Strangers (Part 61)


part 61
We all were so shocked, ” what did Sam even mean by take him with us???”.
Kiran said, “what do you mean Sam??”.
Sam replied, “I don’t want to get married either…if I stay here, they will get me married to her or someone else I don’t like…please take me also with you!!”.
Kiran said, “what the hell???? When you both don’t want to get married, why didn’t you tell that to them??? Are you guys crazy or what??”.
Sam said, “I did…did they just wouldn’t listen and more over kept security for me and her, this worsened our possibilities to run away”.
Shraddha was like, “wow!!!! This just got more interesting”.
Ufffff…. dis girl haha

Kiran said, “but I guess we are struck here, our train is late by one hour”.
Sam said, “one hour?? Oh my god!!!! They will reach to us by then, we can’t even go out now…they are checking every vehicle, everyone on the road”.
Nikki was like, “I told you this was a bad idea!! Now what do we do?? Just wait till they get to us and kill us???”.
Sam was like, “hey wait!! I think I have a plan but I don’t know if it’s going to work, I have a friend in Hyderabad..who flies private jets, if I could talk to him…may be he could get us out of here”.

Kiran said, “then what are you waiting for?? He is our only chance, call him now !!!”.
After calling his friend and talking to him…
Sam said, “yes!! He will be here in 20 minutes..but he is going to land at a place 10 minutes from here, he needs a run way…how do we get there without these people catching us??”.
We had no other option but to go for a run!!!
We got out of the railway station and started walking fast to the place where the jet will be landing and suddenly one of the men outside recognized us….and started running towards us, “hey wait!!!”.

We were at a distance and were running for our life’s, that run literally is the scariest one ever… we were running like hell even though our energy levels were down nd it was scaring the shit outta everyone , the thought that what will happen if we get caught omg!!
We did reach the place the jet was going to land but, no sign of jet and that man was still running after us. He made calls to other people to reach there and told them that he has seen us.
Sowrajyam started crying, “it’s all over now…they will catch us…kill you and get us both married”.

Nikki was like, “you dumb girl!! All this is happening only because of you, why did we even come here and now we are here scared for our lives, why should we die for you haaa!!!”.
And like an angel in hell, the jet finally did land and we hurried running towards it and that guy running behind us and that guy knew he wouldn’t be able to catch us.. so he picked up a wood log and made a throw at us …..and……..that log hit my leg and I fell right on the ground.
Everyone else got into the jet except for me, Rohit and Kiran…That wood log hit so hard on my leg that I couldn’t stand…Rohit carried me to the jet and that guy got Kiran and Kiran was struggling to stop that guy from getting to us….and Rohit stood on the door of the jet yelling, “come on Kiran!!! Get in” that seemed disgusting to me. How the hell does he expect kiran to fight that guy and come on to the jet all by himself

I said, “go!! Help him…or that guy won’t leave Kiran “.
Then Rahul and Rohit went and pushed that guy away and three of them boarded and we took off just in time when all the other people arrived there for us in their jeeps , safaris and all … oh god!!! Just a few more minutes there would have killed us !! somehow we all were saved! Thank god !!

Just saved in time!!!
The first thing Kiran did after getting on to the jet was, he came to me and asked, “Divi, are you ok??? Show me your leg? You are okay right???”.
That care he shows for me every time !!! That love for me in his eyes…..the way he understands….the way he stands for me every time…..the way he helps me out of every situation…. The way he supports every good, bad and stupid ideas of mine… And stays by my side when I need a friend…nd all that I’ve been through the past day everything at once made me burst out.. I just hugged him and started crying out loud… Louder than I ever cried…all this while, all my emotions…all my feelings…all the hurt…all the pain…I kept it inside….because getting sowrajyam out of there at that time was more important than anything else and now I could no longer hold it in me. So, it all burst out into uncontrollable tears.

