Strangers (Part 50)


part 50
Kiran answered the call, I told him to put it on speaker, he didn’t want to but he had no option, so he did.
Rohit was like, “Kiran !!! what is all this & where are you rite now ??”
Kiran said, “Aaaa….. Actually…. we are going to my home”
Rohit shouted, “What the heck ??? she’s still with you ??
Are you 2 alone ?? Where is Arohi ??
Is she with you or not ?? say something ?”
I was feeling so relieved . This is exactly what i wanted , I wanted rohit to feel the same level of pain I felt, I wanted rohit to be submerged in uncontrollable anger & frustration & yet feel helpless. Heck yeah !! dis is my ans to his stupidity !!!
Kiran replied, “ I’ll say something if you let me speak first na, calm down rohit”
I wondered what Kiran was gonna say then..
kiran spoke, “I’ll tell you everything later don’t worry nothing will go wrong,
and yeah Arohi & divya both are with me, we are going to my
home, we 2 are not alone, so you just chill.!!”
I was so shocked at how calm & composedly Kiran was talking to rohit, I was about to say something when Kiran gestured me not to talk & stay silent, I didn’t want to be silent but I didn’t speak because
I didn’t want kiran to be in a fix because of me, so I kept quiet.
Rohit said, “So, whats the plan ? what next”

Kiran replied again, “I’ll call you later OK, C ya”
After that he hung up,, I said, “Kiran !!! what was all that ??? Y were you assuring him that nothing will go wrong & all ?? U just left out saying that we weren’t going on a date, Idiot”
Kiran started explaining, “No divs, there’s a reason y I talked like that, don’t you know me ??”
I was surprised & arohi too.
I said, “really , what’s the reason ? tell me”
Kiran was like, “See, I know rohit better than you, If I didn’t talk like that , he would have reacted and done something stupid again & it would mess up things between you & him & I don’t want that OK”
Arohi said, “ Yeah divi, let’s just chill, its been too much of it since 2 days”
I said, “OK, let’s go then”
We reached kiran’s home, He parked the car in the parking space which seemed like a small playground to me & infront of it was a big bungalow, alot bigger than rohit’s house, It was so beautiful, I just fell in love with it at the first sight.
Arohi was like , “WOW Kiran..!!! Such a beautiful house you have, I never knew you were so rich !!”

I said, “Yeah Kiran, i never knew too”
He replied coolly, “Yeah, I don’t like showing off”
I thought Hmmmmmm !!
Den as soon as we entered, a small boy around 9-10yrs I guess came running towards us & said, “Hi Divya didi, Hi Arohi didi” with a very wide warm welcoming smile on his face.
We both were very surprised
Kiran said, “He’s santosh, we call him buji, he’s Raju & Sakubhai’s son”
Raju & Sakubhai work at kiran’s house and stay there only, they both manage all the house work.
I said, “Y is no one home?”
Kiran said, “My di Vinisha & I live here, our parents live in aboroad, they visit rarely, so Raju, Sakubhai, Buji, Vini di & me , dis is only our family”
I was like, “Hey you forgot me”
Kiran laughed and said, “Ofcourse, all you guys also divs ”
Then Kiran was showing us his house, it was so neat, clean & well maintained , not even a minute granule of dust was visible anywhere and As we were looking around suddenly someone came & gave me a warm hug, It was Vinisha di, she was so warm and friendly, she hugged me & said “Hi divi”, I said, “hi Di”

Then she hugged arohi too & said hi
Then I said, “di, u maintain ur house so neat & clean”
Then she was like, “no, no , it’s not me, it’s Kiran, he’s a total cleanliness freak”
Arohi & I were like, “Aha, we didn’t know this”
Then we all sat, chit chatted, played “the game of life” , buji also joined , den I suddenly realised what about rohit ?? what will we tell him ? what’s the plan ?
I said, “Kiran !! what about rohit ?”
Then Kiran & Arohi also realised we totally forgot about it.
Suddenly Kiran was like , “We have to plan something to make it look real, it should be believable”
Arohi said,”yeah, what do you think we should do then ?”
Kiran said, “Yeah, let’s just go on dinner date then !!”
I was like, “What ?? u mean like a real date ??”
thnx fr supporting me guys do lemme knw what is ur part and y and who is ur fav character and y do lemme knw in d comment sectionove u dolls till then bbubye tata cyu all??

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  1. I like ur story a lot but I like kiran’s character more than rohit and just love divya’s character

  2. I guess I ws feeling ryt tht kiran n divi might have smthng later on… To me it seems Rohit n divi won’t go well….kiran likes divi…that is for sure….but still maintains distance….i want kiran n divi??…lets see whts up next….thanks bhgi?

