Strangers (Part 56)



I could hear Arohi call out to me, “Divi!divi!”
But she sat right in front of me and was talking to Rahul! Then who was calling me??….
Then I realised Arohi was waking me up from this stupid dream of mine…uff!!! Thank god, it was just a dream.!!!!!!! haha
I woke up and hugged Arohi..
She was like, “what were you murmuring in sleep?? Were you dreaming???”.
I said, “yeah!! I was! and it was such a horrible dream!! Thank you so much for saving me from it!! “.
She was like, “hahaha, if you don’t hurry up now another bad dream will await you, let’s go now” .
I took my bag and bid bye to everyone at home and went out, everyone was waiting in the car, it was an Innova, Rohit was driving, Rahul sat in the next seat to Rohit, Niki and Shraddha both sat in the back seat, Thank god!! Kiran, me and Arohi sat in the middle row . Thank god!!! I don’t have to deal with any stupid people beside me, I was happy ?.
But it was awkward! Really really awkward because we all were in the same group but I wasn’t talk with Nikki and Neither was Arohi… I wasn’t talking with Rohit too. This felt very awkward!! But Rohit doesn’t seem to care ?.
So, we started off and the first half an hour was total silence in the car and silence is something I hate unless, i am very mad or angry or sad…and this was the time to have fun rather than sit in this awkward / weird situation.
I said to Kiran, “is someone dead or what? What is this silence?? “.
He was like, “hmmm, you end the silence then” .

I said, ” why me always? “.
Kiran replied, ” because you are the chatter box in our group, hahaha ” .
Rohit heard this, he gave us a stupid look from the front mirror, I didn’t bother to care, but Kiran went into silent mode again, bah!!.
Kiran sat to my left and Arohi sat in my right.
I asked Arohi, “what’s wrong with you idiot??why are you so silent??? “.
Arohi replied, “I am not talking to Rahul! ” .
I was like, “what?? When did this happen?? But why? ” .
Arohi replied, ” yesterday! He was supporting Rohit and was saying it was your fault in the fight yesterday” .

I said, “wait!! You both fought because of us?? ” .
Rahul turned and said, “Divzz, I didn’t say it was completely your fault, I just said both were at fault” .
I couldn’t say anything aloud, because if I did it would only worsen things between them and us too (them – Rahul and Arohi , us – me and Rohit) but I don’t think it was my fault at all and Rahul certainly didn’t have any right to judge us ?.
But I said, “come on guys!! This is really stupid, you guys fighting because of Rohit and me is totally not done, now come on . u gotta patch up rite now” .
Rahul was like, “yeah!! Ok Arohi, I shouldn’t have started it in the first place, let’s just forget everything that happened yesterday, please!? “.
Arohi did not say a word.
I signalled Rahul, “ask again”.
So Rahul said, “aaru please, can we leave it to yesterday, please???” .
Then Arohi smiled and said, “haha, yeah ok” .
Ufff ….

I said to Arohi, “Arohi, about Nikki too, whatever happened, it was between me and Nikki , I think you should talk to her” .
Arohi was like, “no way!! Someone screws up with my best friend, they lose me too!!!!” .
I said, ” awwwwwww, I love you aaruuuu” .
She was like, “yeah!! I know” haha.
Then we were shuffling songs, singing along and having fun except that I wasn’t talking to two persons sitting with me in the same car, we stopped in between, took loads and loads of pics on road, in the car, too many memories .

We were back on road again, and I don’t know when I fell asleep, I woke up. My head was resting on kiran’s shoulder and he was holding my hand….I suddenly thought why would Kiran hold my hand like Rohit and when I turned to look, it was Rohit..
I was like, “when did you come sit here??? “.
Rohit said, “when you were asleep divi” .
I pulled my hand away, moved away from him and sat.
Then Rohit was like, “oh divi come on!!! I am sorry, till when are you going to stay mad at me?? ” .
I said, ” you just don’t talk!! I am not going to change anything in me, you want me, accept it!!! or leave it!! I am not going to fight over this again and again” .
Rohit was like, “yeah!! I know, I am over possessive, I acted like a total idiot back there, I wasn’t thinking when we were fighting, I know mistake is mine, I promise I will try not to repeat it again!! Please divi….please forgive me one last time!!! Just this one last time, please!! ” .
I said, “are you just saying it or do you really mean it Rohit?? “.
Rohit said, “I really mean it D, please trust me!! “.
And everyone started at me, please divi, forgive him naa..please…please…please..ha ha…now what can I do when everyone is being so sweet …
I said, “ok! Just this one time don’t you ever dare repeat all this again, okay?” .
Rohit said, “ok my princess” .

I know this wasn’t the first time rohit was asking for a last chance nor was this the first time he did sttuff like this … but when a girl truly loves someone she gives him endless last chances .. even though it hurts her .. she fights a battle within herself everytime to hold on to the person she loves and not to let go and wishes for him to understand that … well dats exactly what was happening with me … funny rite? How selfless and stupid ppl become when they are in love … all they ever wish is for the person they love to be happy and nothing else ‼! And they will be willing to sacrifice anydng and everything for it … but the question is will that person understand this and make it all worth it? But i want my roh to understand and luv me back the same way i love him ..

We finally arrived at sowbhagyam’s house ..from a distance we could hear the sound of the band baaa and all .. i and arohi became so excited we just could’nt wait… as soon as the car stopped , we jumped out of the car and we joined the dancing group there and were dancing like mad and all of a sudden someone shouted in a boisterous rowdy tone “ STOPPPPPPP‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼!” and everything came to a HALT‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

Hehehe u gotta read in d nxt part # signing off

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