What happened to me back there yesterday night and what Rohit tried to do with me…all that was like a nightmare. It’s something that will haunt me forever….
everyone was so shocked looking at me cry that way , arohi knew everything of course, she came and hugged me and said, “it’s ok didvi, we all are here for you always , you’re not alone in this”
rahul knew everything too cos he saw it with his own eyes and he was there when rohit did all the wrong he should’nt have

nikki said, “what is all this drama now? what’s going on?”
shraddha said, “nikki ! i don’t know what happened but anyone sensible would understand that something is seriously wrong here! don’t you get that? so pls keep your mouth shut ok! ”
Rohit came near me and tried to hold my hand…
I pushed him away and said, “don’t you dare touch me ever!!! This is over!!! We are over and done!!!”.

# finally got out alive!!! # saved sowrajyam and also sam # now now … over? did divi really mean it? # is it all over btw rohit nd divi now? # is it dat easy to end dngs? # even if she did mean it is she dng d rite dng? # will rohit let her go like dat? # or will he try sumdng even more worse to get her back? # or will he want revenge from her? # omg!!!!!!!!! was gonna hpn?

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  1. ur every epi is just fab, keep updating

  2. Why are u building so much suspense dear.we will have to wait 6 months n this is not fair.u should have just finished it without creating suspense

    1. u r nt getting my point my schedule is very tight

      1. Yeah i understand that u cant update as u wil be on a break.but why did u create suspense for six months? That made me upset.

  3. But divi was right na

  4. Yaar…. divi please love Kiran… … . Nd Rohit ko depression m bhejo

  5. Rishi. .. .y??? If u don’t like then don’t read.. .. Bt please… Don’t ask to finish it

    1. what about partial ending and she will continue whenever she gets time like part 2

    2. I love this ff alot! Dnt tell me what i should do! U maybe ok with suspense for six months but im nt.cos thiss ff is a part of my routine now!

  6. l just feeling to slap niki as long as l get tired.Feeling very very distraught..divi is right this kinda wound last forever nd it’s gonna haunt her ever..bhgi dear, plz make her strong nd strict ….don’t let her cry anymore Now is d time to make rohit cry….

  7. this is the last part am going to post im busy wid my brothers mrge so i cnt post aftr 6 mnths i vl post at a tym i cnt handle my studies work and wrting an ff so i cnt post thnks all

    1. fine we will wait but Plz continue it after 6 months. coz may be someone will continue it,may it will be good or better,may be she will not gonna keep us in sadism but she will not be Same like the way u r…
      >>>l’ve a last request l know ur schedule is tight but can’t u post this on d Weekend..atleat post this once in a week<<< by d by l'm just a fan,l've no power to stop ,final decision will be urs.

      1. ok anu i vl try to post but dnt forget my ff

  8. and one more suggestion if anyone want to continue my ff they cn continue d ff any one is their to comtinue rply tothis comment

    1. bhgi please do partial ending and start with part 2 when u will get time

      1. No one is understanding me. I dnt want to continue her ff.she has talent n i think jo dastaan jisne shuru ki usiko uske muqabdar tak pahuchana trying to convince her for one more part thats it guys! Pls cooperate yaar

    2. 07/12/2015

      Rohit was shocked to listen this! I could sense his anger but i no longer cared!!!
      This time he has crossed all his limits. And his actions were not matter how much he would justify i decided to make rohit no longer a part of my life.i loved him,i truly loved him.he was the one with whom i shared some of the most beautiful memories of my life which now hurts me!! I told arohi that i dont want to see his face and left alone for sometime.and arohi did what i said. The jet was spacious enough so i withdrew myself from others and occupied a corner n looked outside.kiran occupied a seat a little far from me so that he could take care of me without bothering me.rohit was still standing there, glaring at me and niki was like,whats goin on?? Will anyone tell me? And she stood near rohit and patted his shoulder for assuring him everything will be fine but now it didnt matter to me what rohit or niki did.the pain i felt was too much to bear and i was exhausted so fell asleep.

