Strangers (Part 39)


Part 39
Oh god!!!!!!!! I said, “is something wrong with you or what? Don’t you have friends who are girls?”
He said, “I do”
I said, “ and I know some of them are close to you, like they are your best friends are’nt they?”
He replied, “yeah”
I said, “then whats your problem rohit?, when you can have friends who are girls, why do you keep restrictions for me all the time? He is just my friend, do you understand??? He is my friend but you are a lot more than that rohit, why don’t you understand this? Why don’t you trust me for once????”
I was tired of his rules, restrictions and suspicion all the time, I just could’nt handle it, automatically tears started rolling out of my eyes and I couldn’t stop them, I was tired of his mom and him, I was tired of the feeling that they want me to change into something that im not….
I was crying, I was crying because I dint know whether to be happy that rohit loves me or to be sad that he loves me when im not myself or loves the changed version of me :’(
For the first time, he came near me and said, “im sorry divi, im really sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that, its all my fault, nothing is wrong with you, its my fault, I need to change, I don’t want to hurt you like this all the time, its my fault, im really really sorry, I promise , I will try to change from now, for you, fo us and for our love, please forgive me”
I was still crying, he came closer to me took my hands and said, “ok you are hurt and angry rite, slap me, hit me, do whatever you want , but please stop crying I love you divi, pleaseee”
I stopped crying , I said,” I want you to accept me like I am rohit, you correct me when im wrong, I wont say a word, but please don’t do this again”
He said, “I promise I wont “, he was still holding my hands
I said, “idiot why will I slap you, I love you too”
Then ro was like, “you have two options, either hit me or kiss me”
I was like, “what????”
Ro said, “yeah, or I wont leave your hands”
I said, “rohit, leave me please”
Then he was like, “no way”
He wasn’t leaving my hands
I said ,”ok, close your eyes then”
He closed his eyes and I kissed on his forehead
He was like, “divi!!!!! Just a kiss on the forehead?? This is not fair”
He put his cheek forward, he wanted me to kiss and I was already feeling sooo shy
I said, “no way, not so easy”
He replied, “easy?????? No!!!!!! you are soooo difficult divi, its been 4 months and now just a kiss on my forehead??? No, im not leaving your hands, no “
I said, “then what do you want me to do?”
He replied, “atleast give me a sweet kiss on my cheeks with your strawberry pink lips”
My cheeks became pink again
I kissed him on his left cheek and I was feeling so shy, I wasn’t looking at him, my eyes were looking down.
He still dint leave my hands, I looked at him and said, “what now?”
He replied, “you kissed myleft cheek, what about the right one?, itl feeel bad now”
Damn, im turning from pink to red now , I dint say anydny, he left my hands now and said, “that’s ok if you don’t want to” in a little angry way
Then I slowly put my hands around his shoulders and kissed him on the other cheek and said, “happy now, idiot”
He put hands slowly around my waist and said, “ok, you kissed me on my forehead and cheeks, but what about my lips then??” in a very naughty way
I was blushing, I said, “no way rohit, that’s never gonna happen”
He pulled me closer to him and said, “really? Shall we see its gonna happen now or not?”
He pulled me even more closer, his face was so close to mine, my heart was beating so fast and I felt the rush of nervousness and butterflies and a lot of things all at once
He pulled me even more close, so close that air couldn’t come between us, I could hear him breathe, and I was very nervous , he locked his arms around my waist even stronger, he was coming closer and closer and closer …. His lips came close to mine, they were just millimetres apart from each other, may be it was time for my first kiss, I closed my eyes and then ………

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  1. Awwww Bhgi dear…awesome episode…finally Rohit said sorry to divi…she should have slapped him instead of kissing…but love is very strange…divi is sooo much in love with him that she forgot all her hurt with this one sorry…I hope he changes for her…it’s getting interesting more with every episode…
    Thx bhgi for uploading 2 episodes, going to read next part. you loads

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