Strangers (Part 40)


Part 40
And just when I thought I was going to have my first kiss, the sound of the horn of the car behind us was so loud, it spoiled everything, that car was parked behind us, he wanted us to move our car, so we moved away which is but quiet obvious, and rohit had to leave me, what a spoiler
Rohit was like, “what a marvelous timing this idiot has”
He was so disappointed that we dint kiss hahaha, I laughed
Then he said, “this time you missed, you wont have that chance the next time, I wont leave you”
I said, “yeah , yeah, we’ll see”
He was like, “no, you wont, I guess your eyes will be closed that time”
OMG!!!!!! He’s such an idiot, I said, “rohit!!! Stop it now, your making me blush like hell” and I looked away, I have this habit of looking away when im shy or when im sad or when I don’t want the other person to notice what im felling that time, I cant look in the eye.
Rohit said, “you look so cute when your shy divi”
I replied, “rohit, you know me na, so please lets go” , he knew I was blushing
He said, “yeah, ok”
Then we left from there, had our dinner and he dropped me home aaawww what a lovely evening after such a long time !!! I felt so good spending all this time with rohit, its always good when you patch up after a fight, it means you both value your relation more than anything I went to bed smiling and feeling loved

The next morning I go down and im surprised to see another bouquet for me in the hall, again no name, but it said, “happy recovery” that’s all !!! well I knew it must again be some prank of our friends aonly, so I chose to ignore about the person who send but I felt happy though
But my mom started at me again, “divya, what is this? A bouquet again? What’s going on ? do you like someone?”
Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! The question I was avoiding ever since rohit happened to me, I was dumbstruck, I dint know what to say, my face was just blank, I dint have any expression on my face
This made my mom even more suspicious, she came closer to me and asked again, “do you really like someone??”
I was stumbling with my words, just when I was about to say something, sonu came to my rescue
Sonu said, “come on mom, don’t you know di , for her to like some guy means he has to be extraordinary”
Mom was like, “yeah, so true, I don’t know how will I find a guy for this girl to get married, uuuuuufff!!!!!” and she went into the kitchen muttering something else about my marriage and stuff.
Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saved!!!!!!!!
I said, “sonu, you are a life saver” hahaha
He replied, “im your brother and your best friend too di” and we hugged
My mom came out again and she was like, “you both are just impossible, one moment you fight like the greatest enemies and the other moment, you both are like you cant live without each other, when will you both grow up?, god!! What will I do with these people”
We both laughed and said, “we already grew up mom, yeah we fight but anyone else says anything to either of us, they are finished”
She was like, “that’s why I said you both dint grow up, your dad is the one who spoiled you divya”
The conversation was going on when rohit cald, I wanted to answer it but we were talking to mom, I couldn’t just leave in the middle of a conversation, sonu noticed that and said, “di, you told me you had some work na, go finish it”
He winked at me
I said, “yeah, yeah, il go finish it “ and went to my room
I answered, “hey, my love”
He was like, “wow!!! Someone is in a real good mood today”
I said, “yeah, why shouldn’t I be and you know , I got another bouquet this morning”
He replied, “a bouquet again?”
I said, “yeah”
He replied, “ from whom is it this time?”
I said, “I don’t know, no name again , and I don’t even want to know also, it might be our friends only, they’ll tell me later anyway”
Rohit was like, “yeah, yeah, you love all that attention no matter who is giving you that rite?”
I was so distressed at this, I don’t understand why he turns into something like this all of a sudden.
I said, “rohit, not again!!! Don’t start it all over again alrite, do you even understand what your saying?”
He was like, “yeah, whatever, everyone’s the same, she also used to like everyone’s attention all the time”
I said, “who is she here?”
He replied, “nothing, just no one”
I said, “tell me who were you talking about”
He replied, “I told you no one, it just came out”
I said, “you were talking about your ex , weren’t you?”
He replied, “no, I wasn’t”
I said, “don’t lie rohit, I can tell”
He said, “yeah, I was talking about her and why only her, all girls are the same”

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  1. All girls are same how dare….. rohit ko na divi ek baar do tappad maar ke bol na chahiye yaar divi u r because of her nature……

  2. Hai Bhagi r u.
    Were r u..i think u r busy… I was waiting for ur story..Finally it got posted..Thank u so much..
    Amazing epi di..This Ro is just Impossible..I liked ? the Line when he said ” I will try to Change ” ..i thought he meant that..But now this guy is just impossible..Seriously..
    I know Change doesn’t happen in comes from Little thing..but he have to try na..
    I am excited to know who has sent that Flowers ? to Div.pls disclose it soon..pls…
    Thank u so much di and take care ? ❤ u loads…eagerly waiting for next part…

  3. What kind of person of this ro i waana slap him hard…o god is ladke ka to dimaag kharab hai… Wtevr,i m addicto of ur stry dear heads off u…

  4. Oh missed their firsy kiss….hehehe anywaz u r rocking loved till the end….please post next part soon…

  5. Mujhe lagta he ki divi rohit ko chod dhena chahiya, he has such an irritatng mood swing. . . 😐

  6. As I said in the last epi, divi should’ve slapped him instead of kissing…he’d get a good lesson…now again he started his irritating talks…I’m glad they missed the first kiss…hehehe…divi you should show him all girls are not same, these boys are the one who misunderstand them…this is human nature to like if someone is giving you attention, it doesn’t matter if it is boy or girl…I’m very addicted to this story Bhgi…eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you loads, take care sweetie

  7. Hey bhgi…nice epi..seriously..yaar..rohit is toooo much irritating.. and divya deserves some1 bettr than rohit…a person who really luv hr d way she is……waiting 4 nxt update soon..

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