Strangers (Part 62)


part 62
Hello dairies n dolls hw r u i hope all r doing well .Okay dolls i know that i has been really very very long dst i posted my story nd its all my mistake and i admit nd really sry fr that i knw i hurtd all u ppl n really sry
i want to give it a proper ending to it so cos of dat im posting d part now so pls dnt b mad at me

But Rohit just wasn’t ready to listen to anything. He was trying to give his stupid explanation and came near me to hug me and Kiran punched him right in his face.
Rohit came back at Kiran and they started fighting.
I shouted, “stop it Rohit!! just stop it!!!”.
“What do you thinking you are doing?? You tried to molest me last night and if it wasn’t for Kiran, I don’t know what would have happened to just shut the f**k up and get lost!!! Never ever try to show me your face after the moment we get down this jet or I am going to file a complaint against you with the police and you better know I mean every word of it”.
Rohit said again, “but I was drunk last night!! You know I love

I replied, “yes, you were drunk last night and that’s the reasonΒ  it was all true…and what did you say?? You love me??? Do you even know the meaning of it? Love is not just being with someone physically or making them live a life you want them to live!! No, it’s not!!!”.

“Love is you feeling happy in their happiness, love is finding new ways to love them each day, love is giving them the freedom of being their complete self and loving them without changing them… Love is supporting, trusting and respecting the one you love… this is not even 1/10th of what love is and you don’t understand it at all…I don’t want your love that kills me everyday with your over possessiveness, suspicions and trying to change me into something I am not”.

“Yes, I did love you..and I still do..I don’t know till when too!!! But I am definitely sure, you are the wrong person for me”.

“But that’s not true, I love you really…trust me divi. I will change for you” Rohit said.
I replied, “oh common Rohit!!! You and I both know that’s not going to happen…you are narrow minded and that disgusts me to the core.”

β€œYou think we girls wear short dresses or skirts or modern wear or whatever to get guys attention??? No!!! We don’t live for guys…we live for ourselves…we wear whatever we like…it’s our choice, our body..our choice!!! who the hell are you to judge us on what we wear??you guys did not give us this life..this body..these clothes..then who the hell are you to speak anything about that??

And what did you say?? Girls talk to all boys huh??? Yes, we talk to guys and girls..basically we talk to humans!!! And you should know, I have guy friends…a lot of them…some are my best friends…some are just friends and some are like brothers to me and I don’t think that every guy I talk to or all my guy friends have to be my brothers!!! A guy and a girl can be friends…yes!!! They can be besties for life!!! Without having anything wrong in their minds unlike you..
Just bcos I have male frnds doesn’t mean I go to sleep with every guy I talk to! Yes, I hug my friends and that’s a way of showing my love for them and has nothing to do with anything physical…yes sometimes I hold their hands because we share that bond… not because we want to touch them and let me tell you…if we have those intentions there will be 100 options for us anytime!!! You get that!!

What did you say about making me impure?? If there is anything impure on this earth…that’s your blo*dy outrageous thinking!!! How can you even think that having s*x with a girl will make her impure?? It doesn’t you moron…there is no pure or impure…purity only lies in the truthfulness of a girls heart!! Not in her body!!!
To make a girl yours you have to touch her soul, not her body. Getting physical with a girl will not make her stay. Respecting her, giving value to her, trusting her and loving her with all your heart is what will make her stay.

You are so God damn narrow-minded, over possessive, jealous that you are never going to understand any of this and honestly I don’t think you really did anything to make me stay!!! You don’t deserve me!!!
How could you do that Rohit?? How could you?? You tried to rape me??? No guy ever does that to the girl he loves!!! No!!!
We are over!! Just go away!!!”.

All this still wasn’t enough for Rohit, he was still trying to talk to me…and was coming to me when Kiran blocked him from getting to me and said, “Rohit!!! Don’t you dare come anywhere near divi or even speak another word to her , if you do… I swear I won’t think twice before I throw you off this jet”.
Then Rohit was like, “oh!! So you are her new boyfriend now..huh?? Just in the right time!! Isn’t it??”.
And whaaaammmm!!!! Kiran slapped him so hard…Rohit fell down.

Kiran said, “I told you I won’t spare you if you talk any shit…didn’t I??”.
Rohit started shouting, “so that is it huh…what do you think divya??? You can get out of it so easy?? So soon?? And that too you took away my best friend too??? You both are going to pay for this…I won’t leave you so easy divya…you are mine whether you accept it or not…I won’t let you be with anyone else…I will kill every f**king guy who even dares come near you!! Do you get that??”.

Rohit had become a total psycho…he is just not in his senses and I didn’t even want to react to him and his crap anymore.
Sam came and said, “Rohit!! This is a private jet and we are in air, so you better be seated and try not to get us killed”.
So he had no other option but to sit calm.
We did finally arrive to Hyderabad but the pain in my leg was so severe, I couldn’t walk…so Kiran lifted me up ND carried me out of the jet and as soon as we got down I see vish waiting for me there!! I was totally shocked!!!

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