Strangers (Part 53)

Rohit left and I was happy that I did sort things out smoothly , sometimes you need to make your loved ones understand things instead of making it big and that’s just what I did…ohhhh I am such a sweet heart hehe…
I went inside, changed and jumped on to my bed to have a peaceful sleep after all the mess in the last 2,3 days…but people!!! They don’t let me sleep peacefully… cell rang… was Kiran…..ufffff……I wasn’t up for scolding him or fighting with him for now…we danced for so long, I was so tired…so I kept my cell in silent mode and dozed off to sleep
The next morning I woke up late and the first thing I saw my cellphone…..OMG!!!! 40 missed calls….all from Kiran…I was like what the hell!!!! what’s going on….and I dialled Kiran immediately and his phone rang in my room….I looked up and he just entered my room with his face hidden behind a sorry card and I was like whoa…what’s going on….I was totally not expecting any of this…..
Kiran still hiding his face behind the card, he said, ” I am sorry divzzzz, I am so sorry!!!!”
I was like ” sorry??? But for what??”
Then Kiran replied, ” oh come on, don’t pull my leg now.i know you are mad at me for helping Rohit all this time, you are mad at me also because I told our plan to Rohit”
In my mind, I was like, “oh, yeah! How did I even forget that?? silly me ”
Then I said, ” yeah, but I didn’t understand why you did that? I thought you were helping me… And all the time you were playing around with us and helping your best friend instead, isn’t it??”
Kiran was like, ” no divzzzz, it’s not like that, you both are my best friends and you know Rohit, things would have gotten worse if I didn’t play along with both of you, I was just fixing things….you know me right???”
I was like, ” yeah!!! But just saying all this is not going to compensate it”
Then Kiran said, ” yeah, I know, so I brought you something, guess what??”
I said, ” oh!! Don’t tell me you brought me chocolates, I am not much of a chocolate person, you can have them yourself”
Then Kiran replied, ” no stupid!! I bought you chicken biryani”
I was like, “Biryani for breakfast??? And that too chicken…my favourite……awwww Kiran…you are such a sweet heart, I love you” and I just jumped on him to give him the happiest hug and oh no!! Mom came in just then…what??? Oh god!! Why do things like this happen to me all the time??? Why?? And my sonu laughing behind my mom…. I don’t know what to say….
Mom was like, ” what’s going on here??”
I was like, ” nothing mom, you know what?? Kiran bought me biryani for breakfast, see he knows me so well, that’s why I gave him a happy hug ”
Mom was like, ” what??? You all are crazy?? Who eats biryani for breakfast?? Except crazy people like you”
Kiran replied, ” we are hyderabadi’s aunty, we can eat biryani anytime of the day… Hahahhaha”
Mom was like, “yeah, her dad was not enough, now you also spoil her like this, where do you find such crazy friends Divya??”
And sonu was like,” she found them at ecil mom and we all laughed like crazy….and mmmmmm….we gorged on that yummy biryani..awwww… delicious ”
But i dint understand why he cald me so many times last nite and why he so badly dint want me to be mad at him..
I asked, “ kiran, why did you call me so amny imes last nite, we could have talked in the morning just like now .. , what were you upto? “
He replied, “ actually, i thought ul e very very mad at me looking at the past 2, 3 days whatever happened and ow you handled things .. i dint want you to be mad at me .. it would have made me crazy and would have made me feel more guilty”
I said, “ oh common, now dont exaggerate things ok, im not that devilish, just a little “
Then later me, Kiran and sonu we were talking and I suddenly remembered about Anjali, so
I said, ” Kiran what’s up with you and Anjali, ha??? Tell me what’s going on now”
Then Kiran was like, ” what?? Anjali and me??? What really??? No way!!! Never ever!! ”
I said,” hahaha, what’s wrong?? Why are you reacting like that?? She’s pretty and seemed like a friendly person too”
Kiran replied, ” yeah, may be, but she’s Rohit’s cousin and I can’t take such risks, who will get in to all that mess??”
I was like, ” what do you even mean?? What if she’s Rohit’s cousin?? Does that mean you can’t date her??”
And Kiran was like, “yeah!! Exactly!!! By default it means that only, if by chance by any possibility also I think of dating someone related to Rohit, Rohit will be the first person to say no to that relationship and moreover she’s not prettier than you nor friendlier….so she’s out of my list”
I said, ” Kiran, why are you comparing her to me??? That’s totally not done and what’s it with Rohit and you all the time, why will Rohit do that?? You both are such good friends …. “ and before I completed saying what I wanted to
, Rohit called, “hie, doll!!”
I replied, ” hi Roh, me and Kiran were just talking about you only”
Rohit was like, ” what the hell is Kiran doing their??, why didn’t you tell me about it???, he came alone??”
I said, “obviously he will come alone, what do you think?? He will bring Santosh along??? Hahaha”
Rohit replied, “who the hell is Santosh now??”
I said, “Kiran’s maid’s son Roh, that small boy, don’t you know???”
Rohit was like, “oh!! So you know his name too?? Looks like you both are getting to know each other well, OK then, have fun both of you” and he just hung up….
Uffffffff!!!!! Not again !!!!!!!! I don’t understand why this rohit behaves so weird all the time .. one moment he’s so sweet and the very next moment he’s like this!!!!!!!!!!! I had no clue at all what’s with this behaviour of Rohit, seriously, I was so mad at him, I didn’t bother to call back or text him again.
Rohit just spoiled a very good day of mine…aaarrrgghhhhh…….I was so pissed off..
Kiran was like, ” what happened???”
I was like, ” I really don’t know what really happened,he’s like you both have fun, what does that even mean???”
Kiran replied, ” but why did you tell him I was here??”
I said, ” what the hell is wrong with you now?? Why should I not say that??? ”
Kiran was like, “aaahhhh u know him, he’s like that only”
I said,”what do you even mean by he’s like that??? He’s like what?? What is he mad at now??”
Kiran replied, ” see divzzzz, Rohit is like this only, jealous, over possessive and unreasonable most of the time”
I said, ” so what do you expect me to do??? Lie to him about everything”
Kiran replied, ” mmmmhhhh……I don’t have an answer to that”
I said, “I have done nothing wrong to lie to anybody, if he’s like that, then I am like this only,I have guy friends, I hang out with them, I need space for myself, he can’t keep doing this all this the time and invade my space”
Kiran was like, ” Then you need to change the way he thinks”
I said,”yeah, but how do I explain it to him??”
Kiran replied, “he’s your boyfriend, now figure a way out”
Then Kiran left, I called up Arohi, and told her everything that happened.
And Arohi was like, ” divzz, this is really getting chronic now, possessive is OK but this seems to go way over it, it’s better if you have a clear talk with him about this, or its just going to get even more worse, and mind you only i can get overpossessive over you” haha
She was right!!!
My head was all messed up with all these thoughts, it was soo messed up!! I needed a shower to cool it off!!!
Then after lunch, I decided to call Shradha, just to talk and also check on Niki how’s she doing because me and Arohi were not talking to Niki now….
So I called up, my call was waiting, I waited for a while but my call was still waiting, so I thought I will call her later and just when I was about to hang up I realised I called Niki instead of Shradha…..oh damn!!!! I immediately cancelled the call..
Phewwww….it was so close..!!!!
I needed to talk to Rohit and sort out things and I don’t want to postpone this, I wanted to talk to him that day itself…I thought I’d call him and ask to meet me in the evening.
I called him up and was talking to someone else too, I kept waiting, but the other call seemed to never end….but this was second time that Rohit and Niki both were busy at the same time…I wasn’t suspicious or anything, but I just had this small doubt, so I called Niki again just to see if she’s still on call…and she was.. then I called Rohit again and this time it rang….the same happened the last time too…just the same way….Rohit answered my call…
the first thing I said, ” who were you talking to Rohit???”
He said, ” why does it even matter to you??? You were having fun with people right???? You carry on…”
I said, “oh, shut up!!! Just tell me who were on call with??? and yeah, give me a name”
Rohit was like, “ whoa, now loo who’s getting all possessive! ! ! “
I said, “ im not like you rohit, im just asking you, im not doubting you, there’s alot of difference”
He was like, “ whatever!”
I said, “ are you giving me a name or not? “
He paused for a few seconds…
And said, ” yeah, Uday”
I said, ” who the hell is Uday??? I never heard his name from you”
Rohit replied, “he’s my school friend, it’s been very long we met, that’s why never told you about him”
I said, ” hmm…… OK….can you meet me today evening??”
He was like, “why??? For what????”
I thought this fellow won’t listen properly..
So, I said, ” OK then, I will go out with Kiran, I was just getting bored…so, I asked”
And I hung up…
My turn this time….. hahaha # revenge time# shadism # devilish me # ego satisfied # lol

