Strangers (Part 36)

Part 36
This is really scaring me now!!!! Rohit’s behaviour and his mom’s behaviour!!! What is wrong with all these people???, this time I decided not to talk to him till he realises his mistake and comes back and he definitely owes an apology !!!!!! i’ve realised lately that me and rohit, we both are very different from each other in a lot of ways, especially the way we think, he is very narrow minded and always keeps restrictions for me, don’t do this, don’t do that and stuff!!!! , and I am very broad minded, I give everyone their space and expect the same in return, oh god!!!!!! I don’t know where I and rohit are going to end up ..
Somewhere I really feel rohit has a lot of insecurity issues, and his mom gives this negative vibe I just cant handle .. I don’t know , I feel like il lose my identity if im with rohit and this is definitely not what I wanted from my life, no!!! I could have done much better if I hadnt met rohit but I do love him truly, I want to be with him but not like this, when will he understand me, will he ever ???? but im not gonna give up so soon, I will fight for my love, try to make him understand me, try to change him for good but I don’t know how to do it the rite way!!!! Between im not ready to talk to rohit before he apologises to me genuinely!!!!
Exams were nearing so the next few days I decided to ignore rohit and just concentrate on studies, its been 1 week and no call or msg from rohit damn, this is irritating me, annoying me and making me angry but I miss him too at the same time, I miss him like hell. Every morning I miss his text which makes me smile as soon as I wake up, the long endless conversations we used to have, I miss them a lot and I miss everything about him except his stupidity and his tantrums, but I don’t know does he feel the same? Or he doesn’t feel anything about it
I cald up anu , she answered, “hey divya” , I was surprised
I said, “I said, you have my no.? “
She replied, “yeah rohit gave me, I knew youd call anyway”
I said, “why you knew id call?”
She replied, “Cos my brother is going mad here and I know that’s because you both are not talking to each other”
Ooooohhhh!!!! So finally, good, he’s also upset , he is also missing me yippee yippee yippee !!!!!!!!
I said, “really? How do you know he’s upset?”
She replied, “oh common, he doesn’t talk to anyone at home, just sits quite and most importantly he doesn’t fight with me”
Hahahahaha nice good good, it should be that way
I said, “but anu I dint call you to talk about rohit”
Anu said, “what? Then why did you call? Now don’t tell me you cald just to talk to me? I wont believe it “
Haha, I said, “no, but.. I wanted to talk to you about aunty”
She instantly said, “whoa!!!! Nope, im not talking anything about this matter , don’t involve me please”
I dint understand anything, I said, “but why anu?”
Anu replied, “don’t ask me anything, that’s all, you want to talk about rohit or anything else I can talk for hours, but not about this matter”
I said, “anu please, you are the only person I can talk to about this, infact because of this issue only we both are not talking to each other”
Anu replied, “oh so that is why, ok tell me what is it”
I said, “that day your mom, she dint seem like she liked me, instead she was very rude and gave me a very negative vibe and before she left, it seemed like she warned me or something”
Anu said, “see, my mom is like that only, I told you that day na, if she likes someone, she will accept everything they do and if she doesn’t like someone, no matter what they do she’ll never accept them or be nice with them, that’s the way she is”
I said, “but anu, what did I do?, why doesn’t she like me?”
Anu said, “divya rohit shares everything with mom, so she knows exactly what you are, and she doesn’t like girls wearing anything western, being modern, being head to head with guys, in her opinion girls should always wear traditional and shouldn’t talk to other guys, not even friends and that means you shouldn’t have guy friends and also that girls should always listen to the guys, got it”
What? Shouldn’t talk to guys? Shouldn’t be friends with them??? Should always listen to them?? Shouldn’t compete with them??? What is all this??this was really stupid, seemed like she came from a different century to me!!!
I said, “but this is all common now a days, whats wrong in being friends? And shouldn’t be head to head with them? Don’t you think this soes not fit in today’s generation?”
Anu said, “wrong or not is irrelevant, what she wants should be done that’s it, I have a lot of restrictions too, just cant help it, but she’s lineant towards me cos im her daughter and she loves me, but that’s not the case with you , she wouldn’t alter any of her rules for you”
I said, “but rohit doesn’t believe me at all”
She replied, “remember, if you want to be with rohit, never ever argue on this topic or about our mom, he just doesn’t listen to anyone or anything in this matter, if the fight was about this, don’t expect him to say sorry even if its his mistake, you have to come back to him”
This was really something to worry about now, I should go back????? No way!!! Im not forgiving him so easy this time, I know I said nothing wrong, then why should I go back, he was the one who was wrong
I said, “but I wasn’t wrong anu “
She replied, “I know that more than any one else divya, but I don’t think there is anything I can help in this or anything I can do about it”
I said, “ohkie, thank you for everything”
She said, “but one thing I know, I never saw my brother so restless, he definitely loves you like hell, that I can say for sure”
I said,”hmmm ohkie thank u “ atleast that’s a good thing
She said, “ohkie then bye dear”
I replied, “yeah bye tc”
What is this now? How should I react to all this? Aaaaaaaahhh my head is aching , but one thing im happy about he loves me and he misses me too but all this I just heard doesn’t seem to be a big issue but is really very serious thing practically!!!!!! Oh god help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice episode Bhgi, thx for updating regularly. is going well. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. vl uodate soon lv u too

  2. Plz dnt fill it with usual family drama stuff. . .

    1. no liya no more family drama nly two parts are there nw no more family drama

  3. Oh god like seriously this type of persons na need to give tight slap for them to realize what they r doing…. kamine

  4. Bhgi superb girl u r really dealing with these type of issues which hav no answer. I really love ur story. Update regularly. I think anu is gud and she has accepted divi but now what will happen next. Oh will that rohit ever change? Ques ques . My head is aching.;-)

    1. updated manha nxt part go through it

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