Strangers (Part 52)


part 52
It was rohit who pulled me back. I was shocked and so was kiran and just then arohi and also came there. But before I could say anything to rohit, he started at vishuu ,but he dint know vishuu at all!! Haha. Vishuu had a very strong personality and a vry gud height, he was actually the kind of guy that other guys would think twice before getting into a fight with
Vishuu was already furious and pushed away rohit thinking he was a stranger cos vishuu never met rohit before, vishuu pushed him so hard that rohit fell down with a bang and vishuu yelled at him, “how dare you touch her?”

The evening was getting so devilish, I was actually loving it!! it was payback time hehe
An ideal stereotype sathisavitri kinda girl would have jumped out on the first instance and would have stopped vishuu and told him that it was rohit- her bf and may be I would have done that too if it was a normal scenario, but this time I thought rohit needed it big, so I decided I let the drama goon for a few more minutes

Rohit was actually expecting me to say something but I went into the generally opposite mode of myself- “the mute mode” ehehehe – he devilish me !!
Rohit shouted at vish, “who the hell are you to ask that? “
Vishuu got so infuriated, he started at rohit to give him a tight punch, but at the right moment kiran and rahul stopped vish and I finally talked- coming out of “the mute mode”
I said, “vish, wait, he’s rohit, my bf! Remember? I told you about him?”
Vishal was like, “what?? He’s rohit?? Oh no!! I’m sorry bro, really sry, I dint know you were rohit”

Rohit was left with no other option thn to say, “yeah, that’s fine, not a problem:
Again vishuu was like, “but why did you pull her back so hard? , I wouldn’t tolerate anyone behaving like that with her and you are her bf”
Rohit was about to get into an argument with vish again there, so I interrupted and said, “rohit, this is vishal, my best friend, I told you rite?”
Then rohit was like, “oh, vishal !, oh yeah!, your bff, ok! “
Again!!!!! Rohit will be rohit!! How did I even expect him to be calm!
Rohit said, “fine, he’s your best friend, but what was the need to hug him so tight?”
This question was so absurd and stupid!! .. someone was getting real jealous though
Vishal came in between and said, “ hey rohit, take a chill pill ok, we are best friends since forever and we hug every time we meet, its just nothing “
Rohit started murmuring something not having the courage to vent it out loudly.
I went to rohit and said, “see roh, I already told you he’s my best friend and that’s gonna be forever, so get used to it”

He said, “but ..
And even before he started , I said again, “don’t make me remind you what you were upto in the last couple of days !! “
This was enough to send rohit into the mute mode now . ehehehe.
Just then the girl I saw with rohit came and greeted kiran and rahul with a hi. I dint ask anything, kiran came to me and slowly whispered in my ear, she is rohit’s cousin anjali, so there’s nothing to worry”

I whispered back to him, “don’t you dare think I don’t know wats going on here, I’ deal with you about it later and you better have reasonable answers to all my questions”
Kiran understood exactly what I meant!
Then rohit introduced anjali to arohi and came to me next, he said, “divya, this is anjali my cousin and anjali this is divya my gf”

She suddenly jumped and hugged me and said, “ oh, so you are divya, and we finally meet, I’ve heard so much about you from rohit, honestly speaking, he is totally mad over you”
I said, “ that’s so sweet of you to say that anjali” and of course I blushed a little knowing my bf is mad over me

I said,” it’s time to end the high drama and hit the dance floor guys lets go now” and as soon as I finished my sentence vish grabbed my hand and took me along with him to the dance floor where I met his friends too and decided to ignore rohit totally for the evening and have an awesome time with my best buddy

Me and vishuu completely forgot about the world around us and danced like crazy someone was freakin burning with jealousy lol
We had loads of fun, then it was time to get back home, so vishu was like, “divs, il drop you home”

Rohit was like, “no vishal, it’s ok, il drop her”
And both looked at me, I dint know what to say , it was cute though both of them wanting to be in my company

Then vishal said, “rohit, common dude, she’d your gf, you get to spend a lot of time with her, its been very long we had such a gud time, we’ll have our buddy chat while I drop her home, I’l borrow her only for this one drive home, OK?”

That was soooooo sweet of vishuu to ask rohit so politely and rohit could’nt say no
So, I bid bye to all of em and we started our buddy chat in the car way back home, just like old times, I told him everything about my story with rohit, he laughed it out lol .. but paused and then asked me, “you are really in love with him aren’t you?”
I said, “of course, I am vish, I wanna get married to him, I want to spend the rest of my life with him, otherwise I wouldn’t have tolerated him even for a minute after what he has done”
Then vishal replied, “ but don’t you think it’s too early to .. you know, think of all that?”
I said, “why? you don’t like him?”