    1. u r 200% wromg div ro are lovers no one vl come in btw dem

  3. I like kiran compared to that stupid rohit.

  4. Nice yaar

  5. Nt fair yar.y do u alwys end in middle.ufff nw hw to fav iz off course divs n arohi n by knowing kiran frm few epi.i lyk him feeling lyk kiran feels for divi n dey both ll make pair.hv i guess rite bhgi? N yea i hv a req.let us knw abt arohi n rahul’s lv story too.we wna knw abt der compatibility.n iz niki genuinely sorry or iz c plning smthg big.n next tym dear plj make it a bit

    1. wait till next part ty

    THIS FLOWERS ? IS FROM ME TO U..i know I can’t give in real but honestly i mean it..
    Coming back to epi I love ❤ DIVYA and AROHI and KIRAN..honestly I want the Pair of Kiran and Div ( I know this cant happen bcoz Div loves Ro ) ..Because he understands her very much and I don’t know he is such a good boy and he doesn’t show off..Arohi and Div’s friendship is too too good and I love ❤ their friendship..She was with Div in Good and bad situation..
    I LOVE AND LIKE all d parts because u have WRITTEN AMAZINGLY…Hats off to you and I really want u TO WRITE A BOOK ? AND PUBLISH IT..I WILL BUY THE BOOK HONESTLY..
    Love ❤ u loads and Thank u so much ? for ur story and taking time for us and LOVE ❤ U LOADS… WAITING FOR UR NEXT PART….

    1. Tysome Dolll ummmah lv u ur comments r lyk boost fr me u n tamy u two ppl are encouraging me it means a lot to me tc doll?

  7. From starting i like kiran so much yaar aisa friend lover hus sab ko milna chahiye

    1. even i lyk kiran ty hayathi it is a fiction na dats y frnfs vl b lyk dis in real none vl b lyk dis

  8. Yipee u crossed 50 i am so happy. Btw i like divya n kiran’s character. I also like arohi and rohit’s character. OMG i think i like all d characters except niki. DIVYA cos she is cute, sensitive nd many more. I like her shyness nd d way she blushes. KIRAN cos he is a nice frnd, knows well how 2 handle situations, nd d way he maintains his house’s cleanliness. AROHI cos she is a very supportive frnd she cares 4 her bff so much. ROHIT when he does sweet things 4 divi like the dairy milk silk incident nd when he asked divi 4 their 1st date. Tht was so sweet. I wished i were in divya’s place and some1 would hv done tht 4 me. I want 2 say many more bt my mom will kill me if i stay online 4 1 more second. Bye nd lv u loads

    1. even i want to b their in her place i vl imagine while writinh in place of me i vl imagine myself aparna ty fr u feed back

  9. Congrats fo fifty epi dea.

  10. Thank god u updated dear firstly cngrts fr cmpleting 50 parts i think ur writing skills is god gifted i loved it very much… I like divi bcz she is cute sweet and innocent arohi vry supporting frnd and kiran also he smartly handle evry prblm and he knew divi more than rohit…
    Ab to Aapka gussa shaant ho gya naa???

    1. ty arvi ab no gussa u think if u r in my place hw u feel if u dnt get proper response i felt lyk dat and mujhe gussa agaya datsall i dint mean to hurt u ppl n i dnt have anyryt to hurt anyones feeling datsall

  11. So from now ” PARTY ON”,,,,,,,,,,,, 😀
    Hope u’ll hit at least Triple Century 🙂 di …..really words r not enough how much l’m mad about ur story …..l never comment anywhere before first time l commented here,trust me….
    and Congrats di as urs stry’s a very 1st one which crossed 50 ….
    >>> l was confused about kiran but now l think he’s a very good & wise frnd…sry K for doubting u ,,,,Actually it’s my Fixed Problem…
    l luv most of d characters …..(Divi ,her parents ,her uncle aunt,Sonu, Ro ,Anu ,arohi, rahul,Buji ;kiran, vinisha, almost everyone……… except Niki & rohit’s Mom) LoL<<<<

    Bhgi di May God sprinkle ur life with loads of blessings and happiness….take care 🙂

    1. ty tanya it means a lot to me lv u?

  12. Wow. . . Dat was an unexpctd welcome to divs. . . I always lov kiran more dan idiot rohit. . . N r dey realy going 4 a date??

    1. i cnt tell u b have to wait till nxt ypdate

  13. wow hey bhgi congrats!!! will u please tell us why is the story titled strangers now? its the 50th part and now u should tell us,wont you???

    1. div n ro r strangers and it is theirv story dats y i kept that name

  14. Congratzz 4 cmpltng 50 episode…me too lyk kiran compared to Ro..hope der misundrstndng wll end sooon…!!

    1. ya shud i end it soon LOL No way?

  15. Bhagi congratulations for completing 50episodes and thanks gussa shaant krne k liye……

    I like divya she is amazing…..arohi is also very good friend, you are rite in real life its difficult to get such friends. I love kiran his character is really nice….the way he try to solve the things its good. Rohit ufff dont know this is for sure that he loves divya but its difficult to understand him. At times he is stupid, other time he is possessive lover, at times he is crazy the next he becomes cute….so dont know and specially this kissing incident if he is really involved than divya should better change her path….

    1. thnx fr u comment kirti:) he really donno dat he kissed niki

  16. Awesome episode Bhgi dear, wowwww I loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …my favorite character is sweet divi…she is so innocent, lovely, realistic and very down to earth person…I love her sooooo muchhhh. …n love you and story very very much. ..congrats for half century of this amazing story. …love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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