Strangers (Part 42)

Part 42
Rohits mom opened the door and the first thing she said, “what are you doing here? .. with kiran? .. at this time?” (it was around 7 in d evng)
I was totally numb, words weren’t coming out of my mouth …
Thankfully, kiran spoke, he said, “ actually we are planning …
Kiran was about to tell her about the surprise and I dint want that to happen cos there was every chance she ruined it, just when he was about to complete the sentence I pulled him by his hand and stopped him .. he understood what I meant
Oh no!!!! rohit’s mom looked at me like it was a sin that I touched kiran omg!!!!!
She said to me,”you shouldn’t be roaming outside at this time with … (she paused) .. with friends or whoever, and rohits not home too, don’t you know that?”
Kiran jumped in again, he said, “we know aunty, actually we needed some project papers and stuff, he told he kept them at home and told us to take them “
She was like, “yeah, k, finish your work fast and go home both of you” but she was looking at me while saying this.
She said again, “how did you both come by the way?”
Kiran said,” we came in my car aunty”
She was like, “hmmmm its better to hear that atleast, go home soon” and she went inside.
OMG!!!!! What was that? It really felt like we were in a court, she was the judge, kiran was my lawyer and I was the culprit … too much of stress ufff!!!!
We quickly went to rohits room where anu was already waiting for us, she showed me all the pics, actually I loved them all, but I chose the best of dem and we were about to leave when I thought ma be some videos would be nice for what I was thinking.
So I asked anu and she was like, “just give me 5 minutes”
She was back in 5 minutes with some videos of rohit, I thanked her and we left from there before rohits mom created another trouble, but the way she looked at me and talked all that, it really made me feel very bad, I don’t know why does she look down on me all the time,, I just don’t like being around her, its a lot of negative energy around me.
We came back home, but I was still thinking about rohits mom and her weird behavior towards me, obviously I was upset and dull, but then what if she told that we were ther to rohit
I said, “kiran, what if rohits mom told him that we came by?”
He replied, “don’t worry anu will manage all that”
But I was still upset about all that, my face looked like the sad smiley , kiran was trying to cheer me up but it just wasn’t getting out of my head.
Suddenly kiran said, “hmmmm, I have something that might just bring the smile back on your face”
I said, “what is that??”
He opened a video in his cell, aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the video of our 1st dance, mine and rohits at rohits farm house
Looking at that I forgot all that happened and I was so happy, I hugged kiran and said, “thank you so much for this and everything else too, thank you”
He replied, “yeah , yeah, that’s ok, don’t act all girly now, remember you are a boy” he started laughing hahaha, he was kidding obviously!!
I kicked him one and said, “I am not a boy, im a girl, idiot, you are mad ” I laughed it off too
He replied, “oh, so you are a girl? Till now I was thinking you are a boy, actually sometimes you are a boy and sometimes you are a girl”
I was like, “kiran .. what are you talking, are you gone mad ?”
He replied, “no, listen il explain, it’s a little difficult to explain but il try my best to……… hmmmmm….. k.. you are a girl when your blushing for sweet little things rohit does for you, you are a girl when you care for all your friends and you’re the best friend of everyone, you are a girl when you are sensitive for things like just now ,you are a girl when you become all childish like a little baby, that’s the cutest part and you are the most loving girl when your planning all these surprises for rohit “
I was totally awestruck at his words, listening to what he was saying about me my mouth fell open and I was in shock and surprise both, but this was the good part, I was thinking what would be in the next part he’s gonna say, but I was still blushing
He paused and started again, “hmmm .. now comes the boy part .. you are a boy when you don’t act all girly and join us in our stupid conversations and talk like a boy too , you are a boy all the time actually in a good way .. you are so energetic and enthusiastic, you bring in the energy in our gang, you are a boy when you don’t get sensitive, take things lite and in the rite spirit and and lastly this ones my favourite, you are a boy when you start scolding all of us for messing up things and you act like the commander in chief “ lol , “I love the way you scold its so boyish and cute” he
laughed ,”hahahahaha”
This was something I totally did not expect from kiran, I mean he knows a lot about me but this much? And that too he said it
I had all mixed expressions on my face, I actually dint understand what he’s exact point was, was he saying im a crazy ,good and funny person or was he saying that I was more a boy and less like a girl or was he saying stop acting like a boy now or what else???????? But I knew whatever it was nothing was negative about me hehehe
He was like, “why does your face have so many confused expressions?”
I said, “I dint understand your praising me or critisising me kiran” hehe
He was like, “dumbo, im neither praising you nor critisising you, I just said what and how you are, you are just perfect the way you are, so don’t ever change yourself for nyone, let anyone think anything about you, you know what you are and the people who love you know what you are, so stay this way forever, got it idiot??””
Aaaaaawwww such a good friend he is, really I became a little emotional and my eyes became moist, he really did consider me his best and closest friend.
He was like, “now forget everything and cheer up my boy”
Lol we laughed again hehehehe .
We dint really notice it was 9 already, kiran said, “oh, its late , I gotta go divs”
Just then sonu came in, he said, “where are you going?, mom cald you both down for dinner, common come down you both besties”
His face kinda had this jealous expression lol
I said, “you are my besty too sonu, you both are my besties we’re all a group”
We all smiled
And mom was shouting from kitchen, “come down all of you now!!!!!!!”
