Strangers (Part 58)


part 58

They shouted, “who is it out there?? At this time?? Speak up”.
I said, “its us sowrajyam’s friends from her college”.

They came closer, but there faces were still angry. The same lady arrived there and said, “what’s going on here?? Are you both in love??? ”.

I totally totally freaked out at that question of her’s and Kiran was about to answer her question when she stopped him and said, “ don’t you dare talk!!, I am speaking to the girl”.
But at that time I actually froze, all those angry village faces around us and that lady looked like she was ready to kill us, I was stumbling with my words and was putting up courage to speak up just when Rohit, Rahul, Arohi , Shraddha and Nikki arrived.
Rohit came running towards us and asked, “what’s going on here?” I just couldn’t stop myself I just went running towards Rohit and hugged him!!!

That lady shouted loud this time, “what the hell is going on here?? Will anyone explain to me??, what were these two doing here alone at this time and now she’s hugging you!!!”.
Rohit patted me on my shoulder, turned to that lady and said, “we both are engaged, she’s my fiancée, we are going to get married soon, and that guy there, he is our friend. He’s a friend to both of us, just because they both were found alone here doesn’t mean they are in love!!! Do I need to explain anything else to you all?”.

The same lady replied, “fine!! Whatever it is, you all are not supposed to wander alone at this time of the night ! that too a boy and a girl!! I don’t want anyone to repeat this or you all can just pack your bags and go home” and they all left from there.
Thank god!!! Rohit really saved us!
Rohit said, “it’s ok divi, sowrajyam came and told us everything and we reached here as soon as we could”.

I said, “oh Rohit! Thank god you arrived at the right time. I actually froze!! God!!!” .
Then Rohit turned to Kiran and yelled, “don’t you have a little bit of common sense at least ??, don’t you know all this was very risky considering the rules here and you dragged divi into this, I already told you to be in your limits, you better be!!!”.
I said, “Rohit!!, he didn’t do anything, we just din’t know this would turn out this bad!!, I am sorry, it’s my fault”.
Then Rohit said, “let’s just get the hell out of here now!! After all this stupidity I don’t even feel like attending her wedding, let’s just go home!!”.
Nikki was like, “what?? Go home??? But all my dresses??? everything is going to go waste”.
For the first time kiran shouted, “Nikki!! Just shut your mouth will you??? Do you ever think of anyone but you??, Rohit is right, let’s just go home” and he started walking away, when I held his hand and stopped him, “Kiran!! Stop!! I know all this got messed up but we shouldn’t let any of it affect sowrajyam’s wedding in anyway…we are her friends, we should be a part of her happiness, if we leave now she’s gonna feel so bad. Pleaseeee…..”.

Kiran turned and said, “ok. We are staying and I am sorry everyone”.
Arohi was like, “oh common!! That’s ok!! Thank god they didn’t see sowrajyam and what was his name…santa pang_ _ _ what was that??”.

Rahul laughed and said, “no dumbo, it’s Panganama Santana Murthy”.
We all laughed at that name and ufff the atmosphere seemed a bit ok now.
Kiran said, “ok lets go back now, it’s already late, let’s get some rest”
So the guys headed back to their house and we headed back to ours.
We entered our room and saw sowrajyam was sitting in a corner and crying..
Oh god!!! All this happened because of me, I was feeling so bad for her, I just did not know what to say.

I went near her and said,”sowrajyam I’m really very sorry for everything that happened back there, it was all my fault, I should have told you where I was taking you and why, I’m so so sorry”.
Sowrajyam hugged me tight and started crying even more. I just din’t know what to say, I let her cry for a while and then she calmed down.
I said, “sowrajyam, are you ok??”.

She said in a stern and angry tone, “no!! I’m f**king not ok!!”.
I never heard her talk like this before.
Nikki was like, “oh for god’s sake stop this melodrama now! , why the hell are you crying so much??? You guys dint even get caught, nobody knows anything, nothing happened right??”.
Sowrajyam looked so furious, she turned to Nikki and said, “that’s the whole point!!! Nothing happened!!! The only chance I had, I let it go! Everything’s over now!! I’m gonna have to lead a miserable life”.

Arohi, Nikki, Shraddha and me all of us together were like, “what????”. We all together were like, “what????”.
Sowrajyam said, “nothing!! It’s too late now, nothing can be done now “.
This is really getting too messed up and she was not telling anything clearly and I got really mad and yelled at her, “will you tell us what exactly is bothering you???”.
Sowrajyam was like, “don’t shout, people will hear you”.
Then suddenly Shraddha was like, “wait!! Wait!! Wait!! I think I know what it is, you don’t want to marry this guy, isn’t it??”.
We all looked at her and she was like, “mmmmhhhh, yes!”.
We were like, “what???”.

Nikki said, “are you gone crazy girl?? When you didn’t want to marry this guy, why did you even say yes to it and why did you invite us all, you stupid girl!!!”.
Sowrajyam replied, “mmmmmm…’s actually a big story”.
I said, “what?? There’s more to it??”.
Sowrajyam said, “yes!! Actually…I…..I….I…I love someone else”.
Nikki was like, “you love someone else ha?? Does that guy even know you love him or you just assuming things??”.
Sowrajyam was like, “will you please shut up nikki!!! Yes, he loves me too, I want to marry him, not this stupid guy “.
Arohi said,” oh god sowrajyam!! Will you please stop saying it in bits and pieces and tell us the whole story please”.

Sowrajyam said, ” ok, so there is a guy I love and even told my family about this but you saw how these people are, they will never allow that to happen, I was trying to tell this to that santana Murthy since the first day, but people never leave us alone and now it’s all over unless….”.
Shradha was like,” unless what???”.

