Strangers (Part 46)


We heard a scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvv!!!”, We hurried down the stairs, the power was gone, it was all dark, we couldn’t see anything. Rohit held my hand so that we don’t let go of each other in that darkness.
I shouted out, “Arohi!!! Kiran!!!”
Rohit shouted, “Rahul!! Wer r u guys, Anu, wer r u ?”
den we heard dem shout back from inside the house, “Yeah wait der we are coming with the emergency lamp, don’t worry abt d scream, niki shouted, she was just scared of darkness”
Rohit said, “divi, stay here , I’ll be right back”
I was like, “Rohit!!, wer r u going?, its so dark”
he replied, “dats OK, il go chk d inverter, u just stay here il be rite back”
I said, “OK”

I switched on d flash in my cell & shouted again, “Arohi!! Wer r u? Y is it taking so long??”
She shouted back, “just a second, coming!!!”
After a while, arohi,kiran,anu and rahul were back with the emergency lamp.
I askd, “what took u guys so long??”
Den anu was like, “actually, I don’t know we have a problem with d inverter, dattu went to check it”
Arohi was like , “who’s dattu?”
I and anu both said at a time, “servant!!” hehehe
Den we all sat in the hall with the emergency lamp , but I was all wet, so Anu gave me towel to dry myself.
Shraddha, Niki & rohit were missing though. I asked, “where did des 2 go?, shraddha and niki?”
Kiran replied, “who knows, both went somewhere to spend sometime alone let dem be na, hehehe”
Just den shraddha came.
Arohi asked, “hey niki was wid u rite? Wer’s she?”
Shraddha replied, “Yeah, but I got a cal & I was on it, I don’t know wer she went , I thought she was with u guys”
Arohi cald to Niki’s cell but it was on the centre table in the hall, she left it der , i was wondering wer dis gal was.

Just den power was back in the house, & dattu was back.. ufff finally !!!
Just den rohit also came, he was a bit surprised looking at me, I didn’t know y
Just after a while niki arrived, kiran asked, “hey where wer u, we wer searching for u & u left ur cell also here”
Niki replied, “actually, I was lost in the dark and i couldn’t find my way back to u guys”
Kiran was like, “R u dumb or what ?? haha. U could have shouted out to us rite , such a dumbo”
& everyone started laughing hahahahaha
She was like, “u only dumbo” and kept an annoying face but i could c i kinda evil grin in dat face, i wonder wat it was abt .. shes a mysterious grl
Rohit was sitting beside me, I asked, “ rohit!, where wer u for so long?”
he looked totally surprised or shocked or i don’t know wat dat expression of his actually mean, he looked at me first & looked at all others, den looked bak at me and said, “I went to check d problem with d inverter” & he was smiling, I must say actually blushing..
I was wondering was he still thinking about what happened on d terrace or wat?
den we all went changed our clothes, ready to sleep but where????

Anu told the servants to take care of that work, dey pulled d furniture to the corners and put some mattresses pillows and bedsheets for all of us
Now all started fighting for places , who’ll sleep beside who hehehe
Finally, after a lot of fuss, d order of sleeping was finalised LOLL
To the left most corner was rohit, to his right was kiran, den rahul, den arohi, me , shraddha & niki, Anu slept in her room only.
It was already too late, around 3 or 3:30 in d mrng, we were all tired, all just fell on d mattress & dozed off into deep sleep, I was also just about to dose off into sleep wen I heard rohit call out to me, he was calling me in a low voice, divi.. divi!!
I said, “yeah rohit ?”

All odrs wer like, “u both just sleep and let us sleep love birds uufffffff “ LOL
So, rohit texted me, “thank u soooooooooo much for evrythng my swt hrt, u made dis day d most special and lovely day, specially d last one a bang on surprise ”
I replied, “ I love u rohit, It was d most special day for me too”
He txtd bak, “but how did u come bak and sit wid all oders before me ??”
I was totally shocked, wat does it even mean, I was standing der d whole time, wen was i wid him !!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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  1. Thts stupid niki.y iz c coming bet ro n divs.i jst hate her.hw cn smon do dis wid her frn aftr knowing all thgs.divs shudnt hv invited her at all.c iz definitely planing smthg big.idiot gal

  2. Oh God!!! l’m absolutely disgusted with this Niki………
    How cheap and mean!!!!!

  3. So nikki ne kuch kiya chi how can she do like this to her friend god idiot yaar

  4. l wonder what she could’ve done with Ro???? feeling very odd.
    pls yaar don’t let her do anything worst…pls solve d matter before Ro leaves.

  5. Ohh…ROHIT…it was niki wid u..not Divya…… disgusted wid niki…hw can she do it….feeling bad 4 divi….!!!

  6. Nice epi di but u created a Suspense at last..I am sure Niki has done something..
    Divi is such a Sweetheart..How dis Niki can be jealous of her Friend..i just hate dis Niki..she doesn’t know d meaning of Friendship..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..thank u and take care ? di..

  7. Oh shit this niki is so mean…. what did she do god u created suspense again…pls update early want to know what actually she did

  8. Is something gng on btn Niki n Rohit?

  9. O_o what the holy crap?! I hope this misunderstanding gets cleared this night itself..

  10. Ahhhhh this niki is very disgusting, I’m sure she was the one who was with Rohit in dark…I hope divi find out about her soon, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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