Strangers with memories S1 (Episode 1)


Guys, I am no bhgi and I know she was taking the story in a different and amazing way and she had different ideas but her absence has made me miss Strangers. So I have decided to continue it from Part 61. I know that there will be few things changing or missing. If you do not like it, let me know and I will stop writing and I will try to write daily depending upon your responses. Thanks!

It has been a week since all the drama and Divya is not over the fact that Rohit misbehaved with her. Divya keeps mumbling to herself-“How could he”?
Just then the phone starts ringing… Ro Calling!
She gets frustrated and throws the phone away and cries.
Just then she sees Rohit telling her I miss U Divi, I love you a lot and brings himself closer to her. Lost in love, She leans in for a kiss and just then she gets the smell of alcohol and he pulling her apart…

Äaaaaaahgghhh”she wakes up with a scream, sweating and scared. She sees around, it is all dark. She thinks to herself “Damn, a stupid nightmare and this is making me too weak”. She sees the time, it is already 11pm, she didnt even realise
when she slept and why didnt her parents and brother wake her up for dinner. She gets up from the bed and look for the phone she threw, she searches for the battery and puts everything in place and switches on.
475 Missed Calls
585 Messages

It has been a week since she talked to anybody. She doesnt feel sleepy and make herself up to get through the Situation and starts reading the messages.
Arohi messaged: “Divi, please pick up the phone, we need to talk, share ur sorrows with me”
Kiran- “Divi, I know u r upset, but don’t shut us out”
Arohi-“Divi, I have been calling you again and again, Kiran is trying too. I know you are mad but this silent treatment is harming yourself. We have decided that we give you the time you need but after this phase we need our old chulbuli Divi back”
Kiran: “Divi, I know Arohi has already told you everything but I miss you a lot. Our days are not going the same without you, Take your time and come back with a bang!”
Divya’s lips go long and she smiles.

Just then, she sees a message from Rohit, Rohit topped the list with 350 missed calls and 500 messages!
“I am really sorry, I was stupid but I didn’t like you being so close to Kiran” her smile fades away, she reads another one: “Damn you Divi, it was all because of you that I behaved like this. It is your fault. Now pick up the phone, I need to speak to you. Can’t you understand? Don’t behave silly” She gets angry and decides not to read his messages anymore.
She selects them all and deletes! She finds some peace. She sits by her window and goes back to the days Rohit used to come there and she wished those days never changed. But this time, for her good it was right for her to move on.

She picks up her phone and messages Kiran and Arohi in a group chat: “Guys, thank you for the support and for being there for me. I have taken enough time and have realized that I need to stop thinking about Rohit and it is time for me to move on. His chapter ends in my life and I do not want any of you to speak about him to me. I love you both. I need a little more time to pull myself together and once I am done, I will message you and let us meet”
Divya feels relieved and relaxed. She puts on her favorite music and goes to soak herself in a warm bath.

Kiran is at home watching a movie. He receives Divya’s message. He reads it and is happy that she is back again. He calls Arohi.
Arohi is sleeping. Her phone starts ringing and she picks up. On the other side the happy boy is shouting-“Arohi, did you read the message”?

Arohi rubs her eyes sees the clock 1.45 am, responds back: “Kiran, are you mad. It is midnight and I sleep. I am not nocturnal like you to stay awake the whole night and you spoilt my sleep. Don’t you know I had to get up early today to go to my cousin’s engagement and I am tired and you call me out of no where and… Kiran cuts her in between and says “Idiot, Divi messaged!!
Arohi, jumps and is wide awake and says: “Whaaaaaatttttt, couldn’t you tell me much before, let me check” she reads the message and is very happy and tells him “So finally our bestie is back, now let’s wait and have a welcoming surprise party for her”!

Kiran smiles and nod his head and tells: “okay, sleepy Arohi, go sleep peacefully now and lets start counting the days to meet her”.

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  1. Woww hi dippy nice narration dr

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  3. Write it in divi’s pov(it is my opinion only. Do as u like 🙂 )

  4. Thanks Guys!
    Ruby, so you mean to tell that I need to just focus from Divya’s view with not the narration of others.

  5. Ruby, I was going through the old ones once again and I relaised that it is more like I doing instead Divi doing. Is that what you mean?

    1. Yes dr..if u use I instead of divya it would be better.

  6. Hey dippy thnx for continuing d story… m jus loving it…

  7. Awesome, wowwww zippy I missed this story a lotttttttttt. ..thx for updating. you loads

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