Strangers (Part 54)


part 54
Rohit called back after I hung up but I didn’t answer, instead, I texted him saying, “it’s ok, I understood that you are busy, I asked Kiran to pick me up from home at sharp 5:00, we will have fun, you don’t worry about that”.
Hahhahahaha, this will definitely keep him thinking. (devilish me ?)
I immediately called up Kiran, “Kiran, you better do what I say this time or you are dead”.
Kiran was like, “yeah! I know, something about Rohit…isn’t it??? What do I have to lie about??”.
I said, “haha? , that’s like a good boy, if Rohit calls you , tell him you are picking me up from my house and we are going out”.
Kiran was like, “oh god?!! Not again!!! Ok fine, just this one last time alright??”.
I said, “awwww☺☺ , you are such a cutie, ok done! See you”
When things don’t work out when you do them the right way, you need to find the tricky way, just like I did.?
It was 4:50 p.m and I was just getting ready, when Rohit called
I answered, “yes Rohit! “.
He was like, “i am in my car at the end of your street, waiting for you”.
I said, ” why?? What for??”.
He said, “aaaghhh,? please divi, you said you wanted to go out na, I told Kiran not to come, you just come here, we will go”.
I said, “so what?? I won’t come, why should I ???”.
He replied, “because …..”
I said, “yeah tell me cos?”
Roh said, “cos I love you doll?” oh god!! He does this to me all the time.
I said, “fine, I will be there in 10”.
I went and sat in the car, Rohit turned to me and said, “you know, I have a good news for us”.
I said, “oh!!”.
He was like, “won’t you ask what it is??”.
I asked, “what???”.
Rohit replied, ” I have four more weeks to be with you”.
I wanted to jump and scream with happiness, hug him, kiss him but I did none of that?.
I just said, “oh! Good”.
He was like, ” what??? I just told you we have more days together and this is what you say??? ‘Oh! Good’ ?? “.
I said, “hmmm”.
He said, “seems like you are really mad at me for something, let’s go have coffee and make your anger go away”.
I said, “how many times do I have to remind you that I don’t like coffee Rohit “.
He said, “yeah, then let’s go have an ice cream to cool it off”.
I said, ” yeah, that will be precise”.
We went, had our ice cream, finished it and I still didn’t speak a word…Rohit was literally going crazy.
He said in a full frustrated tone, “what now???”.
I said, ” let’s go on a drive”.
He was like, “wow!! Really???”.
I said, “whoa, don’t get any ideas, it’s just a drive so we can talk…no! Actually so I can talk and you can listen”.
He said, “mmhhmmm”.
Then we did go for a drive and stopped somewhere peaceful and
Roh was like, “ok, now speak up”.
I said, “yeah!! What is your exact problem with me, my friends and my life Rohit??? Tell me??”.
Rohit was startled with this question..
He said, “what do you mean?? Why would I have any problem with you??”.
I said, “so, you have a problem with my friends and my life style then, is that it??”.
Roh replied, “ugghhh!! No, when did I say that??”.
I said, ” Then tell me what it is, you were OK with all this in the beginning of our relationship but now you are like…no, you can’t wear this, you can’t do this, you can’t hangout with your friends, oh sorry! ‘male friends’, what is all this???”.
Rohit was like, “what, what is all this? This is not something only you do!, every girl has to change when she gets in to a relationship and gets married. Why are you acting like I am doing some big mistake?”.
I said, “like seriously?? I already told you….you have every right to correct me when I am wrong, but I can’t change in to someone else, love is loving and accepting someone just the way they are, not the changed version of them”.
Rohit said again, “all these things look good just in movies and novels, they are not applicable in real life, snap out of your fantasy world”.
I said, “would you change yourself for me? Would you stop wearing clothes I don’t like? Would you stop hanging out with your friends if I told you to??”.
Rohit was like, “I don’t need to change!! I am a guy, why should I change??”.
I said, “what is wrong with you??, just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I need to change myself completely for a guy, you are acting just like a male chauvinist pig”
Rohit said, “what did you say?? Don’t you say that again alright”.
I said, “yes, that’s what you are….an MCP!!”.
He said, “yes! I am, so what?? You are a girl!!”.
I yelled, “fine, go marry a guy, such an MCP”.
I got out of the car, slammed the door, took an auto and was out of that place.
I called Arohi on my way back and told her everything
And she was like, “but you both were supposed to talk, not fight”.
I yelled at her too, “but what am I supposed to do, just listen to what he’s talking?? It’s just so stupid, OK, I am just gonna go home, text you I reached, switch off my cell and sleep ok?”.
Arohi wanted to tell me something, “but I should tell you something, listen to me”.
I said, “No, later, see you” and ended our call.
I just went home as I said, texted her, switched off my mobile and just slept.
In the middle of my sleep, something woke me up, someone’s voice or some sounds……
I opened my eyes and I saw something moving on my bed with something black covering its head……and suddenly it touched me and …
# a scream? wat was it? or who was it? , nd wat ws dat/ who dng on divi’s bed? ### hv to wait nd read readers .. c u until d nxt prt # kp guessing il kp njyng haha

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  1. i am sure dat its our romeo rohith nd plz update the next part to plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. What suspense. Now what is it. I don’t want to talk anything abt rohit now. He is out of control. May be every guyis the same.

  3. It must b ro say sorry to divi..Lovd d emoticons u put today.i think nt only ro bt every guys thinking iz lyk tht only.n we gals thk lyk div.wt to say.our society’s typical rules fo gals!!!

  4. it’s Damn good di….l guess it’s Ro who came to divi,,,God knows when is he gonna change???……actually all guys r like this,,, this’s a ff but in real life it happens as well……how could divi control her temper everytime l wonder…. this credit goes to u Bhgi di….

    At last u said, u enjoy, keeping us in suspense,,LOL 😀 ,,,,U r our real life Divi…. ..Stay blessed

  5. May be rohit may not be

  6. Bhgi surely u will kill me by giving suspense at d end of each part so update soon. Can’t wait

  7. I thnk its nt rohit . . .

  8. Again a suspense….ahaa u will kill us by your suspense every time???

  9. Oh god itna suspense fir se u going to kill me…..this ro is so bad….how can he say this to divya…very bad….

  10. I just hate rohit…thnx a tn fr dis epi…
    Waiting fr nxt…
    Keep going dear i tld u erlier dat ur wirtng skills r gifted stay blessed dear…lv u a lott nd a tight warm hug….

  11. Awesome episode, love divi soooooooo muchhhhhh. . She is so frankly discuss the problem with ro…I love it, nothing is hidden from her side…ro is very irritating. ..I think it’s ro who came over , eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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