Strangers (Part 47)



I had no clue wat he was talkin about, I texted him back, “but rohit, when was i with u ? , I was standing rite der wer u left me”
He replied, “ cmon divi stop kidding now, u & I both know where v were & wat we were upto ”
I was totally shocked at his reply, I started to think is he trying to play a prank on me or wat.
I txtd bak, “ rohit, dis is not funny if its one of ur silly pranks, please stop it ”
I was waiting for his reply but he wasn’t replying, so I slowly got up & saw dat ro was asleep already
but this thing wat he said was really killing me inside my head … thinking about all this stuff I didn’t know wen I fell asleep.
Den rohit woke me up in the morning, “ divi wake up, all woke up long ago ”
I got up & sat on the sofa, den rohit sat beside me & said, “divi wat was dat yestday?”
I said, “ what ? I shud b askin u dat, wat wer u even talkin about ? ”
Rohit was like, “yeah , yeah I know ur just trying to pull my leg, but stop it now ok”
I was like, “stop wat rohit ?? tell me clearly, wat r u talking about, I was never wid u after u left me in d hall, I stood rite der till arohi came der wid the emergency lamp & we were all der all d time”
He was like, “Oh, common divi, how is it even possible, u were wid me, u kisd me !!!”
I was so shocked at his words, my mind was totally occluded
I yelled at rohit, “stop it now, enough is enough, dis never hpnd”
Rohit was like, “but.. but.. Ok, lets just leave it here” & got up from d sofa & started
walking away.
I said, “rohit!! Wait tell me wen did I kiss you ? & wat hpnd, tell me everydng clearly, now!!!”

Now, I knew rohit wasn’t kidding or playing a prank, I knew something happened back der, my heart was pounding so fast & mind was raging with anger.
Rohit was like, “No, divi nodng hpnd just leave it”
In my mind till now I already understood wat had happened las nite but I just wanted a confirmation. My mind knew wat it was but my in my heart i ws stl wishing pls make it untrue … but i needed to know the truth !!!!!!! I shouted on the top of my voice, “Rohit, just tell me wat hapnd last nite wen d power was gone or I don’t know wat i’m gonna do, just damn say it NOW !!!”
Till den everyone else were thinking dat I & rohit were just playing around, but now d situation became serious.
Arohi & Kiran came to me & said, “divi, wat hpnd ?, let us talk calmly whatever it is about”
I said, “u both don’t know anything about wat hpnd, pls let me talk”
Niki was still sitting in a corner sofa trying to act like she doesn’t know anydng.
I shouted, “Niki come here now !!”
She came !

I asked, “Where wer u exactly wen d power was gone, u weren’t wid me, u weren’t wid shraddha, neither wer u with arohi, kiran or rahul, den wer d hell wer u ??”
She was like, “ I don’t know wer I was , I was searching for u guys ”
I yelled at her, “stop acting innocent Niki”
She replied, “ R u trying to say dat I was wid rohit ?? , but rohit was wid Dattu fixing d inverter rite.. ?? ”
Arohi, Rahul, Kiran, Shraddha, Anu, everyone was so shocked at all dis, dey still didn’t seem to understand exactly wat had hapnd.
I said , “wen did I said dat u were wid rohit niki, u said it urself & if u weren’t den y r u trying to give an explanation ?”
She replied, “ No divs, ur thinking everything wrong, its nodng like wat ur thinking”
I said OK, lets just clear it
I said, “Anu cal Dattu, I need to ask him sumdng”
Dattu came,
I askd him, “Dattu just tell me was rohit wid u wen u were fixing d inverter ?”
He replied, “No didi” & he went away
Now everydng was clear in my mind, I was furious, angry, frustrated to such an extent I wanted to kill Niki rite der.
My mind stopped working, I was filled anger in every part of me.
I said, “Now Rohit, tell me & everyone wat hpnd last nite or I’m gonna , ‘RIP D SOUL OUT OF THAT FILTHY USELESS FLESH OF HERS!!!!!!!!! ‘ ”
All were taken aback at me being so furious!!!!!!!!
Rohit was like,

“ I was going to d place wer inverter was der, wen someone grabbed me by hand & pulled me into a corner, nd before I said something u kissed me, or she . . .
I didn’t know who it was , I swear I thought it was u divi !! ”
Everyone was so shocked and horrified after hearing all dis.
Den i said , “Niki, Its ur turn to confess now, u were d one who kisd rohit rite ?”
She was silent
I grabbed her by d shoulders & shouted in her face, “it was u , wasn’t it, now speak up”
She pushed me away & shouted , “Yes, It was me, I kissed rohit cos I deserve him more than you, I love rohit, yes I kissed him, has everyone heard it, I kissed him !!!” I said , “Niki we’re friends, I was so nice to u all the time, how could u even do dis to me”
Niki was like, “I’ve done nothing wrong & I don’t regret anything I’ve done & u tell me divya , if he was really in love with you, how did he not know dat it wasn’t you huh.??”
That made me even more furious, dat was the highest degree of anger i ever felt in my life.
I shouted, “Niki just get out of here before I slap u, just get out”
Shraddha & Niki went away..
I didn’t know wat was happening to me, I felt like my head was revolving round & round & round & …. and I woke up a few minutes later, I fell unconscious.

