Strangers (Part 51)


part 51
Kiran was like, “ hahaha, no dumb head, we’l just make it look like a date”
Arohi said, “ wat’s the difference anyway?”
Kiran replied, “ the difference is , just not the 2 of us, but v 4 will go out – divs, u , me and rahul, wat say? “
Arohi jumped out of the sofa and said, “ yeah, it’s a great idea, I dint even talk to rahul properly since 2 days, I’l go call him rite away “ nd she went to cal rahul.
Kiran said, “today’s treat is on me, lets just chill, have fun and enjoy, evrydng widout rohit, ok divs ?”
I said, “ yeah, I’l also take a break from my hoggish boyfrnd for a while “ haha
So we all decided on this plan and we all went out, it was such an awesome place , had a alive dj, dance floor, we all were in the mood for a boisterous evening!!!
We all finished our dinner and I was the one to pull evry1 on to the dance floor, v were having one hell of a time and suddenly I see rohit there!!!!!!
I immediately pulled arohi closer to me and said, “ I just saw rohit, he’s here!” and wen v turned to c again, he was’nt der
Arohi was like, “oh, u jst take a chill pill grl, its all in ur head, how wud he even know we’re here”
She had a valid point but what was hitting my head was that he was’nt calling me, kiran , arohi or rahl. How could he be so cool about it, this was the exact opposite of him “the typical over possessive bf “ . this definitely dint seem rite to me, I just stood in a corner obscured in these thoughts and suddenly I see rohit again and this time with a girl , just when I wanted to capture a clear image of the girl and rohit , rahul pulls me back on to the dance floor again and again I lose sight of dem damn!!!!
I said, “ rahul, y did u pull me bak? I saw rohit jst now”
Rahul was like, “wat?? Rohit?? Here?? “
I replied, “yes, dat too with a girl, ive never seen her bfr”
Rahul laughed it out and said, “no way divs, dats just not possible, tk a chill pill”
I said, “no rahul, I saw rohit and I know its him”
He said, “ok, we’l cal rohit nd confirm alrite?, il cal him”
I said, “no way, he’l get to know if u cal, lets search fr him”
Arohi and kiran came suddenly and kiran was like, “wats gng on ? “
Arohi and rahul told him what hpnd, but kiran after hearing the whole stry said, “wat? R u nuts or wat? Ders no way rohit is here, lets jst chill nd enjoy the music guys”
But enough was enough, all of them telling me dat its all in my head and nodng else.
I blustered, “im going to search and find out wer rohit is, its upto u 3 if u wanna help me or not” and I went lukng for rohit.
But kiran came along with me and he wasn’t just ready to give up, he was insisting rohit wasn’t der and was rather trying to convince me to stop lukng for rohit.
I said, “ kiran! Pls stp it, I know rohit is here, I don’t know how, I don’t know why but I just know I saw him wid my eyes, so just shut up!! And wer r rahul and arohi?”
He was like, “ok, il come along to luk for rohit and I don’t know abt rahul and arohi, dey might be searching for rohit too “
I cald up arohi, “ arohi, wer r u? “
She answered, “ don’t wry divi, we r alrdy on the mission “target rohit” ! “
I said, “haha, gud, roger dat and gv me d updates” and hung up
Kiran again said, “ wat r u both? R u bth insane?”
I said, “hell yeah! V both r d same kind of onsane!!! Now stp wasting time nd concentrate on the mission , will u?”
He said, “ yeah ok, wat odr option do I hv now?”
So kiran nd me , v bth were wandering around the place lukin for rohit, wen suddenly sum1 came from behind and closed my eyes wid der hands!
The moment I felt dose hands I knew who it was
It was mt besty vishal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot evrydng abt rohit nd screamed on top of my voice, “vishhuuuuuu!!”
he removed his hands, I turned around and widout any 2nd thoughts jumped on him nd gave him a warm nd tight hug !!!! aaaaaaaawwww seriously its been such a long time v met nd I misd him sooo soo much, I was jst so overjoyed, elated nd delighted to c him wowwwww!!!!!!! It was such an enchanting surprise, v let go of each odr finally after a gud warm long tight hug nd jst wen I let go of him nd was abt to talk to him, sum1 pulled me bak so hard dat I was abt to fall down, nd luk who”s dat – it was rohit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh no! Isko kehte hain khrab kismat.wen divs ws trying to catch ro,he vanished n nw…….

  2. Amazing di..I am wondering what happened to Div yaar..I have so much confusion on my she forgiven Niki and Ro..i know she is going to teach him a lesson..
    I know about this Ro yaar..I thought it he will definitely do something and I was correct..i liked d dialogue of div ” Typical over possessive Bf ” .. Ro has become Jasoos detective to find what is gonna
    Waiting for next clear my doubts…Thank u so much ❤ u loads and take care ?..Stay happy ?..

  3. Nice yaar pls update next one

  4. Surely he will create a plm now….. ab samaz me ayega rohit ko…. i like divi nature dr

  5. Awwww….kiran kitna sweet hai… Well done dear…gr8 episode.. Keep it up

  6. Oh Gosh!!! our HERO is here as well,,,,hope for d best 🙂
    thnx di as u assured that Kiran’s not coming between Ro nd divi….l don’t want K nd divi’s friendship to be messed up by love, l do like K” 4 his unconditional friendship..he’s not like Niki…..
    actually Ro is different, he is a crazy lover,sometime he does stupid things that’ y he needs divi coz only divi can tight her loosen screw…LoL 😀
    Stay blessed………………………………..

  7. plzzzz updates soon…getting interesting

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  9. Ha ha. , rohit wil nvr change. . . Bt wats gonna happen nxt??

  10. Bhgi sorry just now I read. And that too 3 epi one time. Oh how do u really get these ideas. Whenever I think of divi I wish shd just get every thing best. I just hope rohit is the best. Kiran I just laughed like anything when read previous epi. Really it was ghat superb. Where did rohit come now. See divi knows him well typical possessive bf. Lol. Now now what is gonna happen. Rohit u r finished if u say anthing wrong at this time. Be careful. Waiting eagerly.

  11. Lovely….ur ff’s are going short?….do make them longer bcz i dnt wanna keep thinkng about wht will be next…??…awesome…w8ng??

  12. awaiting eagerly for the next part

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  15. it is awesome, fab,mind blowing like always keep it up

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