Strangers (Part 45)


He held my hands and . . .
Said, “no, u shouldn’t use your hands to erase it ”
I was like, “ den how ?? ”
He still had dat evil grin on his face.
He replied, “erase it with your cheeks ” OMG !!
I was like , “what?”
He replied, “ common now, make it fast or I might be in the mood to do something else ”
I said, “no, no, I’ll do it ”
I went close to him & just wen my cheek was about to touch his, he kissed on my cheek …. ufffff
I said, “rohittt !!! ”
He was like, “ k , k ,now I won’t do anything, go on ” haha..
I smiled.
So I rubbed my cheeks against his and erased my lip marks finally thank god he was clean shaven haha..
Rohit was like, “over ? so soon ? ur cheeks are so soft, I feel like eating dem ” haha
I replied , “yeah, yeah, I know what all you’ll feel, now let’s go down”
He was like, “No way, not so soon, I want some more”
I said, “more of wat???”
He replied, “more of your strawberry pink lips”
I said, “OMG!! rohit, let’s go” I became red already.
He pulled me bak into a tight hug, very very close & said, “are you sure you don’t want dis?”
I was blushing and blushing and blushing………
I replied, “…no….” like I was saying yes
He said, “sure?” pulling me even closer
I said, “yes?” and his face was closer and closer & closer to mine ….
He held my face gently with his hand and his other hand was still on my waist not letting me go… I closed my eyes … and…
…and…. we kissed again & dis time it was a really long kiss…. I seriously had no idea how long, my cheeks became red, I was blushing so much dat I couldn’t look at rohit in the eye..
Rohit was like, “divi, I didn’t know you had so much stamina” & he started laughing
I said, “Aaaaahhhh rohit, Idiot u r too much”
Ro said, “I love you divi, I love you so much”
I replied, “I love you too ro” & he kissed me on my forehead
& just den the devil gang entered the terrace & Rahul was like, “wats going on between the love birds here ? huh ?”
Rohit was like, “whatever uve been expecting that only was going on here Rahul,Idiot”
All laughed & I blushed
We all started dancing , the music was still playing, but suddenly droplets of water fell on me, I gazed at the sky, It was all cloudy & was starting to rain.
Kiran said, “Now let’s go down all of us, Its going to rain”
All started heading down, and when I was about to follow suit, rohit held my hand & stopped me.
I said, “Rohit common let’s go down its raining, we’ll get all wet now, let’s go”
He shouted, “Kiran you all go down, we’ll be der in a few minutes”
Kiran was like, “haha got it, u guys carry on”
I was surprised, I didn’t know wat was going on, I had a question mark all over my face..
It started raining heavily, I was getting all wet, so I started running towards the stairs when rohit came and blocked my way
I said , “rohit, I’m getting drenched in rain common let’s .. “ & before I could complete my sentence he put his hand on my mouth to stop me talking !!!
He said, “sssshhhhhh stop divi…. u know I always had dis dream dat it’s raining… and rain droplets are falling from your forehead onto ur little nose and ur chubby cheeks onto ur s*xy pink lips” , he removed his hand. I felt like I was gonna die blushing
I was like, “rohit we both are totally wet already ”
Ro was like, “wait!!! der’s more … and den ur all wet, dat’s wen u look even more s*xy in ur wet curly hair like just now. I just wanted to see u dance , admire you till my eyes get tired luking at you”
We were both standing der still in d rain & he was just luking at me & I was luking at him and doing nothing else
I went close to him & I kissed the rain drops dat wer rolling down his clean shaven cheeks and said, “and dis is ur dream come true, let’s dance”. we were dancing in a totally romantic and passionate way.
This getting wet in the rain, dancing, being so close to each other was really so romantic, I was loving every moment of it
We danced & danced in the rain & when we stopped he hugged me from back, I was still feeling the jitters ..
He slowly moved my hair & kissed me on the neck & der was a short circuit in my mind, heart & whole body, my mind wasn’t working. I could feel the kiss on my neck in my whole body,dat one kiss gave me boose bumps all over, I closed my eyes so tight & then suddenly we heard a scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!!!! :0 :0

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  1. Ohhhhh…..hw romantic Bhgi! While reading dis i ws imaginig maself in da to hv a lovely date lyk disss! Plj update nxt prt soon.why m i feeling tht der ll b sm problem in all dis.wel all b sortd out aftr reading ur nxt update.

  2. kya huaaaa kaun gira something mysterious

  3. dont u find rohit lusty divi
    hope i am wrong

    1. dnt talk lyk dat abt rohit dnt use stupid language here

  4. I thnk its niki who screamd or his parents may b bak, so his frndz r signaling dem. . .

  5. Oh god what an update yaar i just loved it

  6. Ohhh..ab kya hogaya…
    Don’t ruin dis moment..
    let dem njoy dis in each others arm….!!!

  7. Aww so romantic…..loved it bhagi….love u …pls update next part soon

    1. i vl update aftr 1 month?

  8. Wow wat romantic episode….like a fantasy scene ? luvd it yaar
    …tanq bhgi

  9. Uff. So romantic. Bhgi u r an exceptional writer. First rohit’s surprise in farm house n nw divi’s surprise. If anyone needs ideas they can take from ur story. Superb. Nw what happened. Update soon. Can’t wait. Plz.

  10. What after 1 month. Are u serious. Bhgi plz dont do this

  11. yep m serious am vry busy wid my brothers marriage so i cnt update soon

  12. Awesome episode Bhgi, it’s really very good,keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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