Strangers (Part 49)

part 49
I said, “I mean exactly what you heard rohit, you did a mistake & you want me to forgive you rite”
He said, “Yeah …”
I replied, “Then we’ll make it equal, I’ll do a mistake too, then we forget everything that happened, that would just be perfect”
Rohit said, “divya, It doesn’t make any sense alright, you are saying you’ll do a mistake knowingly & wantedly , that’s just not fair”
I said, “Oh, then what’s fair ?? you tell me rohit, u & niki kissing ?? Is that fair ??”
Rohit suddenly yelled, “Just because I’m listening to all your nonsense doesn’t mean you can say anything & do anything alright, I told you.. I’m sorry right, so can’t you just leave it here”
I said, “Oh really ??? I don’t see an ounce of realisation, guiltiness or apology in your sorry rohit. Its a sheer effort to end the fight isn’t it ?”
He was like, “OK, fine think whatever you want”
I said, “Okay then ! its decided, I’ll be going on a date with your best friend tonight, it’ll be a romantic dinner date, then it’ll become equal on both sides”
He was like, “that’s not going to happen !! & your not going anywhere with anyone”
I said, “I am going rohit and that too tonight, we’ll meet after that and I’ll let you know what happened there, you don’t worry OK”
He said, “what’s wrong with you ?? you are kidding right ? how can you do that ?”
I said, “just like you did it the other night and mind you, I’m not kidding rohit, C ya..”
All were muddled as to what I was saying, no one seemed to understand anything exactly.
Arohi was like, “divii, what are you saying ?, stop confusing us & say it
properly what exactly do you mean ?”
I said, “I mean arohi, that I’m going on a date with Kiran tonight & nobody else is invited, Il let rohit know the updates later, now common lets go”
Everyone there was shocked, but [to be mentioned] most shocked of all were [2 others] rohit & Kiran.
The expression on rohit’s face was too good, he was angry, furious, frustrated ,[irritated],helpless all at a time, because he didn’t want any of it happening whatever I said but he was helpless [at the sametime], he was not able to stop it either, Rohit deserved it.!!
But the look on Kiran’s face, OMG!!! he was like totally shocked to death,horrified,traumatised lol, his face was like, “Oh god ! Y me ??” LOL, I was controlling my laugh looking at kiran.
Then to add a little spice to the drama, I grabbed kiran’s hand & said,
“come lets go, we’ll discuss the plans for our evening on the way”
& I started to the car along with Kiran.
Arohi didn’t know what to do or how to react, she stood there like a statue.
I said, “Arohi, come lets go, do you need a special invitation for that or what”
Then she also came with us, we sat in the car, then Kiran was like, “but what about my car ?”
I said, “let it be , Rahul will bring it later”
I gave keys to kiran, “he was like, where are we going now madam”
I said, “Well, drive us to your home Mr.Kiran”
Again the expression on Kiran’s face, this time I couldn’t stop my laugh, I laughed out loud.
Arohi & Kiran both went into a state of shock again, hahahaha !!
Kiran was like, “divii , please enough of shocks since the past 2 days,
1 more shock & I’m gonna die, will you tell me what’s
in your head, why are we going to my home ?”
I said, “I’ll explain you everything on the way, you start the car now”
Then we started.
Arohi was like, “atleast tell us now, why are we going to Kiran’s house,
whats in your head ?”
I said, “Just like that, no particular reason”
Both looked at each others face & then at me
Kiran was like, “enough of your shadism, what was all that back there at rohit’s house ?? I was expecting you’d slap him, but so hard ??, show me your hand”
My hand was still red.
Arohi was like, “look at your hand, its still red, ur hand is like this , imagine rohit’s cheek, with the impression of your 5 fingers on it”
I started laughing again.
Kiran was like, “Yeah , he deserved it well”
Dis time I & arohi looked at each others face.
i said, “Kiran, are you rohit’s best friend or mine ?”
He replied, “Well dats a very complicated question, i doubt the answer hehe & what was that about the date back there huh ??”
I said [was like], “Hahahaha , Oh Common, I was just kidding, I said that only because I wanted rohit to know how it feels, so he won’t repeat anything like this ever again”
Kiran was like, “Ohh…!!!”
I said, “whats that reaction ? you thought what i said was real or what ?”
Kiran replied, “ No way, I was scared that how awkward it would be to go on a date with a guy, hahahaha”
I was like,”Shut up, dumbo, I’m not a guy”
Kiran said , “Yeah, on the outside your a girl, on the inside I doubt it LOL”
I was about to reply to that.. just then Kiran’s phone rang & it was ROHIT !!!
Mmmmm Angry/Furious Rohittttttt….. !!!!!
What might the call be for… what happened next..
Interested..?? Excited to know readers..
Well noooo im sorryyy.. ul getto know that in d next part..
till den.. stay tuned..
stick to your seats..
Signing for the day..

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  1. Bhagi loved it…u r awesome…your story is really very different…love u alot …and a tight hug….keep writing and pls update next part asap….

