Strangers (Part 55)


part 55
I could see someone sitting on my bed covered in something dark. I was horrified to that sight, I was still screaming and then that guy on my bed was like..
“oh god divi, it’s me!! Kiran “.
I said, “oh god, you scared me to death u idiot!! What the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night? ”.
He was like, “darling, it’s morning already! “.
I said, “really? ”, I looked at the clock, it was 5 in the morning.
I said, “what is this? Why are you scaring me at 5 in the morning, go away! Let me sleep! “.
Kiran was like, “you are such an idiot, we all were trying to call you since yesterday evening and your cell is switched off and Arohi was trying to tell you the same thing on cell but you will be you, you just won’t listen”.
I asked, “tell me about what? “.
Kiran replied, “ufff, we all are leaving to sowrajyam’s village now!! Common go pack your bags”
I jumped out of my bed and said, “what?? Now?? But when did you guys even make this plan? I need to select my dresses, accessories, make up, shoes everything and you tell me now?? “.
Kiran is like, “yeah, yeah, I was the one who shut down myself and switched off my cell right? “.
I said, “but I didn’t even brush, I didn’t even have my bath, hey wait! Now tell me what’s the exact plan or I am gonna kill you! “.
Kiran said, “so here is the plan, we all will get ready and will pick you up at sharp 8 from here, so you be ready till then, you have 3 full hour’s ” .
I was like, “yeah, yeah! And who’s gonna ask mom about this? Hey wait!! ,how did you even get in here? ”.

Kiran said, “Ufffff! Girl, you are such a mess, I and Arohi asked aunty yesterday night only and don’t worry I came from the main door , I called up aunty, she only opened the door OK!! So, I will leave now and let you pack your things okay? “.
I said, “thank god!! You guys asked mom, thank you , but wait how am I gonna select things to pack if nobody is going to help me, I can’t make it till 8 then”.
Kiran said, “whoa!! What do you mean??? We got to leave by 8:30 max, you have plenty of time, go start packing”.

I was like, “Kiran, will you please help me in selecting??? Then I will definitely be ready by 8:00.. Please….please…..please……?”.
Then Kiran said, “yeah! OK fine, come on start packing now”.
I was like, “did you say yes for this?? Like really?? “.
Kiran said, ” yeah! yeah!! Now don’t get mushy on me”.
That was really so sweet of Kiran, we selected everything I need for the 4-5 days after a lot of fighting, analysing and finalizing….hahaha and when we looked at the time, it was 6:30 already…I took 1 hour 30 min for all this, not bad actually, that was quick lol
Kiran was like, “whoa, it is late already…I got to go and yeah!! Don’t tell rohit I came here and all the other stuff, if he asks just tell Arohi told you about the plan, OK?? “.
I asked, “but why??? “.

Kiran replied, “just do what I say, please!! “.
I said, “fine! Alright!! ” and then Kiran left.
I was all ready by 8:00 but they still did not come to pick me up .. i was feeling so damn sleepy,
Then suddenly sonu entered my room and…
He’s like, “di come fast, Rohit’s down there, he’s talking to mom and dad, about you both…..”.
I was like, “what?? But…..”.

Sonu said, “come fast or you will be totally screwed!! “.
Then along with sonu I rushed downstairs and I see that Rohit, Kiran, Rahul, Niki, Shradha and Arohi everyone’s seated in the hall…but, Rohit sat beside mom and dad and from the looks on their faces it seems like some serious discussion.
Now I really started to get worried and I was really tensed…I had no clue what was going on but I know Rohit was definitely screwing me! Damn!!!.
What is wrong with this guy??.

I did not dare to go in front of mom and dad….cause I did not know what that idiot had told them…

I texted Arohi, “what’s going on??? I am here on the stairs…”.
Then she looked at me and the look on her face also wasn’t pleasant either…this made me even more nervous.

She texted me back, “I don’t know what’s wrong with your boyfriend, he’s talking about you both with uncle and aunty”.

What???? What is he?? Nuts or something???, how could he do such stuff without asking me or discussing with me??Oh god!!! What do I do now???.
This time may be i am screwed real big!!!
Not knowing what to do I just sat there on the steps and put my head down on my knees and closed my eyes trying to figure a way out of this stupidity and moments later…..
Mom called me, “Divya!! Divya!!! Come down here “.
Oh god!!! I was so tensed and nervous and didn’t know what to say to mom and dad, I went down slowly, the look on my mom’s face was aaahh killing me ‼
She was like, “Divya!! What’s going on??? What is he saying??? Why did you not tell me???
I just didn’t know what to say and I was praying in my head, “God!!!please save me!!! Plsssss……..! “.

And then suddenly…….!!!!.

# wats rohit upto now????? oh god !!!!!!! divi wat r u gonna do? # and in the end sdnly wat hpnd??? …. u gotta read d nxt part to find out my lovely readers hahahaha im luvin it

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    l guess K” likes Divi but he doesn’t wanna mess Ro & Divi’s relation…l really want a sweet, mature ,exquisite girl’s entry in his life coz l don’t wanna c him getting hurt… and yeah l’m still angry 🙁 with Ro, 4 whatever nonsense words he spoke to divi Y’day…

    ##Di may be u r busy with something….
    but still u upd it ….Thnx…Gonna miss u nd ur sadism( towards me) coz l’ll be busy 4 couple of weeks…So stay blessed & take care…. luv u….. 🙂 🙂 😀

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