Strangers (Part 34)


Part 34
Next 2days were all studies and stuff , I was busy studying from morning till evening, then in the evening rohit cald me,
He said, “hi , doll”
As usual sweet
I said, “hi, ro, what are you doing?”
He was like, “see I don’t have much time to talk now, I have a lot of work to do , tomorrow is my mom dads wedding anniversary, so I cald to invite you ok”
I said, “what?, why dint you tell me this before?”
Rohit replied, “im telling you now na, all our friends are coming tomorrow, so you also come and remember wear something traditional tomorrrow, no western please and specially you, you should look your best tomorrow ohkie”
I was like, “I should look my best?, what do you mean?, but why?”
Rohit replied, “please divi, don’t ask me anything now, please be ready tomorrow, kiran will pick you up alrite, be ready till 11am “
I said, “ok”
But I kept wondering why did he specify me like that? Does that mean he already told about me to his parents? Omg!!! And traditional huh???
So I started frisking through my wardrobe for my best traditional wear , I searched and searched and finally found the perfect one, a traditional half saree but then I thought would it be too much for the occasion but then I thought rohit told me to look my best so I decided to go with it
Next day I was all ready, looking my best as ordered by mr. rohit , kiran came to pick me up, I went and sat In his car, the first thing he said to me was, “wow, divs, you look amazing today” aaaawww so sweet of him
I said, “thank u kiran”
He was like, “rohit will go mad today for sure, hahahaha”
I couldn’t help but smile

We arrived at rohit’s house, this was the first time I went to his house, his house was very big too, he was very rich indeed hehehe , of course that dint really matter , cos I fell in love with rohit when I dint know anything about him, rich or poor, I just fell in love with the guy who looked at me like he was looking at angel , who gave me sweet shivers with his looks and words and all the sweet things he did for me
We entered the house, arohi, rahul, shradha and niki were already there, sourajyam wasn’t there cos she was at her village, niki was looking her best too , actually she was a bit over dressed for the occasion, I don’t know why she tries to impress rohit all the time, never mind !!! , Im not bothered, cos I know about my love and myself , Im not insecure !!
Rohit came to me, he was just staring at me without speaking a word, this time , he wasn’t staring at me in admiration but he was staring at me in a rather different way, like he was gonna eat me up or something, I said, “rohit!!! Why are you looking at me like that?”
He was like, “how do you manage to look more and more beautiful everytime divi”
I smiled , he said, “come il take you to my parents wish them and take their blessings”
I was like, “what? But why? Did you tell anything about us to them?”
Rohit replied, “don’t ask me anything, just do what I say”
I had no option now!!!!!
He took me to his parents, rohits mom, as soon as she saw me she was like, “so you are divya”
I was shocked, I said, “yes aunty, happy wedding anniversary to both of you “ I dint know what to do now, rohit was signaling me to touch their feet and take their blessings but I was very hesitant to, but I finally touched their feet and took both his parents blessings . uuufffffff !!!!!!!! all this seemed a little fishy to me though
Just then niki came out of nowhere and took their blessings too, oh god!!! , rohits mom said, “who is she?”
Rohit replied, “she’s nikitha mom”
Rohit’s mom said, “oh, yeah, you mentioned about her rite, hmmmm”
He replied , “yeah mom”
Then rohit said, “mom , you talk to divi, I mean divya, il be back “ and he left me all alone with his mom, I was a little nervous, cos the look on his mother’s face wasn’t pleasant looking at me, I don’t know, she gave me this weird feeling that she dint quite like me.
She started asking me all questions about my family, my parents , what they do and all, I answered all her questions very patiently, then she said, “you don’t wear traditional mostly do you?”
I was a bit shocked as to how does she know about me , I replied, “no aunty, I wear according to the occasion, normally I wear western”
She was like, “yeah, I know, I saw your pics in facebook , anu showed me, rohits sister”
I dont know, all her questions seemed like she was interrogating me and not just talking or asking, Just then anusha came in, rohit had mentioned about her earlier, she said, “hi divya, how are you”, thank god , atleast she is friendly, I said, “hi, im good , how are you”
She replied, “im fine too”
Then rohits mom interrupted us and said, “divya, you both catch up I have to attend other guests now and yeah, you better change your dressing style and your attitude, its better you get used to it and one more thing, roaming with your friends and stuff, you have to stop all that, I hope you understood what I mean” and she left
What?????? It was like she gave me a warning or something. This was really weird.
Then anusha and I were left there, so she started talking, she asked, “so you are the girl huh?? Nice selection , but you really are gonna have a tough time here”
I dint understand anything , I said, “what are you talking about?”
Anu replied, “youl get to know that later, but don’t worry I really like you anyways bye” and she left!!!
What was all this? Rohit’s mom, she acted so weird and annoying with me, one thing I know for sure , she doesnt like me, but I dint know the reason. Anu was fine but what did she mean by im going to have a tough time there???
I thought its better to leave it there and talk about it to rohit later as it was not the rite time or place to talk about it.
I went and joined all others and after the party was over we all left to home!!!

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