Strangers (Part 48)


We went inside, Shraddha & Niki were in niki’s room, Shraddha saw us first & She came towards us in a hurry, “divi please listen to me, we can sought dis out by talking calmly, pls don’t take decisions in anger or frustration OK pls”
I said, “Shraddha its between me &niki, let us sought it out”
Den as I was going towards niki, Arohi came & blocked my way, “divi, OK u sought it out yourself with niki but promise no violence please, for my sake OK ??? , say something or I won’t let u go to her !”
I said, “k fine, now let me go”

Arohi & Shraddha were like, “OK, but we’ll also be here”
Niki was actually scared as to what I would say or what I would, it was reflecting on her face & also she was guilty, she cried, it was showing on her face !!!
Yeah may be she cried, may be shes guilty , may be shes not or watevr , I just don’t care, looking at her only reminded me of wat she has done she cheated me …. I just couldn’t control my anger .. I just could’nt … and… wham!!!!!!!! …. I gave her the hardest spank on her face!!!!!!!! Literally, I smacked her so hard on her face dat my hand was twinging but dat dint stop me cos she needed dat for wat she did to me!!!!!!!
Shraddha and arohi came nd pulled me away from niki before I smack her again, I just could’nt curb my outrage nd fury …. She kissing rohit dat was running in my mind , I needed to vent out my frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pushed away shraddha nd arohi, and smacked her on the other cheek too nd dis time arohi and shraddha pulled me away so far from niki and caught hold of me so tight dat I just couldn’t free myself from dem!!!!!!

After a few minutes I was out of my fury but now tears started rolling down my eyes unknowingly …. I was feeling soooo stupid , I was crying !!!!! shraddha left me and went to niki and was trying to calm her down …. I was crying like a lunatic :’(
Arohi and shraddha were shocked wen I started crying, arohi was like ,” divii !!!! divii!!! , y r u crying?? R u ok, speak u[, talk to me pls will u? “

I replied, “no arohi, im not fine!!!!!!!!! How cud I be fine wen my best frnd cheats me and kisses my bf, how cud I b fine wen my best frnd cheats me, backstabs me just for a guy , she dint even think of me for a second, watevr has hpnd d loss is mine in dis whole dng!!!!!!!!!! Watevr I do or not, I wil lose my best frnd nd d prsn I luv evn wen it wasn’t my mistake!!!!!!! “
Arohi was like, “please diviii calm down!! , pls try to stay calm!!! “
I calmed down after a few minutes and said, “arohi , I need to talk to niki!!! “
She said, “no divss , ul get angry again , pls let it go now, u talk to her aftwards, nw lets just go from here”
I said, “no, I promise I wont hit her, il just talk pls let me talk to her”
Den arohi let go of me
I went to niki,” niki, now tell me watevr u wanted to say, im ready to hear it, common speak up, cos dis might be ur last chance to say sumdng to me !!!!!!!! “
Niki was in tears, I said, “first wipe ur tears nd speak to me properly NOW!!!!!!!! “
She wiped her tears nd said ,” divi I know im done a very very big mistake, ive done an unforgivable mistake, uve been my best frnd since we met nd I dint live upto it , its all my fault, but….. but ….”
I said, “yeah go on.. im listening!!! “
Niki said, “ but all dat happened unknowingly only cos I truly luv rohit, I really do, since d beginning, since d first day I saw him, dat day at d inorbit, it was so hard on me to c u both so close all d time, I know dis not justify wat ive, nodng can but believe me I never didi anydng intentionally, it just happened in the moment I swear on god , please believe me divss , plsss “
I was like, “so wat do u want me to do now, uve said sry nd its finished for, rohit said sry nd its finished for him , but wat abt me???????? D loss is mine on either side, wat shud I do now??????? , u tel me wud u forgive me if I ws u in ur place nd u wer in mine?”
She dint say anydng, I said, “I need an ans rite now! “
She replied, “may be not”
I said, “I don’t want may bes here, I need a firm ans”
Niki replied, “no, I wudnt”
I said, “den how do u expect me to forgive u niki?”
She replied, “cos im not u divss , ur too gud too everyone , specially ur frnds, I know dat, cos u wudnt have cried just now if u still dint care for me”