      1. u cn write better i think

      2. Ofcourse not! I wrote this so u can see d difference btwn original(u) and copy! U have magic ! Ur ideas are original n irreplacable.i thought u would pity and agree to write climax fot series 1

      3. yes rishi great job but please continue it nicrly if bhgi allows and u want to do this tuff job

      4. i choose 2nd option and i agree wih rishi please bhgi please donot leave it in between

    3. Bhgi di how r u???? missed u badly …how can u even think we r gonna forget ur ff if u take a break…if u really wanna break take it but we ‘r not going to forget u nd ur ff..
      l agree with Anu, plz Di at least try to post it on weekend, or whenever u can…hope u ‘ll consider our demand, love and craziness….
      don’t know it could be my last comment to u if u would not come back even after 6 mths….(l’ll wait for ur come back..)

      ##thank u very very much di for d 61 amazing,realistic chapters.May God bless u nd keep u safe & happy. love u loads ..l can’t describe how much l’m gonna miss u coz l can’t express my feelings like u, l’m feeling like crying…and yaah Sorry if l hurt u anytime anyhow
      keep smiling always di 😀 😀 😀

      1. tanya doll thx a ton aftr 2 weeks my brothers mrge is gng to happen my schedule is very hectic i cnt even xplain u hw busy i m i am wrtng some xmz in march i want to concentrate on my studies other than this once my xmz r over i vl update ateast in april r u happy nw pls try to undrstnd

      2. rishi n tanya u ppl had some misundrstnding in part60 let me clear u ppl one thing frm part 1 aaliya my little doll is with me its nt lyk dat i love each n every reader of my ff as im nt getting proper tym to each give rply to ach n evryone dats y i didnt give rply dats it dec24 is my bros mrge as im his one n only lil sis i need to rrange evry thng fr him n one more thing he is nt at our home he is dng phd in bombay so i want to arrange evry thng fr him and mrge is at grls place so we need to arrage each and evry thng and one mre thing to arrange my stuff it takes lots of tym lol?dats y am busy hope now u ppl shud undrstand my position

  9. Guys im no one to decide but lets take a poll.
    1) can wait for six months for further continuation of story
    2) cant wait for six months and need partial ending or climax for first series.
    Pls bhgi do agree to this.i dnt want u to leave tgis ff with no clear future!

    1. option 2 for sure hey guys use ur common sense it seems 6 months but u will lose interest and never will keep in ur mind as idle story made by bhgi infact it will all go in vain like dust in rain water think guys think

    2. 2nd option sounds better. Someone else continuing this ff won’t be as good as bhgi. We all are used to her words, her style, her ideas.

  10. Oh wow great bhgi agreed to post further part of ff but it wil be once in fortnight or a month.but im thrilled anyways! And bhgi we wont forgwt your ff so easily! Atleast not me. Btw im rishita.frnds call me rishi so i use rishi!
    And thanks anu

  11. From here on i wnt comment om strangers as i see i have already irritated many fans of strangers.pardon.i was just tryimg to make things good in my own way no offence to anyone
    And bghi wish u BOL for ur future but i will always be ur silent reader i promise :))

  12. None of the above. Update on weekends please…

  13. don’t stop this bhagi..I really loved this 1…pls post whenever u get time..but dnt take a break for 6 month..I can’t wait that much..coz my memory is too weak so I can’t remember anything too long..but I never forget u buddy..u r an awesome u lods

    1. Hey di how r u?? you know na l was busy,
      t’day l manage some time to read ff but l got 2 worst news at a time. l was shocked to know when you asked ur readers to pray for Aaliya coz she’s from Chenni.l’m missing her badly ,hope she is safe,,May God keep her & and family safe as well every victims,,,
      and l got another attack when l got to know Bhgi di is taking break….

