Strangers (Part 44)


Den we went inside the house into the hall where there was another surprise. I made a short movie for him which started with pics of his first footsteps, his first day at school, his first dance, den his college and our first pic together, our first dance together & den all gangs pics, d special moments we shared, the crazyness, the insanity we shared everything in one movie, which ended with a love song i sung for him ; I could see dat glow of happiness on his face, he was so happy ,emotional, that love for me in his eyes, I can do just anything to have it all for myself.. .. & actually when I looked around everyone also was very emotional cos we were so attached & close, i was emotional too, i dint know how would i manage widout him here, im gonna miss him soooo much
And den Rohit was about to say something wen I stopped him and said, “wait.. der’s more”… I brought a watch for him. I said, “Whenever u look at dis watch, whenever u want to check d time, it will remind u of the time V spent together.., dis will remind me of you”
I said,”look at the back of d watch”, it had our pic together, it was a customised watch
He was like, “wer do u get these crazy ideas from idiot”
I replied, “no one will know this except u , u can luk at it wenevr you wish to”
He smiled like a cute little boy who got the gift he wished for , i fall in luv wid dat smile everytime
Next was a hand kerchief & a sweater on which I stitched rohits name, whenever u wear dis sweater and keep dis kerchief in ur pocket, remember der’s someone here who loves u dear”. Den der was this card, I gave it to him & told him to open it.
The front cover of the card its painted you, & when he kept on opening it, it had pictures of all of us & finally when he opened it completely, one side there were all different pictures of us & our gang & the other side its rohits poster & in corner u divya..
I said, “U can carry it anywhere with u so u’l never miss us, miss me, we’ll always be with U”
Rohit was about to say something again, & I stopped him again, I said, “ders more…”
He was like, ”wat could be more than this”
We all went into the lawn, looking at the decoration, those lights & all rohit was so sooo soooo surprised, Now it was turn of the balloons, I said , “a heart beats 72 times in a min & every time my heart beats, it is for U ” & I gave him 72 heart balloons for every time my heart beats ..
For d first time I saw tears in rohits eyes, his eyes became moist, he was very very happy i knew dat
he was like, “I’ve never seen any gf do so much for her bf or lover, divi u are d dream ive always dreamt of & my dream finally came true, now I believe in dreams , dey do come true . Then he paused nd said hey, we are officially still not committed, are we ?? I know wat he was waiting for, I had an answer for that too
I said, “just wait”
He was like, “i think u have planned all d surprises of my life in one day”
I smiled
I went in & bought d cake & told him here is your answer.
He looked at it, it was written in bold letters “I LOVE YOU ROHIT”
I said, “dis is my answer, yes we are officially committed”
He hugged me & said, “I love you like hell divi, u r d best gf anyone can ever have”
I was filled with joy & happiness . der was no limit to my happiness, his happiness made me happy.
The joy, the happiness & the satisfaction u feel, when u c dat d person u love is happy bcos of u, nothing in dis world will mean more than that, that feeling is just priceless.
I was so so happy, I never knew until now that rohit mattered to me more than myself. I loved him so much. I just pray to god that may this love & happiness stay forever dis way.
In between all of dis suddenly Rahul was like, “I’m hungry common lets have dinner”, their housemaid arranged dinner in d lawn, dat was d moment of anxiety for me, I didn’t know if rohit will like it or not. All just started eating wen niki said, “Rohit, did you know who prepared d dinner.???”
He was like, “who.?”
She said, “divya cooked all dis everything herself”
He was like, “ wow !!! really?? You did all dis for me?, let me taste it den”
He tasted everything but der was no reaction in his face.
I started to think he may be he didn’t like the food, may be it was bad idea, I became dull & den arohi asked, ”rohit, how is everything, you liked the food.?”
Rohit replied, “ Actually…. mmmm…. No… its not gud, i dint like it much, but il eat cos divi made it”
Oh no!!! How could it be so bad, if not good it should’ve been OK atleast, I became so sad and I was disappointed wid myself
Arohi was like, “Rohit, divi cooked all these specially for you, how can dey taste bad!”
Rohit replies-“No, the food is really bad, its not just eatable”
Dis was the thing dat spoiled everything in my mind, I wanted everything to be just perfect but I ruined it, tears started rolling down my cheeks, I couldn’t stop myself from crying, I didn’t want everyone to see me cry like a baby, so I started towards the house, wen rohit held my hand & pulled me back
He asked me, “what hapnd?”