As soon as I opened my eyes I saw rohit, I was in his arms, I just pushed him away from me. I couldn’t stand him anymore ..
He was like , “divi , please listen to me, I didn’t know it wasn’t you, I seriously thought it was you divi, I swear”
I said, “Rohit, Just shut up OK, just shut ur dirty mouth with which you kissed dat backstabber , but she was rite, If u really loved me how could u not know it was me, its impossible rohit, U definitely can figure out if its ur gf or not wen u kiss someone, u’ve cheated me rohit, u’ve cheated me”
I was crying so bad , I couldn’t even talk..
Arohi was like, “Yeah rohit, dats true, how can you not know dat it wasn’t divi, I mean wat were u even thinking ??”
I said, “Arohi, please take me home, I cant stand him a minute more, I just wanna go home”.
Rohit tried to stop me but I didn’t want to listen to anything.
Kiran & Arohi took me home & Rahul stayed with Rohit.
We reached home, It was so hard acting normal infront of my mom but I managed somehow.
We 3 went upto my room & dey both tried to calm me down. After a while, I did calm down but I desperately wanted to know if rohit really didn’t know it was me or if he just didn’t wanna let go of the opportunity!!!!!
After sometime Kiran went home, but arohi stayed with me. It was all so messed up, one was my friend & d other was d person I love, how could dey both cheat on me like dat, wat wrong have I done to dem, I just didn’t know what to do.
Shraddha called & she was like “ divi please listen to Niki once, she’s been crying since morning, she’s very sorry & guilty for what she did, please talk to her once” & even before I said something niki was on line & she was crying
I said, “what r u crying for, I should b crying for trusting u & being ur friend, I lost my frnd & my love all because of u niki, all bcos of you !!!”
Niki said, “No divi I’m really very sorry, I know I cant undo things but It was all my fault, I liked rohit since d beginning , I was jealous all the time, I created the distance between U & me, I messed it all up, rohit seriously didn’t know it wasn’t u divi, It was all my mistake”
I said, “ders no use of saying all dis know”

She replied, “No divi pls don’t say dat, anyone else in ur place would have slapped me and kicked me out, but u didn’t, I don’t wanna lose u or ur friendship pls forgive me one last time, I’m ready to do anything for you to forgive me, plsss”
I said, “I just don’t know niki, I just don’t wanna talk anything rite now” & I hanged up.
Arohi was with me all day, I felt a little better by the end of the day, just den shraddha texted me, “see divi I know all dis is wrong, its a big mistake, please don’t think I’m supporting niki, I’m not, but u should know dat its been really hard on her to c u & rohit like dat too, she really loved him, she never wanted to do all dat but her mad love for him made her do dat, she realised her mistake, so please try to forgive her for one last time, its upto u after dat”
I kept re reading that message again & again, I didn’t know wat to do, should I think from my point of view or may be shraddha was rite, may be from niki’s side it was just her mad love or madness, did she really realise her mistake ???
I was so tired of all of dis & crying all day i fell asleep, next day morning, I woke up, got ready & woke up arohi & said, “Arohi, common get ready, we gotta go”
She was like, “divi, r u alrite ? wer r v gng ?”

I said, “ul c , just get ready”
We both started off in my car & reached niki’s place in sometime.
Arohi was like, “divi !!!! R u out of ur mind ?? Y r we here at niki’s home? r u gonna kick her or kill her or wat ?? say something ??”
Den I was like, “ Ul see, lets go inside”
Arohi was saying, “divi, just let it go OK, no need to get violent now,
I know ur angry frustrated & furious but I don’t want
u to beat her to death, lets just go from here”
I replied, “no way, I gotta settle dis today, rite Now !!!”

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  1. Chi…..
    And ya niki sahi bola agar rohit sach me pyaar kiya na tho usko patha chalna chahiye samne kaun hein

  2. Honestly This niki is such a Jerk ?..i will slap her so hard that she may forget her identity..i can’t tolerate this…She first done that mistake but now she is repenting her mistakes..i can’t believe this…Div don’t believe her next time i am saying u..
    If she had earlier thought about her Friendship then she wouldn’t have done this..I can’t say anything to this Ro….
    Waiting eagerly for next part to know what Div gonna do to that Backstabber..pls update soon..
    Thank u for 2 epis and take care ? di..

  3. Awesome episode Bhgi, niki did all that very bad, but what divi is up to now….can’t wait for next part, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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