I said, “stop ur stupid assumptions dats not true!!!!” but wat she said was true, I still cared for her in my heart, afterall shes been my frnd since forever, but I could’nt just talk to her widout venting out my frustration at her
She said, “I know saying sry wil do nodng, but I just want u to know im saying dis nly cos its u divss, if it was sumone else I wud nvr have bothered to say sry at all, but its u , I know u, I don’t want to lose u for anydng im really really sry, I just hope u forgive me dats all, I don’t mind u slapping me on my face anodr time if u forgive me divss”
Tears rolled down my cheeks again even though I tried to curb dem awfully!!!!!!
I said, “I just know anydng rite now!!!!!! I don’t know il forgive u or not, may be I will as u know me, may be …but not rite now … u just hope dat il forgive u in dis lifetime”
I said, “lets go arohi, I need to settle a lot of odr dngs too!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ I knew dat Niki did a big mistake, I also knew she did it because she loved rohit & I also knew may be she was guilty and really dint wnna lose me but wat about rohit ???

Dis was d biggest question mark in my head !! did he really not know dat it was me ?? , but how’s dat even possible ?? But d truth was also dat I loved him truly, did dat mean he wasn’t true to me ?? , did dat mean he was just like all other guys, I trusted him wid all my heart, how could he break dat !!!
But niki said dat it ws totally her mistake nd rohit dint know anydng or had nodng to do wid it , but was she trying to save our relationship cos it ws hr mistake or was she saying genuinely aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Even after whatever she said I didn’t want to let go of rohit just like dat.. he deserved a punishment.
Me & arohi, we went to rohits place, Rahul, Kiran & anu were already consoling rohit, I felt like he needed a slap on his face not consolment.
He was sitting on d sofa, I went straight to rohit, held his collar & pulled him up forcefully , all were so shocked, more dan anyone anu was shocked dat i cud be so rude and angry, til now she only saw d good and positive side of me!
Rohit was like, “divi, please let me explain 1st, pls listen to me once”
I said, “what should I listen to haaa.?? What will u explain ?? , are you gonna tell me how you kissed her or for how long you kissed her ?? speak up !!!”
He was like,
“No divi, Its not like dat trust me I swear, I had no clue it was someone else or I would have never even dared to touch another girl”
I shouted , “Rohit just shut up alrite !!!, how cud u not know ?, we just kissed a few minutes before dat, you shud have known”
Den Rohit was like, “ I …… I …… I ….. actually thought u changed ur lip gloss”
I said, “Shut ur dirty mouth, how could you even say dis so shamelessly ??? I feel like slapping on ur face rite now”
Rohit replied, “U wanna slap me rite, OK slap me, go on” & he showed his cheek, “common, go on”

I just didn’t want to let go of such a good opportunity, and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , I slapped him so hard on his cheek, it took him a few moments to realise what had actually happened, all were so startled, dey had der palms on der mouth.
Rohit was still in d swing of my slap, wen I said, “would u like to have another one”
Rohit became really serious, “divya, I didn’t expect ud slap me, was it necessary to hit me so hard, Its so disgusting, how can u do dat ??”
I said, “Yeah exactly !!! , Its totally disgusting wat u did, 100times more disgusting than wat ur feeling rite now, do u even understand dat ?? , just saying sorry & giving some stupid explanations is not going to undo wat u’ve done !!!, wat did u think haaa?? We were one of those stupid girls who would fight over a guy & break our friendship ?, den ur mistaken Mr. Rohit, dat’s not what I am , to understand a girl like me, u need to raise ur standards way above urs !!!”
Rohit was like, “But why are you blaming me completely, wasn’t it Niki’s mistake too ??, Infact , she was the one whos responsible for all dis nonsense”
I grabbed him by his collar again and said, “Oh Really ?? , what were u even thinking ?, dat I’d go slap her, break our friendship, come to you & say dat it was all her mistake not urs ??, she loves you & everyone here knows dat, It would have been so hard on her to c you & me so close like dat, dats a total different story, but wat abt u ???, u said u freaking loved me, Den how could you do such a big mistake ??”

I just pushed him away & letting go of his collar. He was like, “OK, den tell me what shud i do now to make it rite, I’ll do whatever u say, whatever it is”
I said, “Whatever u do now, u cannot undo dat rohit !! u tell me wat wud u have done , if YOU were in my place & I did the same mistake haaa ??? would u just forgive me ?? common speak up !!”
He became furious all of a sudden & said, “don’t you dare think of dat, I’ll kill u both”
I said, “Oh so ul kill me & whoever d other person is but I shud forgive u ? rite ? , OK, lets make it equal den, U did a mistake with my best friend & its time u feel d same pain dat I felt”

Rohit was like, “wa…… wa….. watttt??, wat do u mean ??”
Really what did she even mean….

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