Strangers (Part 60)


part 60
Kiran said, “hmmm….we are far from the village, I was waiting for you to wake up so I can take you back home, you’ve already had enough, im taking you back home!!! “
I dint know what to say , I was not even in a state to react to anything at all!!! My mind was totally blank and I could not think of anything to say and just then my phone reng, it was sowrajyam, I answered, “hello”
Sowrajyam said “divii!!!! , where are you? What happened to the plan? , where the hell are you?, do you even know how scared I am here? , what if your plan doesn’t work out?” before she could say anything else without a second thought, I said, “ no! my plan will work and we will get you outta here no matter what, I promise you, I’m with kiran and we’ll be there in a few minutes , all of you just stick to the plan ok” and I hanged up.
Kiran looked at me in a dumfounded , flabbergasted and astounded way , and I exactly knew why, so I dint want to ask even. I shook my head again and said, “let’s go back”
Kiran was like, “ are you out of your mind?, why do you have this endless need to please everyone and make everyone happy all the time?, you can’t keep everyone happy always, sometimes you need to put yourself first you idiot! , even after yesterday night, im just so stupefied at what you said just now, snap out of it, you don’t have to do any of it even when you’re in so much pain, we’ll handle it, I’l take care of it after I drop you home ok? !! “
Kiran was right . I was already in so much pain. It was hurting me so much on the inside that I just became so numb. It’s like I finally gave up on Rohit, myself and us and I nomore knew if all that ever really meant anything at all….but…I couldn’t let my problems ruin sowrajyam’s entire life.
I said to Kiran, “yes, I am in pain…so much that I can’t show and no one can see … But, we need to get sowrajyam out of here…or she will have to live a pathetic life. She trusted us…relied on us…and she has all her hopes on us, that we will get her out of this … We can’t ditch her at the last moment!!! And I can’t leave this to you guys and just go back, and I know how well you guys can handle things when I’m nnot around and when rohit is around, so just turn the car now, get that? I’m not asking ypu, I’m telling you!!!!!! “
Kiran was like, “ seriously D, you are one hell of a girl, and you just proved that”, he was smiling and again
Kiran said , “ok!! But, Rohit!!!”.
I said, ” for now it’s all about sowrajyam, everything else we will see after we get back to Hyderabad. Now let’s go”.
So we were back to sowrajyam’s place.
I went straight to my room.
I asked, ” is everyone all packed???”.
They all said, “yeah, done”.
I said, “so, that’s it then. We are leaving tonight then. All of us”.
In the afternoon when everyone was busy having their lunch, we sneaked out and kept all our packed bags in our car.
Later at night after everyone was done with their dinner…Rahul lured the people who were kept for guarding with imported rum and stuff, it was easy getting them drunk, they were out in some time.
Though it was easy getting these people drunk, I know there will be people checking up on sowrajyam from time to time all night.
So, according to our plan..we called up Rishi and he came along with some guys and drove to the neighbouring village and we did manage to stick a temporary number plate sticker on the car changing its number. So, that these people don’t figure out. we girls hid under our beds and guys hid under sam’s bed and as expected after a while they figured out that our car was missing, they came to our room and noticed that we were gone along with our bags. Without any other thought all of them left none at the house. All of them set of on there bikes and jeeps in search of us and our car thinking we were on ride with our bags.
We waited for a while till all of them were gone. We had a deal with an auto trolley guy earlier that day. Kiran called him up and he arrived in five minutes. Then, as per our plan we got into it and covered ourselves with grass and a few minutes later he dropped us at a railway station of another village….ufff…thank god!!! All good till here…just hope we make it safe out of here.
Just then rishi cald up,” divii, these people are following us rite now, thinking all you guys are in the car, but in sometime they’l know you guys are somewhere else and will start searching all over, so make sure you get out on time ok?”
I said, “yeah ok!, but try to keep them with you for as much time as possible and when they realise it’s not us just talk s if you don’t know anything and get to Hyderabad asap ok?”
He said, “yeah, ok!”
Just when I thought everything was cool and we will get back safe came the stupid announcement…as usual….Indian railways….our train was going to arrive 40 minutes late.
Oh god!!!! This 40 minutes can make everything upside down. If in this 40 minutes those people reach here then we are totally screwed, they will kill us!!!
If we go out they will catch us and even if we stay in the railway station also they will reach us by the time our train arrives…
The chases in the movies are quiet thrilling and exciting…but trust me, when something like this turns up in real life, it becomes a test to our survival, it may endanger our life too….and it is not at all exciting….. It’s rather scary and frightening.
When we all were literally scared for our lives, there was Shraddha enjoying the whole scene… She was jumping with excitement as if it was something very funny ….
And she was like, ” Divi, what next?? What next??? Tell me!! Tell me!!!!”.
Oh god!!! What do I do with this girl…..uffff!!!!
I was trying to think what can we do to save the situation and ourselves… But, I couldn’t think of anything. Then suddenly, all of a sudden, we see a guy who looked like he wasn’t from that village. He was dressed well. He saw us from a distance and started running towards us!! Oh god!!! Now who the hell is this guy!!!!
We all started running in the other direction not knowing what to do….
And then the guy suddenly shouted at us, “hey wait!!! Pleaseeee!!! Wait for me”.
And then Kiran was like, “hey!!! He is Sam. But, why is he asking us to wait???”.
Nikki was like, “idiot, obviously because we took his bride dumbo!!”.
Then Shraddha said, “wait!!!look he has a bag in his hand too”.
Kiran, “why the hell is he running at us with his bag packed??? That too… He is alone. Let’s wait for him”.
When finally he came running towards us and stopped, we couldn’t even recognise him, he was looking so damn good!!! Looked like he had a makeover…
Then Sam said, “Kiran!!! Please take me along too”.
Everyone was like, “whaaaatttttt??????”.

