Strangers (Part 38)

Part 38
With all those thoughts my head already started aching, oh god!!!!! I dint want to think about it anymore!!! So I just watched tv for sometimt and was off to bed!!
Next morning, I was all ready next day waiting to see him, its been so long, I missed him more than words can say!!!! He picked me up exactly at 12, he booked the tickets in advance, so we went and had our lunch, I was more interested in staring and looking at rohit, rather than eating my lunch
Rohit was busy having his lunch, when he suddenly noticed I was’nt eating, he looked at me and caught me looking at him in admiration , just the way he looked at me the first time I saw him …… he stopped eating and started looking at me too this was weird hehehe
I said, “why did you stop eating?”
He replied, im just admiring the way you are looking at me, its very rare that I can catch you looking at me this way, I don’t want to even miss a moment of it, I want to admire you while you are admiring me my doll”
Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!! I’ve never heard anyone say anything as sweet as this
I said, “I love it when you are like this rohit”
He said instantly, “what do you mean like this?”
I said, “like my prince charming , cool calm and charming, not like the angry young man”
He laughed and said, “I love you always, however you are whatever you are, except sometimes”
I said, “and when is that sometimes huh?”
He was like, “nothing baby I was just kidding, its time, lets have our lunch, we need to catch up for the movie”
I nodded my head saying no
He was like, “pleaaaaaaaase divi”
Hahahaha I said, “ohkie, il do anything if you say it so sweetly”
He smiled, we had our lunch and were at the movie in time, e went and sat in our seats, it was actually the 1st week of that movie, so the theatre was full but what was weird was that, a seat beside me and a seat beside rohit were empty!!! How come single seats beside us are empty when the theatre is full, hmmmm, don’t know!!!
Movie started and a few minutes later, some guy came and sat in the seat beside me, rohit felt so uncomfortable with that, I dint understand what was so annoying!!! Rohit kept staring at him for 5 minutes.
I said, “rohit, what happened? Why are you sstaring at that guy?”
Rohit replied, “this seat beside me here is also vacant, he could have sat here, what was the need for him to come and sit beside you”
I dint understand, I said, “but rohit, he will sit according to his ticket nah”
Ro was like, “yeah , that’s what im saying, I have booked that seat too”
I said, “what??”
And till I could speak something else, rohit showed that guy the ticket from his pocket and told him to vacate that place!!!
I was so confused, dint understand a bit of what was going on.
I said, “rohit, was someone else also going to come? Why did you book extra tickets?”
Rohit was stumbling with words, I understood he is trying to hide something from me again, I said, “rohit, will you tell me what’s going on here? And tell me the truth”
Ro said, “no, no one else was coming with us, but I booked two extra tickets so that no other guy could sit next to you”
Pchhhhhhhh, not again, I said, “rohit!!!! When will you snap out of your insecurity? , this is a multiplex and the crowd here is not bad, and this was definitely not needed, im not the only girl who came here to watch the movie and no one else does things like this”
Ro was like, “but im just protecting you “
I said, “I know rohit, you should be protective of me too, but this is not needed , this was totally unnecessary, so stop being over protective or over possessive ro”
He dint speak a word, he nodded his head up and down indicating that he’s saying ok, but I knew he dint like my reaction to all of it
I said, “please ro, you know I love you rite?”
He smiled now and he kept his hand behind me and my head rest on his shouder , the movie was ok, b ut watching it with rohit, resting my head on his shoulder was a really good feeling, a feeling that makes you realise that you have someone who will protect you and love you and I had this person just beside me nothing could have been better
The movie was over, and we were out just then , my childhood friend vishal cald up, it had been so long that we talked, as soon as I saw his call my face was glowing, I answered his call,
I said, “hey idiot, how are you?, its been so long, and you remembered me now, huh??”
And our converstaion continued for some 10 minutes , I totally forgot about rohit and when I realised rohit had been waiting for the call to end , I looked at him and I knew what was gonna happen next, his face was red with anger, and its just that he could’nt yell at me cos it was a public place
I said to vishu, “vishu, im out rite now, il call you back when I reach home ohkie, bye” and I ended the call
I went to rohit and said, “let’s go”
He dint say anything but I knew he was angry, he asked, “who was it on the call?”
I said, “my childhood friend vishu”
He said angrily, “what kinda name is that vishu?”
I said, “lol, no, his name is vishal, but I call him vishu”
He said, “and what does he call you?”
I said, “He calls me divi”
We sat in the car and the moment we were in, he started at me angrily, “who is that guy? And why were you talking to him so happily? Why are you both so close?”
This was really irritating now, I said, “rohit, I already told you, he is my childhood friend and we are best friends since school, so obviously we are close, now, whats wrong in that?”
He said, “everything about it is wrong, I don’t want you to be so close to any other guy”

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  1. Wen Rohit is calm, he is sweet as honey, bt wen he bcums angry, a hell of fire ignite around him, . . So strang char… Bt realy luvd the protectv n possesiv part. 🙂

  2. Hey bhgi !! Hw r u??
    Jus awesomeness is filled in ur story !!
    Plsssssssssss cntinu !! Bhagiiiiii !!!!

  3. Ohhhh, not again Rohit…it’s really irritating ro…plzzzz give her some space….he is just her friend….divi how you gonna change ro? It seems really very difficult…ro is very cute in one place but really very irritating in other…very difficult guy to manage. ..good luck divi…love you loads Bhgi. …eagerly waiting for the next episode

  4. Oh god come on man what kind of a person he is…… god how can he say this….. agar hum ek relation mein toh hum ne sab ko chod na chahiye kya

  5. If I start to like Ro he always do something which irritates me..Honestly yaar..Behave like a Man dude..If u Love ❤ Divs then y the hell u r not Trusting her..Div understand u better then y can’t u..She gave Space to u if u talked to Niki too..then y can’t Mature dude..
    Waiting for next epi eagerly..
    Di ur story and imagination is too good..ur writing too..
    Love ❤ u loads..Take care ?..

  6. Again started. His thoughts n his insecurities. Divi just hope this rohit will change one day. Whenever i feel he is ok he comes up with something that irritates me so much. And i think he is really mad.

  7. Nice story..bhgi… divya is a jolly girl..if she gets into a relationship wid rohit..surely she will suffocate …unless rohit change his behavr…i really like divi & ro’s pairing..don’t separate dem…!!plzz

  8. Hiiiii bhgi chala chala bagaundii e episode eagerly waiting for next post …..? loads of luv❤

  9. Oh yr this rohit I m getting irritated now he is so much narrow minded. Dont understand how to tackle these guys

  10. l guess divi gonna sing ‘Really Don’t Care'( by Demi Lovato)!!!……….

  11. helo dolls am lil budy vl update nxt part tomo hope u dnt mind lv u all dolls tc?

  12. Bhagi di..where r u..Missing u and ur story…I think u r busy?.. Update next soon..i am Waiting..take care…?

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