Strangers (Part 65)



I quickly got out of bed and asked Kiran ,”what? What happened??, where you talking about Rohit???, Did he do something to himself??,is he Ok??”
But Kiran simply replied ,”No!”
I said ,”just NO,? then who were you talking about on call??, tell me whats wrong???,I know its about Rohit, please kiran tell me what happened??”
Kiran replied,”I wish he did something to himself rather than this,I didn’t think he’d go to this extent “he put his hands to his head and said,”I don’t know what to do , I don’t want to put you in danger and also don’t want to send him to jail either but this stupid has become a psycho!”
Arohi and sonu and I were shocked listening to this ,it was sure he was upto something very bad but I dint know what it was!

I said “Kiran please come to the point ,what did he do?”
Kiran said .”Rohit kidnapped Nikki and he wants you back for him to set her free!”
I was like,”whatttttt?? What the hell is wrong with Rohit?? And Nikki,what nonsense is all this??,who told you all this??”
He replied “shraddha called me and told all this”
I said,”Ok then lets go ,I don’t want anything to happen to Nikki considering Rohit’s mental state,now he has become a total psycho”
Kiran was like,”are you crazy ??lets inform the police first !we can ‘t take any risk!”
I said ,”but his future will be spoiled kiran,it will be the end of his career and his life and imagine his parents trauma after all this ,I don’t want anyone to get hurt in anyway in all this neither nikki nor rohit!”
Kiran said,”you are still thinking about his future??are you crazy or what??and I don’t think you can trust nikki either what if they are both together in this plan and they are doing all this to hurt you”??
I said ,”may be,but if nikki isn’t involved then we are gotta save her !however she is whatever she is she is our friend and we gotta save her no matter what ,especially from rohit,Idon’t know what he is upto!”
Arohi asked “do nikki ‘s parents know this??”
Kiran replied”as of now no outsider knows all this its only us and before its too late we gotta do something ,cos if anyone gets hut and parents and police get involved in it then its the end of everything!”
I said”but wait then y were you saying is he ok?which hospital and all on call?”
Kiran replied”I was talking about rahul ,rohit and rahul had a fight ,rahul was trying to stop rohit from this stupidity and rahul got hurt in the fight,so shraddha took him to the hospital
Oh god! Rohit has really crossed all the limits and had become typical pshyco

II said”lets not waste anymore time,lets go!”
Sonu said”DI!please I’l come with you all,this all seems really crazy I can’t let you go like that even after knowing all this”
I said “ok come ,but all the time you are with us ,you gotts listen what I say ,alright??”
Sonu nodded his head and we started off in a hurry to the place where rohit kept nikki
On the way I made a few important phone calls which might actually be help of with all this.
Rohit took nikki to his farm house ,I should’ve guessed it!we finally reached there but Iwas lil nervous and tensed and also a bit scared of the whole situation and also I was scared for myself cos if I go to rohit and he lets go of nikki then what I din’t know what he would do to me cos he was already so angry and revengeful but I had no options I had to save nikki and with help of all of my friends again I gotta save myself too!
We parked the car just infront of the front door of the farm house ,I told sonu”stay here in the car and be ready to drive too if necessary ,I don’t know whats really gonna happen in there so lets just hope nobody gets hurt “I called his cell and said “we’ll be on call ad you could listen whatever is going on inside ,just in case u gotta tell something be on call and text kiran and arohi ,get that??”
Sonu said “Ok DI! But please be careful “ and the look on his face,I could clearly see that he was very scared and concerned for my safety.I said”Don’t worry,nothing will happen to any of us ,we’ll be back safe”

I turned to kiran ,arohi and said,”Ok ,lets go inside now and we enter the farm house!!

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  1. back aftr a long tym …fab epi…cnt wait fr another epi …plz update asap….too xcited….

    1. yep suraj some wat busy dats y i couldnt update vl update soonish

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  4. Wow!! An unexpected fantastic twist!!!
    Waiting for next episode… Tc bhgi 🙂

    1. yea inexpectd twist vl updare soon tc prema:)

  5. Again a suspence!! Cnt wait 4 the nxt part???
    Y bhgi 4 ipdating?

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      1. Srry for the typo?
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  6. Heyy! I read all of it at one go, loved it!! So happy u decided to be back! Gr8 twist yaar and you love keeping suspense to kill us dont u?! Anyways, keep writing!

    1. yes mabdy i want to kill u ppl yes i am back to show my devilism to my fav readers ?

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  8. Good epi bhgi, bt i wl tell u lil -ve pts. ur stry is bcming unrealistic
    u knw wt i mean? Kidnapping n all, it is lk serial. Dippy ws tking in natural way lk hw a grl wld feel aftr breakup n lk tat. Try 2 mke d stry real. Tl nw it ws k, bt nw it chgnd d track

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  10. Awesome episode, cliff hanger….you’re such a devil writer. ….I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ….I’m so curious to know what this beauty with brains Divya will do….so thrilling twist…Rohit you’re gone man….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. hahha Roma lets wait n c wats gonna happen nxt tc love u?

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