Strangers (Part 41)


Part 41
I said , “rohit, don’t you dare compare me with her or anyone else, I told you this so many times”
He said, “whatever”
I replied, “what do you mean by whatever??”
Rohit said, “I don’t know, I don’t want anyone else to make you feel special, I cant afford to lose you”
I replied, “rohit, you will not lose me ever, im divya, not your ex, please stop comparing me to her and stop living in your past, you have to leave it behind and move on!! For god’s sake please!! Your past is destroying our present, do you understand that?”
He did not speak anything..
I said again, “I want you to realize that just because someone from your past was bad or they did something wrong to you doesn’t mean everyone else is like that or everyone else is going to do the same and specially not me, im here for you, with you always, I wont leave you ever, unless you want me to”
He replied, “divi, don’t even think that, I would never ever want you to leave me”
I said, ”then stop being such a jerk rhit, whats it with you all the time? Enough of all this, you better stop behaving like this or I will start hating you”
He replied, “I know, really, im such a jerk!! I let my past come between you and me all the time, but believe me I want to let it go but I cant do it alone, I need your help and I want you to give me some time for it too, im sorry”
I said, “rohit, im ready to help you overcome this and also give time to it, you know I want to be with you and I am serious about it, otherwise I wouldn’t hang around for so long, you know I love you, but I can only help you if you want to let it go, if not for you, for us please!!!!”
Rohit replied, “yes divi, I want to let it all go, and I want to change, im really very sorry, you had to go through this all the time because of me, im sorry”, rohit became a bit emotional, I knew he meant what he said.
I said, “that’s ok rohit, lets just forget it, do you still want to know who sent that bouquet and all?”
He was like, “no, not necessary, im happy as long as you are mine”
I said, “I love this rohit more than the jerk version of you”
We both laughed it off!!! Uuuuuuufff finally rohit got some sense into his head.
I said, “finally thank god!!”
He laughed and said, “what would I have done without you divi, you are such a sweet heart, you complete me”
I said, “yeah , all this is fine, but please be like this only, don’t turn into a jerk now and then”
He replied, “yeah, k, I will not, I promise you baby”
Alas!!!!! Alls fine, atleast I think so
Rohit and I have only few days left to spend together,he’s leaving to new York for his MS, I don’t know how will it be after he’s gone, the thought itself is really scary!!!!
I want us to have the most memorable moments of our lives before he leaves to new York but I just don’t know how to make it special, we both dint realize how much less time we have , I started getting worried, it has been 4 months that we knew each other but it seems like just a few days to me and frankly I don’t want him to go, im not ready to let go of him, I mean everything I do, everywhere I see, all I remember is him. Im so addicted to him, I don’t know what im gonna do after hes gone, that very thought is very scary to me
But he has to go, I know that!!! I dint know what to do but I wanted to do one thing for sure, I wanted to show him how special he was to me and that I loved him soo much. I know I dint want to confess this but im only fooling myself with that cos my heart knows that I love him like hell.
I cald kiran, I wanted to plan a surprise for rohit before he leaves, that would make him fall in love with me all over again, kirans cell was ringing…. Ringing … ringing …
He answered, “hey divs”
I said, “hey, kiran, wass up?”
He replied, “so, you don’t know yet? no one told you?”
I dint understand what he was talking about, I said, “I don’t know what?”
He said, “hahahaha, that’s ok, il do the honour of telling you the big news, sowrajyam is getting married next week!!!!”
I was like, “what???, when did this happen?? And what is there to laugh so much about it?”
He replied, “we got the invitations just yesterday, you might be getting it today I guess, she told she’l call you though”, and he started laughing again
I said, “kiran, will you stop laughing and tell me whats so funny?”
He replied, “wait till you get the invitation, but remember he first thing to do when you get it is look at the groom’s name” he started off again
I said, “why what happened? Whats wrong with the name? tell me?”
He was like no way, im not telling, you need to look at it and lugh yourself , I guarantee you , youl go mad laughing hahahahaha and he ended our call.
