Strangers (Part 35)


Part 35
These days , I don’t know, my world seems upside down to me, my life is becoming more and more complicated , all those things with rohit, and now with his mom and sister, I don’t know how to deal with all this. I cald rohit in the night, he seemed busy , so I dint bother him I just talked for a few minutes and hung up. But this thing about his mom it was scaring me more and more by the minute, why was she so rude to me?, why did she dislike me so much? It was only the first time I met her !!! Seems like a devilish family to me ,but how do I say this to rohit without him misunderstanding me, after all she is his mum, and no one would like to here anything wrong about their parents, I was so so so confused and disturbed, it wasn’t just getting out of my mind, ufffffff, so I decided to read a novel just so my mind would be diverted and I would feel good, I started reading my favouite novel “the note book” , the most unconditional and beautiful and true love story I’ve read . , I already read it 3 times before ,as I started reading it again , I got totally involved in it and forgot everything about that day, I was half way through the novel when my mom called me for dinner. I dint even realise that much time has passed, it felt like just a few minutes. I was so refreshed and back to my happy mood now , I went down and we all had our dinner together , then I was back to reading it , I was determined to complete it before I sleep, just then rohit cald, i answered , he said, “hey doll :D”
I replied, “hi rohit”
Ro said, “you know im so happy today , you met my parents finally , its been such a lovely day , one of the best days of my life, im so happy happy “
I said, “what did you tell your parents about me? Idiot!!!”
He replied, “I told them, im going to introduce them to their future daughter-in-law today “
I was like, “what?????? , you told them that? Are you mad?, I did not even say yes yet, and we are not even in a relation, why did you say that so early to them rohit? “
He was like, “what??? You aren’t happy? I thought you’d be happy cos atleast you’ll be sure that im serious about you and you’re talkin like this “, his tone became so dull and seemed sad at how I reacted, I dint want to spoil his mood or happiness at this point of time, so I decided I wont say a word to rohit about what happened earlier with his mom and me as of now.
I said, “no, its not like that rohit, I trust you, but don’t you think its too early for all this?”
He replied, “no divi, its not, I know you love me and you know I love you, but I don’t understand why you still want to wait for anything”
I said, “see we still have our studies to complete and careers to concentrate on rohit, thats the reason I said that, that’s all”
He replied, “ok, whatever, but don’t spoil my mood now”
I said, “k , sry”
Rohit said, “I was dieing to say this to you since morning divi, you looked damn beautiful today, did you notice? Everyone at the party was looking at you in awww, really you looked so damn s*xy in that dress and I would stop here , cos I know if I say everything else im thinking about you… you will kil me hehehe “
I said, “idiot, stop, I know what you’ll talk next, but I don’t want to hear please”
He was like, “hahahahahaha love you divi”
I was like, “yeah I know, im so irresistible “
He replied, “yeah , that you are, I agree completely “
Then our call went on and on and on for a long time till we both went to sleep!!!!!!!!

Next day morning, I decided to talk to rohit about what happened between me and his mom. I cald rohit in the afternoon, he answered, “yeah divi”
I said, “hi ro, had your lunch?”
He replied, “yeah baby, you?”
I said, “yeah me too, rohit, actually, I was thinking of talking about it to you since yesterday but I couldn’t”
He relpied, “tell me divi, what is it?”
I said, “please listen to me calmly, its nothing serious, im just saying ok”
He replied, “huh?? Why are you hesitating so much? Tell me”
I said, “rohit, may be your mom dint like me”
He replied, “what??? She dint like you??? But how is that possible? She just told me today morning that she likes you and she has no problem with you”
I was so shocked at this, I dint understand what to say next, even if I say what happened would rohit believe me?? But I had to tell anyway, I said, “no rohit, not like that, she said she saw my pics in fb and she dint like me and the way I dress, she seemed to dislike me very much”
He just brushed it away saying, “aahh that’s nothing divi, obviously after you come to our house, that is after we get married, she wants you to be traditional that’s it and nothing else, don’t you worry”
But I was’nt convinced about it, it wasn’t just about the way I dress but the way she looked at me and that vibe was so awkward and definitely not a good feeling, it was like she was warning me or something, I said, “ but rohit, I still think your mom doesn’t like me”
Ro replied, “oh divi, im telling you there’s nothing like that , and about the what you wear, even I think the same, I don’t think you should wear anything western anymore”
I said, “what? Anymore? What do you mean?”
Ro replied, “I mean from now, my mom doesn’t like it and so do I, I don’t want you to wear western and roam outside , everyone keeps looking at you”
I said, “what is this rohit?, you never said this to me before?, you never had any problem with what I wear before?, and you know how I am, what is this now then?”
He replied, “yeah I know how you are and all but that’s what im saying, I want you to change according to our family, in our families we don’t consider it decent for girls to wear anything western”
I said, “what is wrong with you rohit? Western is indecent? A girl can be dressed in western and yet still look decent, western doesn’t always mean very short or revealing clothes rohit and you know that?, did you ever feel I wore anything indecent? And that too you want me to change from now whats wrong with you?”
He was like, “why are you making a big fuss out of it?, whats it with you?, why do you want to make me think wrong about my mom?”
I was startled at what he said, he wasn’t listening to what I was saying, he was behaving like a typical male chauvinist, I dint like it at all , I said, “rohit, im not liking it, you are behaving like a total different person these days, whats wrong with you?”
Rohit said, “oh god!!!!!!!! What is it with you divi, you come up with something or the other to fight all the time?”
I said, “really? I come up with things or is it you who doesn’t tell me the truth, and lie to me and behave stupid and weird all the time?”
He said, “oh, so im the stupid now? Fine then don’t talk to me”
He hung up the call !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh god is he mad or what because of soneone we have to change our selfs that to before martiage very tipical yaar…. if i am there na surely i am going to slap him. Because he knows what she is then whats the big plm with it idiot…

  2. Divi how r u going to handle it doll. Hayathi this is not his alone prblm this is universal prblm. Girls r someway or other given rules which r to be followed either by wish or not.

    1. Seriously yaar i hate this type of rules because of someone we have to change our dressing friends habbits i want slap that type of persons in this generation also lot of persons are there like this idiots……

  3. Y shud galz hav 2 chang aftr mariag, dats so unfair thnkng. . . 🙁

  4. Awesome episode Bhgi, very well written. ..totally agree with manha and hayathi …all the rules are only for girls…I hate it…very nice narration and the dialogues…keep it up buddyyy,eagerly waiting for the next episode. …i hope Divya bring ro to the right path…

  5. Wow. Now I am dead sure, I hate this Rohit.

  6. Nyc yaar bhgi !!
    Hey u askes me whr I live n wat I do ??
    I live in Hyd but now I m in Punjab !!

    I m a studying medical yaar !!
    Wat do u study ?? Whr u from ??

  7. sry guys i cnt rply to each n evryone cuz am really very tired so pls forgive me i vl promise u i vl give eply to each and evryone in nxt update pls do bare wid e aftr this part i vl wind up wid ro moms part thnx alot love yu dolls?❤

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