Strangers (Part 37)


Part 37

The next few days went busy with the preparation and finally our exams, our exam centres were different, me, arohi, niki and shraddha got one exam centre and rohit, rahul, kiran and sowrajyam got another centre cos we are from different colleges which we totally forgot in the past months that we all spent together, it was never like we belonged from different educational institutions cos we were doing our project combinedly and the bond between us became so close in very few days !!!!

I and rohit, we were still not talking, I decided to ignore him till our exams are finished, cos I dint want any drama or stress for myself now. All our exams went well and it was the day of our final exam, we all finished our last exam and came out, we all felt like we removed a big burden from our shoulders and were free birds now!! You see the feeling that you get on the last day of the exams awesome!!!!!! Now all you have to do is enjoy , we all came out of the exam centre and suddenly I see rohit there , I knew he came for me but I dint wanna show I was happy to see him after such a long time I behaved as if I dint even see him I thought he’d come talk to me but no, he dint, he saw me and just went away such a dumbo!!!!!

We went back home, he dint even talk to me , such an egoist he is damn!!!! , I was missing him more than ever now, now that exams are also over and I had nothing to divert my mind to, it has been too long I dint talk to him, its been too long that I heard his voice, my ears were longing to hear his voice, I was getting so restless to talk to him, my hands were automatically going to his contact to dial him but my anger and ego was sopping me from it, after all I wasn’t wrong, why should I go back or say sorry, but this was also true that I was missing him awfully , I did this several times- I dialled his no. then cut it even before it rang, this went on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! , I threw my cel on the bed and went off to sleep. Days passed by, Its been 10 days now and I don’t even know whats it with rohit, why is he so egoistic !!!!!!!!

I was busy watching tv, when suddenly I felt my cel vibrate, I thought it would be rohit, but I dint know where I left my cel, I started searching for it like mad… finally I found it in some corner of my bed, but …… before I answer it , call ended and it was rohit , now I couldn’t resist to talk to him, I was just about to call back when my cell vibrated again,
I answered it he said, “hey doll :)”

I was silent
He said, “divi are you there?”
I replied, “mmmmmm”
He was like, “mwwwwaaah :*”
Oh god !!!! this idiot na I tell you, I said, “idiot, what are you doing?”
Ro said, “im kissing my cell you have any problem with that?” And he started laughing !!!!
Such an idiot he is and im in love with this idiot
I said, “where did you go die for so many days huh??”
He replied, “I went to my friends marriage in a village., that’s why I couldn’t cal or text you divi, I missed you so much”

I said, “I missed you too ro, missed you like hell”
He said , “we can make up for it, im going to a movie tomorrow afternoon, would you like to come?”
This sounded too formal for rohit to say but I played along
I replied, “yeah, ok, I’l come if you insist”
Ro was lioke, “idiot, you are too much hahaha, il pick uoy up tomorrrow at 12, movie is at 2 ok?”
I said, “yeah ok, il be ready”
I dint even ask or dint even want to know whether its just the two of us going, or which movie it is or anything else, I just wanted to be with rohit and spend time with him and talk and talk and talk a lot

Ro said, “k then, see you tomorrow”
I said, “what? So soon? I wanted to talk!!!”
Ro replied, “sorry baby, I know, I wanted to talk too but mom gave me some important work to do, so I have to finish that, il get back to you as soon as im done , ok?”
Now what option did I have?? I had to say ok, I dint want to start another fight involving his mom
I said in a dull tone, “yeah, ok”
Ro replied, “love you doll, see ya” , our call ended.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Im starting to hate rohit’s mom!!!! I don’t know how im going to get along with her

God!!b!!!!! Why am I a girl?? Why am I not a guy?? If I was a guy, I could do anything I wanted to, look at anyone, talk to anyone, hang out with my friends anywhere anytime and I would’nt have to go to another house after marriage leaving behind all my family and most importantly I would’nt have to change myself according to anyone!!!!!!!!
Different rules for boys and girls … and we say all are equal!!! Really??? I don’t think so, atleast not outside my house, inside my house and my family, I have every freedom but outside, its so stupid and annoying the way everyone thinks!!!!!!!
Even when someone sees a boy and a girl hangout somewhere, they instantly assume that theyare girlfriend and boyfriend !!! why is our society so narrow minded?? And that too the girl is blamed for everything and the boy isnt!!!!!! And people like rohit’s mom agree to all this and even force others to follow their rules

A guy and a girl can just be friends, very good friends and still hang out together!!! I don’t think there is anything wrong in that, is there???????
I believe a guy and a girl can be best friends for life and there is no need for them to have anything more than friendship between them, if a girl hugs her best friend who is a guy, I don’t think there is something physical in it, it’s a way to express how much she cares for him as a friend and how special their friendship is and same goes with the guys too, what they have is love, the kind of love that best friends have irrespective of them being a girl or a guy what do you say my readers ? can a girl and a guy be best friends for life? Can they hang out together? Or is there anything wrong in what im thinking??????????

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  1. Oh god bhgi u r right divi thinking was absolutly right……

  2. Finaly the ice is meltng n happy dat he cald 1st. 🙂 i hav a persnl qn , u r frm wich state? Bcuz this boy gal 2gthr prblm is a serious discusn mater frm ystrday in my place, so jst askng lyk dat. Hope u dnt mind. . . Updt nxt part soon with ro n divi scenes. . . With no mom 😛

  3. No Div u r not thinking Wrong..i completely and totally agree with u buddy..if something happens then Blame a Girl first..such a stupid and narrow minded thinking yaar..wat to do..
    Technology has developed so much but still now the Thinking of People can’t developed..
    Main thing is that a woman doesn’t understand other woman and spreads this kind of unwanted rules..
    I completely hate it..and I am waiting for next part eagerly to know what is gonna happen..
    Nice epi and narration too di..u r such a Fabulous writer di…
    May God bless u..take care ? ❤ u loads..

  4. U r right dr

  5. I totally agree with aaliya. One or other as a very girl we think how it would if i were a guy. Then no stupid restrictions, no idiotic ques. Uff so many but for our disappointment the fact is THIS IS IT! and we hav to bear it and handle it n that too with patience and a smile on face whether it may be fake, no prblm. This is quite annoying n horrifying too.
    Ur narration is marvellous bhgi n so is ur story.

  6. You are totally right. Even I believe in what you have said and eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  7. ty so much dolls ?ty for ur feed back?love u loaadz dolls

  8. Hi Bhgi, awesome episode. ..totally agree with you all…there is always girls who have to bear all this nonsense…rules, restrictions, barriers, and accusations…on top of this, the other girls(friends or sis) are also blamed as well even they don’t have anything to do with that particular matter and have to bear humiliation and punishments. This is really ridiculous. Why are we so helpless? Sorry if I hurt anybody with my comment…can’t control myself. ..OK I’ll stop now and wait for the next episode. …eagerly waiting. .. thx for updating regularly. you loads

    1. alrdy updated;)

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