Strangers (Part 33)

Next day morning I was all ready by 8 in the morning, I was the last one to be picked up, all were dressed well and guys were looking very handsome and girls pretty , of course I was too , I got into the car, it was a long drive, no one was telling me where we were going but all of them knew , the view from the window was so beautiful with all greenery and fresh air touching us passing away, it was so beautiful , mesmerising and riveting I was just enjoying every moment of it after an hour and a half we arrived at a beautiful and fascinating farm house , It was sooooooooo beautiful I just loved it the first time I saw it !!!
I shouted, “wow!!!!!!! Its so beautiful, I love it, but will you tell me now atleast where are we?”
Rohit replied, “we are at my farm house, did you like it?”
I said, “oh, I loved it”
And he was like, “ yeah yeah, you love everything except me”
we were just about to enter inside from the gate when rohit stopped me and said, “you cant just come inside like that”
I was like, “what do you mean? Then how should I come in then?”
He took his kerchief out of the pocket and tied it around my eyes and said, “now slowly walk with me ok”
This was getting more and more exciting every moment, I couldn’t wait to open my eyes and see what surprise he had planned for me this time
We walked for a while and then we stopped and said, now slowly open your eyes, “there was a banner tied to an arch on which it was written “its been 4 months you entered into my life princess, so happy 4th month anniversary to us”
I was so marvelled and amazed at this, I dint even know it had been 4 months we met and that too he remembered, aaaaaaawwwwwww he was such a charmer, he surprises me every time and in every way I never imagine, oh I love him but I will not say it
My face was gleaming with happiness , I was so delighted and overjoyed that I couldn’t just express in words, I just hugged rohit I totally forgot about all others there, rohit slowly whispered in my ears, “divi, all are looking at us , of course I don’t mind if you don’t have any problem with it”
I realised what was going on and moved away from rohit, but it was too late all started at me, teasing me again, oh god !!!! my cheeks turned rosy again I was feeling so shy couldn’t stop them from all that and thank fully rohit came to my rescue and said, “guys wait, there’s more “
What?? There’s more? What can be more startling than this?? Damn!! rohit is soo unpredictable and sooooooo sweet
we slowly walked inside , there was a swimming pool he looked at it and looked back at me, I dint understand, was there some surprise in that too?
rohit gave me a small stone and told me to throw that into the pool, I did and what came out was astonishing , colourful ballons floated on the water on which it was written “welcome to the love of my life”
oh god !!!!!!!!! I am so overwhelmed with joy , I just cant imagine , how can a guy be so caring sweet and how can he love me soo much I was on cloud nine
rohit said again , “ its not over yet”
what???????????? I cant imagine anything more than this now!!!!
It was a very big house looking so beautiful, everything about that house was so different and special , so we entered into the hall , where there was 3 storeyed cake waiting for us, actually waiting for me and imagine what, he ordered the cake so big, that we could keep 120 candles on it, one candle each day!! Omg!!!
And on the cake it was written “happy to have you divi darling”
I cant take so much at a time!!!! I shouted “rohit, please I cant bare anymore surprises for today pleaseeeeeeee!!! “ all laughed and rohit said, “yeah this is the last one for today divi “
Me and rohit, we blew the candles, and we all ate the cake , my day started so well , I just couldn’t imagine a day which began such wonderfully, it was one of the best days of my life
Then we went to see the whole house, it was very big and vast, it was similar to a museum
There were so many rooms and each room was very different from the other, the way it was designed was awesome and there was a disco room in his farm house, with disco lights , sound system and everything wow!!!!!!!!
I said, “rohit, I dint know you were so rich “ LOL LOL
And hes like, “atleast tell me you luv me cos im rich”
Lol lol lol
I said, “im not the kind who falls for riches and wealth, you need to work hard ro”
Ro said, “idiot divi you are”
So we went into that room and everyone went mad all of a sudden, rohit played the music and all were dancing like a mad mob lol , rahul and kiran did the most ridiculous dance I ever saw, I just couldn’t stop laughing looking at them dance ROFL , they were dancing like people who were drunk lol and arohi was like , “rahul!!! I never knew , you danced like this” hahahahahaha !!!!! I laughed so much ,my stomach started aching LOL !!!! then I told rohit to play slow music so that they both stop there hilarious dancing
So rohit played slow music, finally they both stopped my god!!!!
Rohit came to me and put his hand forward, he was asking me to dance with him, how could I say no?????????? no girl would say no to him
I kept my hand in his, and he said, “your hand will always be my favourite one to hold” I smiled and we were dancing to the slow music, it was my first dance with rohit,both my hands were on his shoulders and his arms were locked around my waist, we both were lost in each others eyes, all we could see is each other, it was like the world dint exist for us, the most romantic and lovely dance of my life, we totally forgot we were there with everyone else , we were dancing I don’t know for how long when suddenly I felt the music stopped.
I said, “rohit, the music stopped”
We looked around and everyone was waiting for us to realise the music has stopped, all shouted it has been 10 mins the music stopped LOL
Then we went down, the lunch was all ready prepared, we had our lunch, talked for sometime, played games and stuff and then headed back home !!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely day it was , I loved it so much and lovved rohit even more for making it so special

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  1. Ohooo thats nice dr

  2. Fab epi di…so many Surprises..totally like ? it..the cake ? scene was Awesome.. But still now I don’t trust him..
    I want to know is he completely changed?..But I like ? Div yaar..
    I am a Person if I trust someone then I trust completely and if I found out a lie its impossible for me to trust them with full confidence Again..thats y I am asking about Ro’s character..Don’t mind..just asked to clear my doubts..
    I know every person deserves a 2nd Chance..I will Support Ro if I found him true..till now confused ?
    As usual ur epi is fantastic and writing too…pls continue and keep writing..
    Thank u and take care ? di..

    1. ty aaliya thnx a lot vl update soon

  3. oh cute surprises………..hope he is real…………

  4. it’s just Amusing bhgi di……loved ridiculous dance of rahul & kiran–lol….still laughing……l’ve got no control,,,,,,, my stomach is aching as well..what to do?????????????

    1. wait fr nxt update tanya?

  5. Hiiiiiii bhgi ne story ki nenu pedda fan …… Ya I’m from hyd?

  6. Rohit is so unpredictbl, . . Luvd it. 🙂 updt nxt part soon dr. . .

    1. vl update soon

  7. Superb epi. Lots of surprises n lots of love. Actually it was so dreamy every girl wish for it. But plz no twist in it. Wishing nothing goes wrong. It was fab.

  8. After reading rohits behaviour I don’t no I still don’t lyk his character……
    I thnk he is hiding his something with all dos suprises and gifts

  9. Awesome episode Bhgi, all the surprises were very cute and heart touching. .. ro is very romantic and if he is true from his side then he deserves second chance, totally agree with aaliya ..Divya is very nice and down to earth person. …loving this story very much. …plzzzz continue and thx for updating regularly, love you loads

    1. u r nt commenting on my stories da i ty fr d comment?

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