Strangers (Part 59)


part 59

I was totally shocked and really disgusted at his words.
I said, “do you even know what you are saying?? Just go away”.
I tried to push him away but he just wasn’t letting me go.
Kiran said, “Rohit, please don’t create a scene now.let her go!!!”.
But Rohit said, “ “divzz”, “D” , this is what Kiran calls you. Isn’t it??? How many other names do other guys call you with ha??”.
I couldn’t say a word to Rohit listening to all of this. Tears just started rolling down my eyes. I know Rohit was over possessive but I thought he loved me and he trusted me, but hearing all this from him broke my heart into 1000 pieces.

Rohit started again, “what is it with all you girls ha?? Can’t you stick to one guy??? why do you need so many guys??? You can’t be satisfied with one guy ha???”.
I just couldn’t take it any more…
I said, “are you gone crazy??? I only love you…don’t you know that??? What the hell is wrong with you?”.
Rahul and Kiran, both were trying to calm him down but he just wouldn’t listen.
He said again, “you need every other guys attention, don’t you?? That’s why you wear frocks, skirts….just to get their attention right??? What is it with you and these guys?? Vishal….sorry vishuuu…, kiran and all your guy friends…..why??? Ohhhh… I get it, you want to taste every flavour, don’t you???? Every touch!!! Tell me how does it feel when other guys touch you, hug you, does it feel good??? Better than me??”.
I couldn’t speak a word anymore, I became totally numb, is this what he really thought about me? He had all this in his mind always but all this while he was just acting good to me? I loved him truly and him?? Now I don’t even know if he ever did really love me even for a second, and I know fo sure he never ever respected me!

Rohit didn’t stop there, “now let’s just talk frankly for sometime ok? Tell me how many guys have you kissed? How many guys tasted your lips?? Oh no!!!!! Forget that….may be you don’t even remember how many ….you act like such a good girl…you don’t even let me kiss you haa?? Now let’s see who stops me from kissing you”.
He tried to kiss me forcing himself on me when my tears turned into uncontrollable anger and I slapped him so hard he fell on the ground.
That wasn’t enough for me to get control over myself, I went to him again and started beating him up when he suddenly held my hands stumbled me on to the floor and came on top of me …
And said, “you are such a dumb girl!!!! I know how to make you stay. Now I will make you impure, I will do whatever I want to do with you , then you will have no other option but to be with me forever!”.
I couldn’t believe my ears, I was struggling so much to escape from him, when Rahul pushed him away from me and poured a bucket of water on Rohit and both of them dragged him away from me…
I was still in shock…..I still couldn’t believe what all just happened was true….I wished all this was just a dream…. I wished it wasn’t real…but it was!!! Rohit just tried to molest me….he was my boyfriend, the person I loved with all my heart…
I just broke down…..I burst into silent tears….I became cold as ice…it was something that broke my heart in the most dirtiest way…I just sat on the face buried in my palms…and my tears bursting out of my eyes like never before…..

Rohit now, after being poured down with water all over him has partially come back to his senses, but I was in a state of shocked numbness. Rohit was trying to talk to me and come near me….
When Kiran suddenly slapped him and said, ” I don’t care if this is going to effect our friendship….I don’t care if we are no longer friends or whatever… I am not going to let you hurt her anymore….don’t you dare come near her. I know since the beginning about your stupidity and narrow mindedness….but I thought her selfless love would change you…. I thought at least this time you will realise what true love is with her…but you proved me wrong again…so, just stay the hell away from her….Rahul, just…please take him away from here”.
Rahul took Rohit and went away from there.

Kiran came to me and was trying to talk to me and calm me down but, I just couldn’t get control over myself. That pain was just unbearable and uncontrollable for me.
Kiran forcibly removed my palms from my face and took me in his arms, hugged me tight and said, “I know you are broken…hurt…and shattered. I am so sorry for all of this. I’m really sorry.. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have let him hurt you like this… I’m really sorry”.
This made me cry even more, I kept crying and crying, still holding on to him. I don’t know till how long when all my energy was exhausted and I finally fell sleep out of tiredness.
The next thing when I opened my eyes, I was in the car. Kiran was there too and we were somewhere far from sowrajyam’s place.