Next day I got the invitation by post, invite card was really pretty and now the names, I quickly went to the names, it was “” pingali sowbhagya lakshmi weds panganama santana murthi”” omg!!! Omg!!! Hahahahahahaha .. wat kind of names are these, I burst out laughing like hell, it was so funny and their names are rhyming too lol lol , seriously it couldn’t get more funny !!!
I instantly cald kiran, he answered, he dint even say hello, his first words were, ‘did you get the invite”
I said, “yes, I got it, I saw the names” and we both started laughing like crazy insane people, literally we lsughed for 10 minutes, he was laughing on that side and I was laughing on this side OMG!!! If I stop laughing , he starts again and if he stops I start again, this lasted for 10 long minutes when finally our stomaches started aching and we had to stop laughing
It was so damn funny, I loved laughing like that hahaha!!! We both are totally crazy lol. We were still on acll mad ppl. Then after few moments of gasping for breath and silence, he said, “did you see the date?”
I said, “no, I couldn’t notice anything else but the names haha”
He replied, “its exactly today next week and we all are staying at her village for the whole of next week”
That means after we get back, there will be hardly anytime left for me to plan a surprise for rohit
I said, “is it necessary that we stay the whole of next week?”
Kiran was like, “of course, yeah, why would you want to miss such a good opportunity to spend 1 whole week with all of us there? , it’ll be fun”
I said doubtfully, “mmmm”
He replied, “all have unanimously decided to stay there for a week after marriage, so you start packing now, I know you’l take ages to decide on what you’re gonna where when”
I said, “actually, no, I have more important things to do, and I was thinking may be you could help me”
Kiran replied, “hmmm I can help but it will cost you very heavy hahaha”
I said, “very funny, but you have to help me, im planning a surprise for rohit and I have really really less time for this”
He was like,”oh!! So that’s the matter, that is what I was wonering, you would always be ready for travelling and trips and stuff, what got into you suddenly”
I said, “so now you know “
He replied, “k, shoot, wat do you want me to do??”
I said, “1st thing you got to do is go to rohit’s house, get the best of his pictures and stuff from there without him knowing this k”
He replied,” whoa, that’s a task to complete, till when do you want those pics?”
I replied, “today evening or max tonite”
He was like, “are you kidding me?? How would I get them without him knowing? That too today?”
I said, “please kiran, please please please, ypu have to do this for me”
Then he was like, ‘fine, il do something, bye now”
I said, “k, bye “
Then for his surprise, I had a little work online, ordering some stuff, but It was for him, so I had to select everything perfectly, everything had to be just perfect, I dint want anything to go wrong with this surprise I was doing all this stuff and it was evening already!!
Then I was thinking wat else can I do to make this even special from my side apart from a very special very special moment I planned for us , suddenly an idea striked in my head and the door bell rang, I ran down and opened the door, it was kiran, he brought the pics yes yes yes
He said hello to my mom and sonu who were in the hall, then we went up to my room and… and… he brought very few pics and I wasn’t happy with the ones he chose.
I said, ‘that’s it?? No!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted more pics and different and special ones, these pics wont do, go and get other ones too”
He looked at me in a very annoying way and said, “no way!! Im not going again and getting stuff, I don’t know what you want, its better you go and get them yourself”
I replied, “im scared of rohits mom kiran, please go na”
Kiran was like, “k, we both will go then, u choose the pics yourself and well come back alrite?”
I said, “yeah” and asked again , “what about rohit?”
He replied, “don’t worry he is out with rahul and wont be back till I want him to “
Hahaha I said, “aaaawww kiran, thank you so much”
Then we both went to rohits house and the thing I was most scared of happened, rohits mom opened the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am waiting for the Ro’s changes in behaviour…
    Awww..i like Div so much she understands him very well and she is so sweet ? preparing for the Surprise ? haa..i am waiting for that ..
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    Waiting for next part..update soon..take care ? di..
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  4. Divi hw understanding. Rohit u r lucky to hav her. Plz dont loose her with ur stupid thoughts. Planning surprise. Waiting for divi and her future MIL encounter.

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  6. Awesome episode Bhgi, keep it up, love you loads and very tight hug

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