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  1. Hahahaha…awesome….loved it?.

  2. He is an idiot type i think kiran is in love with divi

  3. Divi u r enough smart to tight Ro’s loosen screw,,,,,LOL :-D…best of luck…
    K” ur too good yaar..hope nothing is cooking up between Ro nd Niki again……
    Loved it….Stay blessed Di 🙂

  4. Thx fo da long update by day m falling more in lv wid ur story yar.Divs iz so cool.y dsnt ro undst her.he iz nt only posessive bt a lil bit insane also.cnt a frn date his sis?wt a stupid rsn.i think kiran lyks divs.der iz definitely cookin smthg bet nik n ro.n y iz ro even lying wn div is so sweet.anyway guys ll b guys.dey r in real also lyk ro.

  5. Great. I just lv d revenge theme. I think ro was talking with niki & he lied 2 divi. Stupid. Now i m sure tht kiran likes divi when he said tht anjali is not prettier than u. Anyways lv u loads n update nxt part soon.

    1. lv u too vl update soon

  6. Now divs very wel knw how to handl rohits mood swings. . . I luv kiran, he is damn cute. . .o i luvd the way he said SORRY to divs. . .n evn i eat biriyani for breakfast. . .hi hi 😀 😉 :-*

  7. superb one. kiran was too gud. biriyani for breakfast. wow. divi is really a super girl. and now she is in action. devilish. go on girl.

  8. Omg i love kiran he is vry cute nd a true frnd… Hahaha and divi also smart girl i lve d way she handle evrythng…
    Well done dear luv u too….

    1. ty arvi lv u too

  9. Hehehe a seriously this rohit is a case…dont know how someone can handle a guy like him in real life…..bhagi u r awesome I love u such a nice writer u are…..loved it seriously….

    Waiting for next update

    1. vl update soon

  10. Aaliya where r u i really miss ur comments.

    1. i think she is busy in her examz

  11. Awesome episode Bhgi, wowwww divi is really devil…hahaha, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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