OMG!!!!!!! This was a warning call hehehe
So it was time we went down after that warning call , food was ready on the dining table.
I asked mom when was dad coming home, she replied, “he’ll have his dinner out only and will be late, you know his work na”
So we 3 and mom, we all sat together and were having our dinner,
Kiran was like, “aunty , the food is so tasty, everything is so yummy”
Mom replied, “thank you beta, divya also cooks really nice”
Kiran was like,” what??? She cooks also??? Divya!! So finally you are a girl huh??? Hahahaha”
He started laughing
Oh no!!!!!!! my mom started again, “what? She’s acting all boyish again??? I told her any times this thing …..” (she was about to start a lecture)
Kiran stopped her, “no aunty, I was just kidding, she is really a very good girl”
Uffffffff!!!!!!! Saved!!!!!!!! Hehe
Kiran is a really good person and has become one of my closest friends, he is good at heart, always speaks the truth, cares for his friends and is always helpful, only people who are close to him will get to know about him, people who aren’t close to him think hhe’s mean or proudish or whatever. He is actually a gud guy who wants to be bad lol
We all had our dinner chit chatting and then kiran went home. It was 10:30 pm already and I had a lot to do with those pics and videos, I sat infront of the system editing, removing, adding things and stuff and when I finally thought it was almost done, I looked at the clock, it was 2:30 a.m. OMG!!!!!!! I turned off the system and jumped on the bed and took my cell, it had 5 misd calls and 3 msgs all from rohit, actually he wanted to see me and was missing me. He dint know anything about my surprise, I decided to let him feel a little ignored before the big surprise I went off to sleep.
Next day morning it was kiran and arohi who woke me up. I was so surprised to see arohi, kiran knew about my surprise but what is she doing here
I said, “arohi, what are you doing here?”
She hit me on the head and said, “why didn’t you tell me about the surprise? idiot “
Oh no!!!!! I looked at kiran angrily.
He was like,”what? Rahul asked me yesterday, I dint know what to say, so I told him and he tols arohi”
I said, “yeah, perfect!!! Now go tell rohit also, dumbo”
Arohi was still looking at me angrily.
I said,”arohi, actually I wanted it to be a surprise for you too, I mean I dint want anyone to know, that’s why I dint tell you, im sorry”
She was like,”you better be sorry and don’t you dare do things like this again or il kill you”
I said, “ok, never again, il tell you everything even if im planning a surprise for you also hehehehe”
She was like, “hahaha no, except when the surprise is for me, everything else you need to tell me idiot, understood?”
I said “ok, understood”
So I told both of them what all I have in my mind, they both listened in amusement and when I completed telling them , arohi was like, “awesome divi”
And kiran was like “yeah, its good”
I showed them what I did with those pics and videos, they both liked it very much, kiran gave me an idea to add an extra element to itbut I was a little hesitant to but then arohi also insisted that it would be nice if I added that, so after a little preparation, I added it and it was ready
Arohi and kiran were at my home already and rahul arrived too, he was like, “sorry divs I came uninvited, I was so curious to know about the surprise “
I said, “nah, that’s ok, but please don’t let shraddha and niki know about all this, that’s the last thing on earth I’d wish for , can you guys please keep your mouths shut infront of them and try not to leak this out even by mistake”
They were like, “ok, we’ll not, we swear”
Just then sonu entered my rrom and he also had to know everything now, so we told him everything about the surprise and he was like, “my jiju is really very lucky” and all of them were like, “offooo, divi, jiju .. huh”
I couldn’t do anything but blush
The things I ordered online finally arrived,, I dint want mom to know any of this, the delivery fellow cald me to confirm the address and said he would be here in 10 minutes. So I told sonu to go downstairs, wait outside, I gave money to pay that guy and take all those things and come back without mom noticing and he did exactly as I said. My sweet little brother . I love him so much . He brought them to my room and I started working on improvisations I was gonna do on them, arohi wanted to help but I wanted to do everything myself for rohit, I was being a little selfish
It was aftnun and we decided we all will go have our lunch outside, I took sonu along too ,we were out having lunch when rohit cald, I wanted to talk but my plan was to ignore him so I dint answer the call. Then he cald kiran, kiran was like what do I say now? , you know im not that good at lieing …
I said,” kiran, if you cant lie, please don’t answer the call”
He was like ,” hahaha, ok”
So he dint answer the call. Then rohit cald rahul, rahul answered and said that he was out with some of his friends and stuff…
Then rohit cald arohi to ask about me
She told him that I was little busy with some work, rohit was missing me bad nd I was enjoying that
Then from there we went to buy some other stuff for rohit and order something else too , then we went to a photo studio where I needed to collect some other pics which were meant for something creative , we went home all of us and I started doing the thing with the photos and arohi and kiran helped me a little in doing it or it would have taken a hell lot of time… so finally this was also complete and it seems im almost ready to give him the surprise but suddenly I remembered something
I said, “oh no!!!!!! where will I plan all this? We need a place to do all this, to give him this surprise”
Kiran was like, “now im going to give you the news which will be the icing on your cake “

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