      1. am fine cutie.its ok dr.I know u r busy. well dr and take care…yeah bhagi gave a big shock to us…but she promised that she will come back in 4 months not 6…

        I can understand that u r I won’t force u to post daily or weekend. when u get completely free…bhagi dr…I will wait for u and I never forget u and ur ff…love u loads

    2. love u loads ..take care and stay blessed di

    3. dnt talk to me u didnt talk to me frm one month

      1. I an really really sirry dear 🙁 I know my sorry is not enough….I was busy with my stories.but I never missed any of ur story really sorry dr if I hurt u.. but don’t tell that u dnt want to talk to me 🙁

    4. lol ruby hz kidding da

  14. 2 nd option is better I don’t want ani other writer u r Di best bhgi I m addicted 2 ur ff just luv it

  15. One of d most intresting part bhgi..
    Really luv kiran’s character..

  16. Bhgi no one can replace original writer bcoz it is their story n what cooks in their mind only they knows. I love this ff. U can give us update once a week. We can take it. But see 6 months. It is so long yaar. Plz see through it.

  17. okay guys fr u ppl i vl take nly 4 mnths back

    1. Hey, di l understand that u love ur every fan equally..wanted to explain d same thing to rishi but couldn’t (l’m sorry rishi) …..di,l’m really sorry for d misunderstanding….u don’t need to give anymore explanation, l got that u’ll be very busy…l’m happy 😀 at least u r coming back after 4 months.

      ## Wishing u a Great luck 4 ur xms and 4 d preparation of bhiya’s marriage.
      .gonna miss u.looking forward to enjoy ur ff in April…luv u very very very much..Take care
      Always keep smiling 🙂 🙂 & stay blessed

  18. Hi Bhgi dear, it’s superb episode, loved it very much. keep it up buddyyy, n what m I reading above? You’ll be back after 4 months, I am really very depressed n hurt…so many bad news in one day…nisha n Natasha left this ff page now you too going away…but at least you’ll be back…ahhhhh. ..but I’ll wait for all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess….being here as true friend…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug to Youuuuuuuuu. ..

  19. Oh bhagi dear 4 mnth vry lng time bt i cn undrstnd u r vry busy u also hve to fulfill ur duties fr fmily bt i thnk…. u know i also hve an exam in 20dece bt i still read ur ff bcz i lve it.
    i thnk plz cmplete it partially as series1 in upcming 1 2 parts othrwise i cnt concentrate in study…
    Oh god i m sad and crying abt stranger i know u can’t update but….leave it i m sorry lve u dear and stranger …take care keep smiling always …

  20. waiting …………………………………………………………………………………………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kab tak akir kab tak?????????????

    1. i want to end this ff as im nt geting any idea hw to end this ff

      1. i believe in partial ending like ro and nikki or simply ro went to do ms and didnot call anymore anjd happy endng with the hope of second part when u will get time

      2. Hi bhgi, l am ur silent reader.ur ff is awesome…want to say u something…plz don’t misunderstand.. l guess u r really busy that’s y wanna end this ff, do what u feel right but plz don’t hurt ur fan’s feelings coz they expect much from u & they r really crazy about ur ff……Best of

      3. Ro & diviya were so unique.l was used to with their lovely chemistry..but what ro’d done l’m fed up..l wish all of that were divaya’s bad dream.really want old Ro back in divay’s life..not d one who gave her worst pain of her life…l don’t want to c niki’s happiness with Ro..coz a selfish girl like her doesn’t deserve anything good( l know present -Ro’ is perfect for her..but l just want to c her in pain not happy being with ro). Take Care Buddy…

      4. hello yaar am ur silent reader l want rohit nd divi (but not dat rohit who wanted to molest her) plz yaar make it ,,was just an imagination of dat backstabber niki dat ro nd divi broke up.