# divii really is one hell of a girl!! Don’t you agree guys? ‪#‎har‬ ek frnd zaroori hota hai ‪#‎now‬ what the hell did sam mean by take him along? ‪#‎god‬!!!!! Wat if dose ppl get to divii and every1 else in dese 40 minutes ‪#‎will‬ they get outta ser safe? # and whats it with sam? # hehehe exploring peaks of shadism # stay tuned my luvly readers luv ya all

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    I am silent reader bhgi your strangers is super I am commenting now only good keep it up

  2. Divi was so great yaar i cant express it… but remember bhgi if this time divi rohit ko maaf kiya na stupid decision it is

    1. lets c wats going to happen in next part i cnt tell u anythng ryt now

  3. By reading this episode am going crazy yaar.loved it

  4. i think sam hi save karenga sab ko

    1. Hopefully woh save hojaye!

    2. no vl let u knw in nxt part

  5. Loved it!! I have exams but still cant resist ur ff!!

  6. Oh god that means sam also doesn’t wanted to marry ….wow both the bride and groom ran from their marriage….and divya she is a rockstar….btw where is rohit and nikki where the hell are they…

  7. u are great D i really want to appreciate u for being true friend

  8. Oh divi. She is really a sweetheart. Really if we get friends like her then we r very lucky. Sam don’t want to get married so he is running this is more exciting than a movie. See i told no shraddha is more excited than anyone. Seriously peaks. Waiting for next one.

  9. Ha ha three cheers 4 Sam and Suje… both r on d same way…where is Arohi??? she is not in today’s part..and u r clever Bhgi coz u didn’t mentioned Rohit’s name in d advanture…

  10. U r a rockstar bhagi…… Plz update nxt part soon can’t wait….:-(

  11. Bhagi u wnt reply to us? Oh i forgot ure waiting for your special reader aliya right??:)

    1. rishi plz dear don’t talk like that coz Aaliya is one of d regular readers of this Stry, who used to comment everyday…We should pray for her coz she is from Chenni…(It’s my request to everyone plz pray for chenni flood victims)
      #Hey di how r u?? Sry l’m so busy that’s y couldn’t manage time to read ur ff..Takr care

      1. Yes tanya u r right aaliya mt little sis how r u yaar i hope she is fine…

  12. Ok now i get it! kiran is not brainwashing rohit but nikki is! Nikki might hav told ol this to rohit about divz to separate them! Im feeling kinda sure now!

  13. hello guys i want to tell u something which u ppl dnt lyk i want to take break fr 6 mnths as my bros mrge is in this month and i have some xmz so i vl updtae nxt part and then am going to take a break i hope u ppl dnt mind my schedule is very tight that y i cnt post fr 6 months i hope u ppl cn understand n sry to alll of u thnx all fr ur support

    1. Did u say 6 months?? dear it’s very long time.l can understand u need a break but it’s very long period ….plz think about it again. whatever final decision is only urs.

  14. Seriously u are too good at your ff.i have been reading your ff daily its Jst awesome.plz keep writing your ff it really rocks.

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  16. now 60 th part please please please

  17. attention attention i have an idea donot leave story in between give it a partial ending like ro left for ms ,ur friend got married with rishi something like that after 6 months start it as part 2 which will show leap

    1. This sounds really cool B-) .. I agree with you binny..
      Plzz think on this bhgi.. All the best for your exams..

    2. Bhgi please read my idea please

  18. hey plz don’t take such a long break

  19. bhgi don’t break our heart plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..We’ll surely’s very very long period…..
    >>>>At least try to post it Once in week….u r d writer u’ve every right to do anything with ur ff..but don’t u think we’ve some rights too coz we’re in love with ur ff and visit everyday to read it though our xms r still on..Think about it again dear l’m requesting..

  20. We shouldnt be selfish guys and btw tanya i was just teasing bhgi to get her attention to our comments and how do u expect me to know that aliya was from chennai and is in trouble.anyways i sincerely pray for all in chennai victims.
    And bhgi i agree that exams are important for ur career afterall ff is just a small part of your life not your whole life.i respect your decision of taking a break and all the best for your life.i have a small request before going please let us know the status of divi and ros relation.thank you and tc

    1. rishi l was not expecting u to know her condition….l just wanted to inform u….but sorry 4 d misunderstanding…l’m very very sorry if l hurt u……take care

  21. i hope u ppl cn undrstand i want to prepare fr my xmz so i am gngto use my phne r anythng once i cmplte my preparation i vl strt wrtng my ff

  22. No no bhgiii plzzz

  23. This divi is outstanding n her nature is out of this world, fogetting her own pain she said helping her friends. ..n it was hilarious seeing Sam also wants to run along with them…he must be having gf n stuck with sowrajyam due to his family..what next Bhgi. ….enjoying this story very much. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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