and hugged me right keeping the knife on the back of my neck. I told Rohit, “Ok, I’m back to you now, let them take Nikki home”. He said, ” Yeah do whatever you want to, I don’t care”.
Kiran and Arohi quickly untied Nikki and Arohi took her outta there. Kiran was still there, he said, “Rohit, Divi is with you now right? Don’t you think you should throw that knife away and talk with her and sort things out?” Rohit replied, “what did you think, I’d kill her or hurt her? No! I wouldn’t. I love her, I want her all to myself and I can’t let her go”. I said, “OK, lets talk this out Rohit”. Rohit replied, “there’s nothing more to talk my love! The only way you’re going to be mine forever is getting married right here! Right now! You’ll be all mine and then no one can even lay a finger on

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  1. wowww…fantastic twist…ohh if dy really gt married will families accept it esp rohits mom? hey update asap…curious to knw wat hpns nxt…

    1. thnks vl update soon

  2. Hi bhgi Di I m so glad u r back actuly I ws bg so I didn’t new u r back 2day only I saw it f4m me welcome back I m big fan of urs n ur story I hate dis rohit he z sycho at starting I really liked him bt now I hate HW he could do dis divi he z not a human he z a animal

    1. thnks esha i vl try to update soon

  3. Nice. Waiting for next episode. Take care bhagi 🙂

    1. ty prema u too tc:)

  4. Awesome, wowwww it’s a cliff hanger. ..n you devil writer again stopped my breath in mid…hehehe…..plzzzz upload next part soooooooon. …very curious to know what will happen next. . eagerly waiting, love you loads

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