Sowrajyam said, ” unless you guys help me run away from here!!”.
We all were totally surprised and shocked……we were definitely not expecting this….
Sowrajyam came closer to me and said, “divi…please…please….you got to help me…..only you can convince all the others to help me to get out of here…please divi….”.
I said, “oh god!! Sowrajyam, what did you do?? How do we get out of this now??? We really need a plan!!!”.

Sowrajyam was like, “does that mean you will do this??”.
I said, “of course!! You idiot, what are friends for???”.
Sowrajyam was like, “oh!!! I love you divi” and hugged me..
Then nikki was like, “are you all gone crazy or what??? You saw all this people, you saw that lady, how do you think are we going to do this, they will kill you if they got to know”.
I said, “that’s exactly why we need a full proof plan”.
I said, “who’s in??”.
Arohi said, “of course!!! you are in, then I am in “.
Shradha was like, “wow!!! Is this for real??? We all going to run away like a movie sequence??? Yayyyyyyy…..I am definitely in…”.
Nikki was like, “do I have an option now??? Whatever”.
Sowrajyam said, “guys, there is something else too, rishi is waiting for us outside the village, we got to plan everything and get out of here by tomorrow night”.
Shraddha said, “rishi haa??? Sowrajyam you look so innocent but you are not that innocent…hahaha…”.
I said, ” ok, we need to plan and as of now sowrajyam, pack all the things you need, ok??”.
She said, “I already did”.

Arohi said, “our sowrajyam has become very smart indeed haha”.
I said, “so listen all, tomorrow morning we won’t get any chance to talk to the guys, so we need to tell them and convince them for it tonight only ok??”.
All were like, ” not we, you divi!! , only you can handle them, so you plan, we will execute”.
Oh god!!! I said, “ok, I will call Rohit”.
I called Rohit, he didn’t answer…then I called Kiran, he didn’t answer too…called Rahul, no response…nobody was answering our calls…there is no other go now…I had to sneak into their room and talk to them…
I said, “Arohi, you keep watch from the balcony outside, I will be on call and tell me if somethings wrong okay???”.
She was like, “ok”.

All were long asleep, so I went out slowly without making a sound, I entered their building but I din’t know which room it was, just guessing, I went up to first floor, where I finally saw Kiran in front of a room.
I rushed towards him, hugged him and said, “thank god!!! I found you” .
But then I realised that smell…they were soo drunk… 😐
I said, “see Kiran, I got to tell you guys something very important. Where are rohit and Rahul???”.
Kiran said, “let’s get inside the room before anyone sees us”.
And as I entered Rahul and Rohit were drinking and Rohit was totally drunk. Rahul was kind of ok, Kiran was much better.
Anyway,we dint have time to waste so, I told them the whole story and we decided on a plan which Rahul and Kiran seemed to understand but Rohit clearly didn’t.
I said to Kiran, “tell him everything in the morning ok, I will go now”.
Kiran said, “let me come along with you downstairs, it’s all guys in here, not that safe”.
I said, “thank you, kiran!!! , you’re such a swt hrt”.
And just when we were about to leave the room, Rohit came, held my hand and pushed me to the wall…

I know he was drunk, so without reacting much…I said, “Rohit you sleep now, I will meet you tomorrow ok???”.
Suddenly Rohit held both my hands against the wall, it was hurting me…
I said, “Rohit please….I gotta go…you go and sleep now, you’re drunk”.
Rohit was like, “what do you think??? I don’t know anything about you??? Why should I go and sleep??? So that, you can go sleep with Kiran??? Or have some fun with other guys??? haa….?”.
# what???? , what was rohit even talkn? # this is the heights of it !!!!!! # I mean how could a bf say such things abt his girl # whats gonna hpn nxt #keep guessing# signing off -devil Author

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  1. Oh bhagi again suspense…i cant wait

  2. it’s really weird…l guess ro said it as they found both of kiran & divi alone there…. l thought Ro ,kiran ,rahul r decent enough ….but they drink., .(Sry if i said anything wrong but l really don’t like their drunken situation)…….

  3. Thnx 4 updating 2 parts in 1day. Really u r making me mad after ur story. I hv exams bt still i m visiting this page 2 read ur story. I m really mad na. And yes in drunken state d truth comes out frm mouth. So ro said wht he was thinking abt kiran n divi’s relation frm few days ago.

  4. when i said rohit is lusty some one commented me not to do so
    now thats limit no girl should tolert such a abuse on her respect and dignity

    1. That is exactly what I feel. Yes you love someone but everything has a limit. If you lose your dignity in a relationship, then it isn’t a relationship. It’s a compromise. And no girl should ever tolerate a person like Rohit, let alone be with him.

    2. oh pls stop dnt use ur stupid language here mind ur language

      1. oh pls stop it dnt use ur stupid language mind ur language

  5. What he is saying yaar…. seriously iske baad divi usko maaf kiya na oh bewakoof hoga… chi how can he talk like that

  6. Hahaha 😀 Devil author.!? 😀 I love that name.. My friends call me Evil Witch :p sounds good actually. And Devil Author would make a nice nick name for you 😀

    Anyways, I totally loved today’s episode and you are totally unpredictable. That’s what I love the most about your ff 🙂 every single episode is a surprise. And I really love those cliff-hangers 😀 good going 🙂

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  11. This was abt to happen. Our over possessive romeo. But i liked the way he actually handle the situation infront of villagers. All the girls became devilish today. Swarajyam really chupa rustam nikli. Shraddha was more excited today. Lol. Ya our devil author n her devilish ideas. Loved them. So no worries waiting for next.

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