  2. oh thank god u updated!!! suspense was killing me!! sometimes i wish kiran was with divs but divs loves ro so its their lovestory a… i like your stories very much

    1. ty varika alrdy updated:)

  3. oh thank god u updated!!! suspense was killing me!! sometimes i wish kiran was with divs but divs loves ro so its their lovestory a… i like your stories very much and wow next part is 50th !!! can u imagine half century woww!!! so excited,pls make it longer so that its a memorable one!!

  4. Thnx bhgi 4 updating. I was visiting this page frequently 2 know whether u hv updated or not. Sure divya’s idea was really superb go with a date with ur bf’s bff 2 teach him a lesson. The expression u described in rohit’s face was so funny. I would lv 2 c such face. Poor rohit dnt know abt divi’s plan bt he deserved this 4 wht he did

    1. she want to teach a lesson to rohit so she planned lyk dis datsall

  5. U realy shokd us to hell. . . Bt cant evn imagin dat divi is kidding in any sense. I luvd kiran’s xpressn too much. . .poor kiran, he lukd lyk as he was in the middl of devil n the sea. . . 😛 Bt wats divs nxt plan. . . Cant wait, updt nxt part soon. . .plz. . . And am very much happy dat u r bak. . .luv u alot 🙂 😀 😉

    1. alrdy updated liya lv u too

  6. Superb yaar

  7. Thank u so much di for updating..Honestly I was waiting so eagerly..i was thinking wat she gonna do..Wat.. is Div is ok?..I am Confused ?…Lol ?..Kiran…i am just thinking his Reaction yaar..Wat do Rohit gonna do he gonna beat Kiran or wat..
    Waiting for next epi eagerly..can’t handle this suspense..pls update soon..
    Thank u so much and take care ? and love u..

    1. Agree u Aaliya,..””””We Want Party””””…… 😀
      Congrats di & keep continue enchanting ur readers…

      1. lol tanya i alrdy updated part 50 especially fr u dolls?tc lv u

      2. Thank u Tanya..? take care ?..

    2. tears r rolling down in my eyes aaliya u r really such a sweet n cute my chotu si baby doll lv u i’m really tellibg u frm nw on i vl update my ff nly fr u doll i dnt feel if i dont get comments r nt fr u aaliya nly fr u i update regularly frm now on u r such a sweet person lv u loadz doll stay blessed?

      1. Aww..di..pls don’t cry..Honestly I too have tears in my eyes now..THANK U SO MUCH HONESTLY THANK U SO MUCH FOR UR LOVE ❤ And BLESSINGS…u don’t know what I am feeling right now..??
        U will get more comments believe me because u r such a GOOD And MAGNIFICENT WRITER WITH AMAZING IMAGINATION U KNOW HOW TO ATTRACT PEOPLE WITH UR WRITINGS..I ALWAYS LOVE ❤ U DI….THANK u so much For UR STORY AND LOVE ❤ U Too LOADS..take care ?..

      2. ty aaliya love u looadz?

    3. Yes aaliya this is d 1st ff which is going 2 cross 50 episodes n d readers r lving d story too much. Thnx bhgi 4 giving us such a romantic n lovely story. Plz continue cos there is a charm in ur writing which is capable 2 attract people. D way u describe i feel i m seeing it infront of my eyes. So we want party 4 sure i.e party toh banti hai. I know tht we can’t get tht in real bt u cn give d treat in some other way. Am i ri8 guys ? Waiting 4 nxt part.

  8. Nt fair nt fair.short update bt lykd it very mch.i thk ro cld kiran to knw abt date plns.m i rite bhgi dear?

    1. yea u r ryt sneha☺

  9. Awesome??….but u again left us to think about the next scene…too bad…?? do post soon..??

    1. rdy posted ananya☺

  10. awesome episode i am a grt fan of ur story i cannot sleep without it nw nd update soon

    1. ty so much aditi it means a lot to me

  11. Superrr update dr… ab rohit ko patha chale ga kaisa feel hota hain

    1. ya but kiran paristiti goram asalu chinnapaladini shop ki tiskeli chocolate chupichi konikunda unatu undi wat u say hayathi am i ryt r wrmg Lol?

  12. Damn good !!!!!!!! 🙂 Bhgi di, l must say.
    how do u manage every situation,bringing a new twist, Ha???
    l was about to die with d suspense but u saved me again. 😀 .
    and yeah divi l was expecting such a smart move from u…..

    pls pls all ”Silent Readers” comment here….or our ”Angrybird bhgi di’ll quit…stay blessed (pls don’t mind di l’ve called u angry bird, l’m already scared!!!!! :'(

    1. nyc name tanya i lyked it thnks fr d name☺

      1. don’t encourage me, di,,,,,, l’m very naughty 🙂

      2. me too? i vl encourage u


  14. oh im so glad that you re back!! and aaliya thsnku too as bhgi is back cos of u.we owe you really!!

  15. Awesome episode Bhgi, wowwww you are very talented. ..Rohit deserves this. ..loving divi sooo much. ..Kiran is very cute friend. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug to you, congrats for half centurycentury of this amazing story. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

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