I dint want to ask anything, I sint want to talk or do anything, just existing itself seemed like a burden to me with all that pain in my heart and all the scars of last night, I just looked around, looked at kiran, then shook my head!
Kiran said, “hmmm….we are far from the village, I was waiting for you to wake up so I can take you back home, you’ve already had enough, im taking you back home!!! “

# WTH WAS DAT? # rohit!! hw cud he do all dis? # divi? will she ever regain herself again? den wat abt sowrajyam ? is she gonna have to marry sam?# will divi just go back home? # wat abt rohit and divi’s realtionship now? is it all over? # i hate dis suspense # shadism at peaks hehe

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  1. Sabar ka fal mitha hota hai? was w8ng since morning….phewww.atlast u posted it….osm yrrr…i told u Rohit n divi not gonna last….n if divi again accepts him than she would be the most foolish person in the woorld….i like kiran n divi….they sound better

    1. i am totally in favour of u

  2. Oh god. Rohit is really out of his mind. He does stupid things when he is ok now it turned more horrible after get drunk. Divi how r u gonna handle this. Really suspense in peaks. Can’t wait longer for next one. Bhgi plz can u post it tdy itself. Plz. How is everything gonna be fine. So many ques.

  3. I hate tdy update…..plz dnt separate div& rohit

  4. frankly saying, I JUST WANT TO KILL ROHIT.What a creature he is!! Here, i mentioned creature because i am not ready to consider him as human. Writer pls dont make divi to forgive rohit.if that happens definetly ur gonna spoil the women’s respect. And one more thing, you replied for someone wish that its only rohit and divs not kiran. After reading that i thought rohit vil change. But, nothing like that and now after reading this chapter.i am not ready 2 accept rohit even he changed. Sorry 2 say this, make kiran as lead (or) even introduce someone new but no more rohit please. if i hurted you I AM SORRY !!!!

  5. l’m just speechless…l know Ro is weird but what he’s done today it really left me shocked….l’m not finding a single word to say about him…
    Yaar how do u manage to write in such a way..really ur ideas r just great..l’m sure divi’ll go back 4 s sowrajyam…tc

  6. Bhagi! Dear devil im glad rohit spoke his heart or else divi would be a fool.ahe should brekup and never let h enter her life niki is fit for rohit!

  7. Rohit is such an ass. . . Hw can he forc himself on her. . . Poor divi, dnt knw wats gonna hapen to hr nxt. . . Rohit earnd dat slap frm divz n kiran. . . Hop evrythng gets 5n.. . . Updt nxt part too. . .cant take suspenc. . .

  8. No agar divi iss baar maaf kiya na it is foolishness because after marriage he will behave like this only….. so plzzzz bhgi dont make like this

  9. Love your story yaar… .

  10. bhgi really sad and thrilling episode it even froze me to ice while reading

  11. I really appreciate for all of ur suspense in every part??

  12. Ohhh ….

    unbelievable yaaar..
    shocking tooo…

  13. u must never forgive rohit and please help ur friend from forced marriage

  14. Why do guys like Rohit behave like this yaar…i thought he was over possessive bt tat stupid…Kiran was thousand times better but whatever if ro luvd divi truly even in the influence of liquor he shouldn’t do tat …jst hate him now completely….divi shld think before deciding hr life ….and bhgi u r awesome ?

  15. Whatever rohit done today l have lost trust towards kiran as well.. everyone here want kiran nd divi..but guys there is no guarantee that kiran is not gonna repeat same mistake..Kiran is very caring no doubt but Rohit used to be more than it..but what happen he broke divya’s feelings in a vulgar way.

  16. Congrats!!!!! u r gonna hit 60..hope u will make that part special for us & will forget ur sadism & devilish deed only for one day
    >>>guys pls pray 4 d Chenni Flood victims…<<<

    1. ya we all will pray so they recover soon from such disaster

  17. Please don’t compare Rohit with Kiran from beginning itself it was clear that Rohit is stubborn and crazy but Kiran handle every situation nicely like a true friend

  18. I think Kiran likes Divya from bottom of heart but he never told her

  19. Plz bhgi update nxt part soon. Can’t hold suspense… Plz Plz plz

  20. Oh Rohit, what you’ve done. I am really hurt…divi don’t forgive him for God’s sake this time, he doesn’t deserve you at all…he has just trash in his mind, how can he even this dirty about lovely divi…it was ridiculous, he tried to molest her, oh no I can’t take it anymore of this rohit, I love Kiran a lotttttttttt, if I was in divi’s place I definitely get rid of this ro ….very angry on him right now. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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