I replied, “I wanted your surprise to be perfect, I ruined everything” & I was crying like a baby
He was like, “ I was just kidding baby, the food is just awesome, u know na I like irritating u alot”
I said, “what? Idiot, I thought I spoiled everything”
Suddenly he put his hand on my mouth & said, “Sshhh stop, statue, u can’t move till i tell u to”
I was in statue now
He wiped my tears, & said, “all of u lose ur eyes for a minute” and den He wiped my tears & said “all of u close your eyes for a minute “ & den
I was like wats going on (inside my head ) everyone acted like they closed their eyes, I knew dey didn’t , dey were watching
Rohit kissed me on both my eyes & cheeks & said,
“dis is the last time you cried, I never want to c tears in your eyes & I don’t want those tears to spoil ur chubby cheeks which turn pink when I kiss U”…
Den he said, “now u all can stop acting as if you ppl aren’t looking” hehehee
I was so happy & everyone was happy as well, the atmosphere was so pleasant & filled with happiness but Niki was so irritated by all this, it was showing on her face !!! I don’t understand y doesn’t she feel happy in her friend’s happiness & enjoy with us, she created this awkwardness between me & her, I don’t know how to get everything back to normal between us…
We all had our dinner & Rahul was like, “ Divz, I didn’t know u can cook so good, I was really scared to eat in the beginning but d food is so yum, good work with everything “.
I replied, “thank u Rahul ^_^”
Till now everything I planned went very well, but the last surprise was still der & I was very nervous, anxious & tensed about it 😐 😐
Kiran started the music, all started dancing, this time around kiran & rahul were dancing much better than the last time hehe , but I wasn’t dancing, I just stood there in a corner buried in nervousness.
Arohi came & asked, “ divi, you are not dancing!! How is dat possible ?? now tell me wats going on in ur mind ? y r u so tensed ? “
I told her about my last surprise & she was like,
“OMG!!! Really??? , u r too much divi , hahaha , and don’t worry, just bring out the devil in you for few moments and ul rock it babe, now go for it “
I was like, “hmmm yeah, OK”
I went inside & looked at myself in the mirror, I was looking pretty good, but I was wondering should I put on my gloss on or not …. yes or no, yes or no ……… Aaaaahhhhhh 😐 😐 , dis is really very difficult , but how come its so easy in the movies damn !!!
I didn’t know wat to do, so I texted arohi, she texted back, “go for it put it on swt hrt ” & I did
I looked at myself in the mirror again, den I came into the lawn, danced with dem for a while & den I went to rohit & whispered in his ears,
“come lets go up to the terrace, just the 2 of us”
Rohit was like, “don’t tell me you have one more surprise for me”
I nodded my head indicating yes, he smiled & then he held my hand & we ran up to the terrace, der was nothing der.
he was like, “wer is my surprise ?”
I said, “don’t worry, It won’t go anywhere “
Arohi changed the music to slow & romantic, It was just the 2 of us on the terrace, under the moonlight, twinkling stars and the cold air touching us & passing away….. giving me the chills ,
It was so romantic just like in the movies, but it’s definitely not dat easy as they show it , it is indeed very difficult to actually get the courage to give ur 1st kiss!!
I went near Rohit, I kept my hands around his shoulders & he locked his arms around my waist, we were lost in each others eyes & were dancing to the slow music & now….
….. it was finally time to get the devil out 😐 😐 😐
I suddenly pulled him closer by his neck, he was pleasantly surprised, den he pulled me even closer by my waist, we were locked in a hug so tight , our faces were so close , I kissed him on his cheek, he was surprised again & just when he was about to say something, I kissed him on the other cheek
Rohit was like, “Is this happening for real! U kissed me and I didn’t have to plead U for dat ?”
I said, “yeah, dis is happening for real ro”
He smiled …. we were still very close… &
ro said, “den I guess the last surprise is….. ”
I said, “yes… it is…”
Our lips were just few millimetres apart , my heart was pounding rapidly, I could hear his heartbeat, his breath touched my neck…. it gave jitters,:| der were sparkles, crackers, butterflies all together at a time in my stomach, we were moving closer and closer and closer , we were so close dat d air also couldn’t come between us……….. ……………… ………………
I closed my eyes And my lips touched his and I kissed him, we had our 1st kiss under the moon, stars & the cold winds, we had the most romantic 1st kiss I ever imagined
It was a short & sweet kiss, my eyes were still closed even after we moved away, we were still locked in a hug, not willing to let go of each other, not yet , I was feeling so shy to look at rohit, I didn’t want to open my eyes, when rohit said, “divi, look at you, your cheeks became pink , hahaha your blushing”
I opened my eyes & was smiling like an idiot still blushing , ro was looking at me in a very romantic, I must say rather seductive way OMG!!!
I said ,
“rohit , please don’t look at me like dat, I feel butterflies in my stomach when you do dat”
Ro said,
“divi, really dis was the best gift & d best surprise of my life, I love u so much”
I replied, “I love you too ro “ & suddenly I notice dat der were my lip marks on rohits cheeks. I said, “ Oh no, rohit your cheeks have lip marks on them, let me wipe it off & I was just about to wipe those marks with my hands, when he held my hands and stopped me,
i said, “wat??”
he was like,” no, u shudnt wipe dem away wid ur hands”
i said,”den wat?
der was an evil grinn on his face ….. ( i wonder wat he has in his mind :P)

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