Vish replied, “no, it’s not that, the way he pulled you, the way he was getting over possessive and aggressive and also I could sense a constant feeling of insecurity in him”
I was like, “omg!! Vishu, every bit of what you said is true! That’s the exact problem with him, but I guess that’s what love is, we have to deal with our problems together and overcome them together”

Vish said, “yeah, yeah . I know you’re one hell of a girl, you can handle things but just make sure you don’t get hurt and im always there for u . Im glad your happy, and that’s all that really matters to me “
I was like, “ aaaaawww vish, luv u so much”, I hugged him and said , “I know ul alwaysbe there for me, and even if you try not to be ther, you know you can’t escape me” hahaha
He was like, “yeah, you arethe devil! How can I forget that, my cute little devil “
We reached home, I said, “come inside vish, sonu and mom will be really happy to see you, it’s been so long”
Vishal replied, “yeah, but looks like someone else wants to accompany us”
I said, “wat? Who?”

He replied,”it’s your way over possessive than what I thought bf!!!!!!!!!!!! “
Vish was like,”It’s your way over possessive than what I thought bf!!!!!!!!!!!! “
I was like, “What ??? Rohit ?? What are you saying Vish?”
Vishu replied, “He’s been following us all the way, look – he’s right there!!”
I was shocked to see Rohit there ..

I said, “Rohit ??, what the hell are you doing here?? You followed us??? What’s all this?”
Roh was like, “No, I was just making sure you go home safe”
I just dint know how to react to his stupidity, I got really angry but I don’t want to create a scene at that time, specially when Vish is there.
I said, “Rohit, I told you I would go with Vish, what is all this??, there was no need for you to come behind us, he is my bestie and I trust him with my life…this was totally unnecessary…’just go home Rohit’! NOW!!!!”

He was like, ”Yeah I will, once you go inside”
He just didn’t wanna listen to me, this was really stupid and absurd.
I was about to say something when Vishuu stopped me and said, “Divz its ok, it’s not the right time, you go on inside, I will come home some other time alright, see you” and even before I could say anything he drove off.

As soon as Vishu left Rohit also left but this was real stupidity, for the first time I felt like I wasn’t myself, Rohit clearly was indirectly holding me back from being myself with Vish. Why should I distance myself from my best friend just because Rohit doesn’t like it???, I am what I am, I have guy friends, I have best friends and we love each other, we have a comfort level with each other. If Rohit wants to be with me then he should accept me like I am and also people who are important to me, and at once I decided I should something about it.
I didn’t go inside my house, I called up Vish, “where are you??”
He replied, “not far from your house, why???”

I said, “just come back now immediately”
He was like, “whoa!! Is everything ok??”
I said, “yeah, but come back right away”
He said, “ but tell me why?”
I asked, “ r u coming or not?”
Then he was like, “ yeah ok, im coming!”
Then I called Rohit, “where are you Rohit??”
He said, “Yeah im on my way home,why?”

I said, “Turn around and come back right now and don’t say a word” and I hung up.
Vish arrived first, he was like “What happened D, why did you ask me to come back again and why aren’t you inside the house???”

I said, “I forgot something, just wait”
Vish asked, “wait for what?”
I said, “ il tell you, just wait”
Then a few seconds later Rohit arrived and Rohit was like, “Divi !! Why did you call me back? Nd what’s he doing here?”

I said, “yeah, I wanted to talk something to you, actually both of you”
I turned to Vish and said,”Vish, we have been besties since forever and we never leave without hugging each other, what changed now??why did you leave without giving me a hug??”
He was stumbling with his words, he was like,”It’s nothing like that”

I replied,”I know what it’s like, you were hesitant because of Rohit, isn’t it?? We were besties and will be besties forever Vish nobody can change that! , just because Rohit is my boyfriend now we don’t have to change anything in our friendship ever, I’ll always love you and I know you will love me back the same way too”

He gave a tight sweet hug and said,”Yeah, always”, patted on my head, then I turned to rohit, “I will leave you both now, we will be in touch Rohit, see you” with that evil smile on his face which said, “I know he has it with you now” and he left.(hahaha and he was right!!)
I looked at Rohit, he was furious and angry, I could see that in his face, he looks cute when he’s jealous haha

As expected roh started shouting again , “ what was the need to insult me infront of him? , what was all that? , you could have talked to me directly, this is really stupid …”
I said, “ I know I could’ve talked about it to you and then go talk about it to vish and even then nothing would have changed and I dint want that! Now that I said what ever I wanted to infront of you both everything is clear between the 3 of us ” I know he would shout again .. so ..
Even before Roh said anything I kissed him on the cheek, he was surprised
Roh said, “now what was this for??”
I replied, “cause I love you, Idiot!!”
Then Roh was like, “yeah, yeah, then what was all that??”
I said, ”All that what??”
He replied, “you and Vishal”
I said, “oh god! Roh!!! Common, we both are best friends, we share a special bond, I love him as my bestie, you don’t have to get jealous or insecure about it….i want you to accept me the way I am, pls understand that”
He was like, “yeah, fine but….”
I said, “but what??”
Roh replied, “but only if you agree to give me a scorching kiss right now”
I said, “haha, yeah and let someone catch us ! , no way !! , you have to adjust with this one only” and I kissed him on the other cheek.
He was like, “this is not fair, you do this all the time, you don’t even let me get mad at you”
I laughed and said, ”well, that’s me sweet heart! Now go home…see you and yeah I am still mad at you for that night at your house”
Rohit was like, “oh god!!! Still??”
hehehehe I’m me after all

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