      5. and whatever rohit did in drunken state l want it as niki’s imagination not d fact

  21. kiran confession to divs and then ro proposed nikki and nikki said yes
    divs says she wants time but after few years she fell in luv with kiran and the end with every one happy sitting in cafe laughing at same place from where story started discussing abt their future and then endddddd

  22. bhgi u want to end it…plz yaar don’t play with our emotion

  23. Bhgi. Once u hurt readers it wud b hard to get love.ur space ur choice do what ur heart says

    1. wat i did wat do u mean by hard to get love u ppl ur wsh

      1. bhgi we will love u as before if u even leave or cont. now or after i will wait for u and remember as a true writter and friend:- by binny

    2. its too mean of u i think bhgi has done aMAZING and its easy to say if u have courage then do it .she shared her problem like friend and u are just thinking of urself

      1. i have my prsnl prblm whch i cnt share here even i am a human being i hae somefeelings tia if u cnt respect my feelings u dnt have ryt to say i cnt get lve dats ok if i get r nt but once u think before u comment here

    3. i m really hurt by ur wrds tia y vl i hurt my readers who d hell i m here to hurtu ppl dnt make such stupid comments here u dnt knw abt my suitation so u pls b quite r els dnt comment my wrds vl b harsh but it is true im really feeling very bad by seeing ur comments i am alrdy hurtd u hurtd me more sry to say this

      1. bhgi we are with u and this tia donot have any sense please read my comments too and see how much i respect u

      2. I am with you dear in any situation…bhagi dear just write on wattpad.when you get free

      3. ty binny n ruby this strangers is xclusively nly fr tu i dnt want to post amywhere thnx fr ur advise ruby

  24. hey bhgi u re taking me in a wrong tell me wont u feel hurt when u see your fav author on some other page and commenting,i tht u re busy bt when i saw ur comment it hurted me,i felt u lied thats why i told its ur choice bt u should atleast hav atleast told ur final decision,and why make a mountain over this small isssue. read my comment again and think,no need to take things in a wrong way

    1. y wolud i lie i am nt that kind of person think n comment before commenting frst completely knw abt dat person and then u comment

  25. and im sorry i just wanted u to understand that u shudnt play with our emotions and its m fault i agree as i overeacted,im sorry.

  26. bhgi i see u as a practical reason as i feel ur character similiar to divi,so i just gave my opinion i dnt knw how to explain it anymore and make u see with my perspective but i still hope u wil understand

  27. Hello my dolls n my Dear readers im so sry fr all delay nd stuff …. bt I don’t think il b able to post any parts of d stry nw or in a time of 2 to 3 mnths cos I’m in a mess myself .. so if u guys want dis ff to stl exist or do u want me to jst want to me to post aftr 4 mnths it pls let me know .. I know it might b vry irritating nd frustrating fr u guys to wait fr so lng bt wen ur life itself is a mess I don’t think anyone cud hv d peace of mind to write … I hope u guys do understand .. thank u nd pls do let me know wat u guys want me to do !!!!!!!! Y im writing this some ppl r commenting vry rudely last part dats y i m telling u this lemme knw ur views Thnx fr ur support n thnx fr silent readers also pls do comment let me knw ur views

      DO AS YOU FEEL .

      1. I agree with binny..don’t take tension bhagi. .I know that ki when our mind is not stable and everything is messy in our life we can’t write a word nor think…:) be happy and keep smile

    2. bhgi same applies for u and jst bcos idint sugarcoat my words,does it means that im rude? u knw now u have hurt me by making me fee ol this.

      1. i hurtd u jz read binny ruby manisha anushri and harabi commet u vl let to knw hw much they r lving my ff


    1. ty binny so sweet of you


  29. we’l wait for u n plz tell d date wen u’l b back

  30. hey bhgi i am also silent reader.plz continue after 3 or 4 months i wil be waiting…

  31. Hey bhgi prblm we can wait fr a gud story,…wnt we wait fr the second book of our fav writer ..I will think like tat..and surely …my luuv fr u and ur ff will nt change …settle all the mess tat surrounded u…and giv a grt comeback ?


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