Strangers (Part 63)

Part 63
Hello dolls happy ugadi my lovely readers pls gimme ur comments n love so that i can post nxt part as early as possible?

I was totally shocked how did vish know that we were gonna be there? Does that mean he knows everything that happened btw me and rohit?   While I was just lost in these thoughts vish came right at rohit and smacked him in his face amd the sound of it was so loud it actually gave me a sense of relief cos of what he tried to do to me , it actually felt good that I’m not alone in it and there are people who wont think twice before smacking him in the face if tries to do anything wrong to me 🙂  rohit fell down and was’nt in a state to talk back to vish or say anydng so he just shut his mouth and went away with rahul.

Then vish came to me and I just could;nt control my tears when he came and took me into his arms an said, “ it’s ok , I know everything, it’s all gonna be ok, he was never worth it , you’re one hell of a girl – u devil” 

His words really made me feel better  🙂 the vish said, “ I have an important work D , I’l be back tomorrow till then you stay strong , I know you will , love you, c ya my cutie pie” and he gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my forehead and left 🙂

Then we all went home in kirsn’s car who was already there cos kiran arranged for it. We reached home in complete silence all the way.
We all sat in my room sonu carried me to my room.
After a long silence Kiran said, “divi, I think we should go to the doctor for your leg”.

I said, ” no need!!! It’s not that bad, it will be fine till tomorrow”.
There was silence again.
Mom came into my room, “what’s this silence here?? Is something wrong??”.
I literally wanted to hug her tight and cry like hell….. But…I smiled and said, “no mom, nothing wrong, we all are just tired”.
Mom said, “look at your faces!! You all are so wasted and your faces are so shabby and muddy, go all of you have your bath and come, lunch is ready we will have lunch together, ok ??” And she went away.

Arohi said, “common divi, you can’t let aunty  know anything about last night, you have to be strong. I know you are a strong girl”.
I said, “no Arohi… I’m weak.. I’m Not strong.. I’m very weak”
She said, “no your not!! Don’t you ever think that even for a second!! Yes you are sensitive, truthful, honest, kind, sweet, giving, loving and caring and all this only makes you stronger than you think you are. For a person to be all this in a world where people like Rohit exist and knowing them and going through everything bad and still being all that only means you are stronger than all of us divi! You are!! Trust me”

My head was still facing the floor, I couldn’t see Arohi or Kiran in the eye…I was so broken…
Arohi said, ” look at me divi”.
I couldn’t, I didn’t move…
She held my head and said again, “look at me divi”.
Gathering courage and deciding not to burst out in tears I looked at Arohi
She said, “I know you and I know how much you loved Rohit”
She didn’t even complete the sentence and tears started rolling down my eyes
Kiran held my other  my other hand as a gesture saying I’m here for you.

Arohi continued, “I know how much you loved him and no one could even love him that much but then you were strong enough to say to him that it’s over!! You knew you have to walk away for youself …for your  self respect…even though you still love him, this proves you are strong divi…you are baby…you just need sometime to be back to your usual that’s all” and she wiped my tears and Kissed me on my right cheek and Kiran was like, ” me too, me too” and he kissed me on my left cheek and I couldn’t help but smile.

True that having real and true friends in your life is a blessing, without them you wouldn’t be even half of what you are today, they become your pillars of strength when you are weak, they become your smile when you are sad, that make your life more lively….more bearable..guys if you have such friends in your life …never ever let them go …no matter what…you are lucky to have them…

Then Kiran was like, “eeewwweewe, you all stink like yukkk really! Now go have your bath both of you, I will go home get fresh and come back, ok??”.
He stood up and was about to leave when I held his hand stopped him from going.
He looked at me…I didn’t even have to utter a word and he said, “OK, I will go, I will get fresh in sonu’s room, you both get all ready in 10 mins ok??”

I nodded my head. We all got freshened up and we went down to have lunch, I was trying so hard not show my feelings on my face, so I had to maintain a constant fake smile as long as I was infront of mom.

We had lunch and back to my room again and I have never felt more tired or sleepy in my entire life, I just sat on my bed and didn’t even know when I fell asleep!! I woke up may be some 2 or 3 hours later and this time I woke up with a smile because Arohi, Kiran and Sonu three of them were sleeping in my room, they didn’t leave, they knew I needed them, I woke up slowly without waking them up, gave the three of them kisses on their cheeks and I was searching for water, I was thirsty and suddenly there was a loud bang on my door and that same voice I never wanted to hear, “divi!!! Open the door!!!!!”.
Signing off-ur devil author
Whos dat wat happend keep guessing till den tat bubye tc love all loadz ?

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  1. maybe that’s nikki….love u devil :p

    1. lol urby lv u too:)

  2. Again he is hereblo*dy rohit

    1. i donno hayathi who it is lets wait fr nxt update

  3. i guess its rohit…thnx fr posting ..

  4. Is it Rohit?? I think Nikki ki antha scene ledu. I mean she can’t shout with a bang probably 😉 anyways I liked their friendship moments. I wish we should have friends like them.

    Happy ugadi to you too bhgi. Love you. 🙂

    1. Ty prema keep guessing rase waraku nak kuda telidu rohit ah kada ani??:p

      1. Lol. 😀

  5. I just love u bhgi…….kiran, divi and arohi..sonu also…they people r amazing…u portray them very well……

  6. It’s rohit I guess….loved vish’s punch on ro’s face….he deserved more than that…Arohi’s words very lovelyyyyyy n soothing. …divi is sooo lucky to sweeeeeet friends like arohi, Kiran n all….ahhhh she is in so pain…I hope she move on soon. …awesome episode. ..keep it up my devil….. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. …

    1. ty roma even i donno whoz dat???wait fr nxt part love u loadz?

  7. I’m not guessing….bhgi di will rock….let’s see what will come

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