Strangers (Part 43)

Kiran was like, “now im going to give you the news which will be the icing on the cake”
I said, “ what? Do you know the place? You know where we could do all this?”
He replied, “yeah, I wish, with rohit’s mom in the house, how do you expect me to do all this and none of us would be comfortable enough to have fun when she is around”
He smiled and said, “ that’s the big news, rohit’s mom and dad are going out of station for 2 days, they’re leaving tomorrow afternoon, we’ll have the whole house for ourselves”
I was like, “what???? OMG!!!!!!! You gave me the best news, just perfect timing, aaaaaaaawwwwww I love you for this kiran, you are my besty “
Kiran was like, “of course, im too good I know, hehehehehe”
Rahul was smiling
And I and arohi hugged each other and we were jumping. It was like a grioup of mad people having fun together.
I said, “but we have very less time to do all this at his house na, we have to get everything ready till night and I have to cook too”
All of them except arohi were like, “what? You are cooking the dinner?”
I was like, “yeah, common guys, I know cooking ok, now don’t give such an absurd reaction”
Arohi came to my rescue, she said , “ yeah guys, I know she cooks pretty good, nothing to worry about that lol”
So everything was decided, planned well but I just hope it gets exexcuted successfully!!!!!!
After all it was a surprise party, we needed some lights and decoration and stuff to decorate the house, we thought we’ll organize everything in the lawn, it would just be perfect, I told kiran and rahul to help me cos I knew time wasn’t sufficient and I couldn’t do everything on my own, so I told them to decorate the lawn with lights and stuff , arohi was gonna stay with me and help me with cooking and plan everything else, but there were 2 more things I needed to get. So I cald up shraddha and niki and told them about the surprise party and also gave them some work to do, I told them to get the cake I ordered and also the heart shaped balloons
All of them went home in the night, but I was feeling very nervous I dint know why, may be bcos I wanted everything to be perfect or may be cos of that special moment which is the best part of the surprise , it made me really nervous
Arohi knew i would be very nervous and tensed for the surprise, she came home in the morning and I really forgot to select what I was going to wear that nite, how could I even forget that, I never forget these things , I forget everything when I think about rohit, god!!! Im so in love . so I and arohi we digged and digged deeper into my wardrobe and finally found the perfect dress, my brand new frock which was a gift from my cousin in the U.S., I actually was saving it for my birthday but now, everything I do for rohit is more important for me than anything about myself . that frock was just perfect for the occasion!!!
I matched all the accessories, shoes, everything according to my dress , this was something that actually brought down my nervousness a little
I told my mom it was a surprise party for a friend and I was cooking, so everything was fine at home. I , arohi and mom we kept everything ready whatever was needed for me to cook the dinner and I was waiting for the moment when rohit’s parents would leave, I told kiran to stay at rohit’s place and tell me they leave. Finally kiran cald, “divs, they left just now”
I replied, “wow!!! Yes, yes, yes “
He was like, “don’t do this infront of rohit divs lol”
I said, “oh yeah, hehehe, so now, you be on your work and call rahul also and keep me updated about everything alrite!! Nothing should go wrong or il kick ur ass, understand”
He replied, “yes chief, lol, this is like some secret mission and you are the commander in chief lol lol “
I said, “very funny, now go get to work or il court marshall you , idiot”
He was like, “yeah yeah , bye”
Kiran sent off rohit somewhere out with his other friends.
I cald shraddha and arohi and told them also to keep me updated. Anu and their maids also were helping in the decoration thing and stuff, every minute was like a ticking clock for me, I was filled with anxiety, nervousness and all mixed feelings.
I started cooking , of course with my moms help, after some time shraddha and niki cald they told they’ve picked up what I ordered and were headed to rohits house
Kiran also cald and told me that half the decoration was complete and we still had time. It was 6:30 p.m. when the dinner was ready and we packed the food in hot boxes. Uffffffff its hell of a task , looks easy but its not that easy but I like doing it cos its for my seet heart rohit
I was a little tired, it was showing on my face, but I had to buck up. So ,I and arohi got freshened up and started getting ready, after all I had to look pretty that day
We both were ready, arohi was looking really pretty, I was also ready in my gorgeous black frock
Arohi was like ,”divi, rohit will go nuts today, you look so damn gorgeous and s*xy in black “
Rohit was still out, I and arohi reached rohit’s home in my car. It was a sleepover too actually, I told my mom id be home tomorrow.
We went in, everything was perfect as planned and to my surprise there was music too with high sound system, this was a surprise for me from arohi, rahul and kiran . kiran and rahul saw me and they were like,”divs , is this you only?, you are looking … looking… s*xy, you look like a girl divs finally” hehehe
I said, “haha, idiot, now lets get everything ready”
We got everything ready and it was 8:30p.m. already, now it was time to get rohit to his home, kiran told him to wait somewhere nearby, so kiran went and both came home.
I slowly went from behind and tied a cloth around rohit’s eyes and blindfolded him, now I took him to the main door where was my 1st surprise on the wall, it was a wooden carving with mine and rohit’s name engraved on it, I untied the cloth from his eyes, he looked at it, I said”read it rohit”
He read it, “Mr.Rohit and Mrs. Divya rohit” , the expression on his face looking at it , the happiness, that smile, that glow in his eyes was worth all this, I could just do anything to see that in his eyes and bring that smile on his face
Rohit said, “wow!!! Divi, I … I … “ he was stumbling with his words, he said, “I love you so much”
I said, “this will be infront of our main door after we get married “
Rohit was like, “hmmm I don’t quite know about that now but you are looking sooo gorgeous and s*xy divi” nad he kissed me on my cheek infront of everyone .. I was blushing soooooo much I turns pink already
All were like, “dint we tell you “ but something was burning somewhere, I guess it was niki, I could smell her burning with jealousy
Then we went inside the house into the hall where was another surprise waiting fro rohit .

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  1. Wow bhagi loved it… u … cutely she planned everything …..but why he said he dont no now about getting married

    1. i didnt get u kirti ab

  2. Awwww l loved it ….it’s Fab,Amusing & so on..
    thank u so much Bhgi di as u care for us & don’t ever think that u’ve not much fan, may be most of ur fans r silent readers…….y’day l was distrought & just couldn’t sleep……….
    but u make my day unique today………….stay blessed…….u just cant’ leave us coz u love us!!!!!!.. and Yeah don’t be Sry coz we understand u………….

  3. Bhgi in this time if rohit mom is there na it should be a big plm ha ha ha

  4. Thank u so much di for updating..u dont know how much happy i am right now..i was waiting..thank u..
    Oh oh Div u r Super Awesome..ur planning was Superb…and u cooked too..The First surprise ? too was Superb ..i am waiting for next Surprise yaar..eagerly..can’t wait now..
    I still can’t believe this Ro and Niki yaar..dont know what they gonna do..i am waiting for next part eagerly..
    Thank u so much di and take care ? ❤ u loads…

  5. I jest lovd it….update nxt soon

  6. Oh god thanx yaar !! U came back with ur story !! Hey ur story is quite amusing fab !!!

  7. Hi Bhgi dear, it’s superb, awesome episode, divi is totally in love with Rohit…all these preparations and surprise very cute…loving this friendship bond with all the friends. ….divi is sooo lucky. …keep it up buddyyy….i m glad you came back, I was so sad after reading your comment y’day ….love you loads and very tight hug, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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