Strangers (Part 57)


part57 The band stopped!!!, we din’t know what was happening, we turned around to see what was going on….an elderly fierce looking lady wrapped in a total traditional kanchi pattu saree, wearing a big bindi and all traditional gold accessories stood there, she was very fair unlike the other lads who were mostly of wheatish or dark complexion…. She asked us in a loud voice,” who are you ppl??? , where the hell did you all come from?? ” that was really rude and before I could reply to her question, sowrajyam came running from inside the house…
and said, ” they all are my friends, I am sorry!! They don’t know the rules here, but I will tell them and take care of everything, I am sorry”.
That lady was like, “take them all in right away”.
And she called another guy and told him to take the guys to another house just beside this one…
Sowrajyam was signalling us not to speak a word and to just get inside with her.
So, me, Arohi, Shradha and Nikki went inside with her.
She was like, “what the hell were you both doing there??”.
I said, “what??”.
She replied, “girls were not supposed to dance in front of other men here!!”.
I said, “but why?? Everyone else was dancing there “.
She replied, “may be you didn’t notice but all of them were guys dancing over there”.
I said, “OK, yeah fine!! you and your rules”.
Sowrajyam said, “no, you are wrong! , not my rules, village rules!, I don’t like some of them either, but have to follow, there is no other go”.
Then she said again,” and yeah! Don’t you dare wear any thing other than traditional as long as you are here OK!! pleaseee “.
I said, “yeah! Don’t worry I know things like this would happen, so we brought traditional wear only!”.
But our welcome was not that good, that negativity didn’t seem good to me…
It was past lunch time till we reached there ,After a while we went, had lunch, sat and chit chatted for a while and then in the nite i don’t know we were supposed to play some games with the bride to be where all the girls were gonna participate so we all got ready for it in an absolute traditional look thanks to Kiran for helping me out in packing .
Our rooms were on the first floor and the all the activities were going to take place on the ground floor. So we went down all ready and looking hot to my surprise all those village girls were looking pretty good too in the desi ishtyle
Then Rahul, Rohit and Kiran arrived in their traditional attire…all of them were looking so desi and handsome….Rahul was staring at Arohi without even blinking an eye….hahaha….she was looking beautiful indeed she was my sweetheart after all .
But nikki was dieing for attention and she was not getting any….I couldn’t control my laugh looking at her…
Then the same elderly lady came, the one who yelled at us…
And she was like, “what are these boys doing here?? let them go sit with the groom, only girls can sit with the bride!!”.
We all were like not again!! But could not say anything..saying anything would create a scene there which was totally unnecessary…. so all the guys had to get back while they wished they could get a few more glimpses of us
Everyone was getting mehendi done on their hands and i wouldnt let go of this one, of course i love these little wedding things , our hands looked lovely and then there was dance, we were allowed to dance cause, it was all girls here…thank god!! Hehe.
We were having so much fun when suddenly my phone rang , it was kiran and unknowingly I said, “hi sweetheart” and on the other end, it was Rohit.
He said, “hi”.
Oh noooooo!!!! I don’t know what he would say to this, even if it didn’t mean anything….I was silent. I din’t know what to say.
Rohit said, ” how did you know it was me??”.
I said, “mmmmhhhh…I thought you’d be missing me and guessed it would be you”.
He said, “yeah, true!! Missing you very much, I wish I could keep looking at you like were looking so damn hot in that dress”.
I said, “awwwww, you are making me blush Roh, thank God!! Saved “. hehehe
Then he was like,”Hey!! I got to go, I will call you back again”.
I said, “ok”.
Then we all were going to have our dinner and then my phone rang again, Kiran’s number,
I said, “Hey Roh!!”
but this time it was Kiran on the call…
And Kiran replied, “it’s me idiot, not Roh!!”.
I was like, “oh, ok”.
Kiran said, “there is an emergency divzz and I know only you can handle this situation on your end, you gotta help sam”.
I said, “what happened?? Is everything OK there??? What’s so serious?”.
Kiran was like, “Sam wants to meet sowrajyam right now!! He is just not listening to us”.
I said, “who is this Sam now??”.
Kiran replied, “Hehehe, Panganama Santhana Murthy seemed too difficult for a name…so we changed it to sam”.
I said, “hahaha, you guys are just too much”.
Kiran said, “see, we don’t have time now, you bring sowrajyam somehow when everyone’s having dinner and I will get Sam to the tractor in the fields from the backyard OK!! and mind you, nobody should know this or we all are dead”.
I said, “mmhhmmm, ok, but why does he have to meet her now at this time kiran? , you know rite if at all anything goes wrong we’re totally dead, you saw that lady din’t you?”
Kiran was like, “haha finally‼ , so there’s someone you’re scared of”
I said, “no u dumbo, it’s not like im scared, things could go terribly wrong if we screw this”
Kiran said, “i know you’ll manage, come soon ok” and he hung up … this kiran na will get me killed or arrested some day hehe
I slowly went to Arohi, told her everything and then we went to sowrajyam, I didn’t tell her anything, I just told her it’s important and she needs to come with me…
She said OK, so I had to take her out from the backyard without anyone noticing us.
Sowrajyam was like, “divi‼ what’s going on? Tell me? Where are you taking me?”
I was like, “you’ll know, just a few more minutes”
Finally we went to the tractor and then I told sowrajyam why we were there.
She was like, “oh god divi!!! What did you do?? If anyone sees us here we were totally dead, let’s just go back”.
And just then Kiran arrived with Sam… (alias panganama santhana murthy )
I said, “it’s OK, you both talk for few minutes, we will keep watch”.
So Kiran and me, we both went and sat on a heap of grass nearby and we’re chit chatting when…
My cell rang, it was arohi, “divi, get out of there with sowrajyam right now, everyone is searching for the bride and the groom” and she hung up.
Oh ohhhh trouble..
Sowrajyam didn’t have her phone with her and neither did Sam….and we were at a distance from them and I could see people coming towards us from a distance.
I shouted, “Sam, Sowrajyam they are searching for you, we need to get back fast”.
But seemed like it was too late and then suddenly someone flashed lights on mine and Kiran’s face!! We were in deep shit now!!!
‪#‎oh‬ noooooooooooo‼‼ what was all that? I guess they are in serious trouble now‼‼ # what’s going to happen to sowrajyam and sam? And kiran and divii ? # are they going to get out of this alive lol # what will that fierce old lady do with them? #
# you just gotta wait nd read hehehe … sounds mysterious doesn’t it? # luvin it # mysterious me # stay tuned # love # ur author –the devil

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  5. Really bhgi, u r becoming devilish with all ur mysteries n ur surprises. Always ready to explode a bomb on my head. But what to do i am loving it too. I am not worried of that old lady but rohit. What he will do when he knows abt this.

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