Strangers (Part 32)

Part 32
Rohit started telling me about his past, “there was a girl in our class, she was pretty and used to talk with everyone except me , I always used to wonder why doesn’t she talk to me, one day she suddenly came to me and told me that she has a huge crush on me and she wants to be friends with me, from then we started talking, we became close and after a few days we both fell in love, atleast I thought that way, we were in a relation for 6 months, but she was not the person I thought she was, she had another bf too, she was two timing us and I got to know about it and when I confronted her about it , she dint accept it so I had no choice but to leave her, not only that but she also used to roam around with all the guys and stuff , those are all bad memories for me divi, which I never want to recollect again, this is it all and there’s nothing more to say and from that day I never saw her or talked to her again!!!!!
Oh no!!!!! poor rohit, this is why he dint want to tell me but, I would have said nothing to him , instead I would accepted him with his past, I said, “rohit, that’s ok, you know me, I have no problem with it at all unless im the only girl in your life now”
Rohit replied, “of course divi, you are the only one for me, I will never even want to think about anyone else, the only reason I lied to you was I was damn scared to lose you, you know after all that happened , I stopped talking to girls, I never even tried to look at someone , I totally lost my happiness and my smile until that day when I saw you at inorbit, that was the first time I smiled after a very long time, the moment I saw you all my sorrows and sadness just vanished divi, believe it or not I fell in love with you the moment I saw, your innocense enthralled me and I was lucky we met again and we are here now, I really really love you and would do anything to have you in my life divi”
I dint know what to say, it happens to me everytime, I think of getting angry on him, but I end up sympathising with him or feeling guilty of myself for having shouting at him.
I said, “but rohit , if you had told me all this before , we never would have gotten into this argument or fight, and trust me rohit, I know your past is not good and you have all bad memories of it and all but that doesn’t mean every other person is like that and definitely not me rohit, so please from now on, no more lies and no more suspicions and yelling ok?”
He was like, “yeah ok madam, as you say, I dint know you could shout so loud and get so furious, you are really scary at times divi”
I laughed hahahaha and said, “yeah obviously with so many things and so many lies what do you expect from me huh?? And no more all that stuff from now on or il kill you”
He replied, “yeah , now I know you’ll really kill me if I lie to you again”
Hahaha I said, “good” LOL
Then we ended our call!!!!
So now I know, why rohit behaves like that sometimes, its because of his past, that is why he gets all obssessive and stuff , and I need to keep this in check from now on
Next day morning, sonu came into my room with his face glowing like a 100 watts bulb, he came in shouting diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..
I said, “what happened why are you so happy ??”
He said, “look at this “ , and showed me a big card , I opened it, it was a big greeeting card, saying sorry, it was wriiten on it , “sorry to the most precious gift of my life” and at the bottom it was written, from rohit !!! aaaaawwwww!!!!!!!! Im loving it but my mom wasn’t, she came in and was like , “what is this divya? , are you a celebrity or something or what is going on daily? Who is sending you all these flowers and cards and stuff????
I replied, “my friends mom, just to make me happy”
She was like, “you have almost recovered rite?, tell them not to send anything now ok?”
I said, “yeah ok mom”
Ufffffffffff saved again
Then later in the day, rohit cald me, I answered, “hey rooo ”
Hes like, “you sound so sweet when your not yelling at me divi”
I said, “hahahaha, idiot”
He said, “you know niki just cald me”
I was like, “what? I cald her yesterday and she dint cal me back but she cald you? Whats wrong with this girl?, so what was it?”
Rohit replied, “nah nothing, she just cald to talk for sometime , that’s it”
I said, “oh, ohkie”
Then he was like, “what? You are ok with it? You don’t have any problem?”
I said, “no!!, why would I have any problem with it?, I trust you, so that’s ok”
Hes like, “no, you cant say that, you cant be fine with it, you have to fight with me that I should’nt talk to her “
I said, “rohit, lol, whats wrong with you, im not like that ok, il give you your space and also expect that you give me my space, so im not fighting with you idiot”
Ro said, “aaww I love you divi”
And I was like, “yeah what a coincidence I love myself too, hahahahaha “
And he replied, “your name should have been devil not divya”
He said, “and hey I cald you tell one more thing, we all are going to an outing tomorrow, so be ready”
I said, “what? Who all? When did you all decide? You guys dint even tell me”
Ro said, “all our gang, I told you now na, and don’t ask me where, that’s a asurprise, so be ready tomorrow by 8 a.m. ok my doll”
I replied, “ohkie”!!!
So it’s a surprise where we are going tomorrow lets see❤??

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  1. Bhagi thanks for update was waiting…………..poor rohit hope he said truth, nothing lie………….waiting for ur next update………

    1. more suspense on d way stay tuned

  2. Bhgi it is right or again rohit was lying….. dont know why so much confusion in rohit charecter dr…..

    1. i cnt tel u anythmg ryt nw hpe fr d best

  3. Story is Fab and writing too di..
    This Ro I can’t believe him till now..
    Actually I love ❤ Div..She is understanding and Mature Girl..She understands to give Space to her partner and trust him..but this Ro wat to say he is Possessive or clever man..i am confused ?..
    I like ? the way Div’s love and understanding towards her Partner..Learn something from Div.Mr.Rohit..
    Waiting for next part to know their outing plans..Take care ?..

    1. one more romantic update wait fr dat

  4. Divi n rohit r back on track with more trust n love. Surprise!! Ur surprises r going to make me mad. Addicted. No other words. Waiting for next. Loveee.

    1. more madness on d way

  5. Thank God….everything is set now….Divi is such a sweet heart…… l wonder why is she so innocent…wish everything will be sorted out between niki nd divi too..and yeah sonu is carbon copy of her sis…..stay blessed di nd thnx …………

    1. hope fr d best

  6. Divya is so understanding, she is a very sweet girl.. Your writing is so impressive and expressive bhgi.. You portray the characters perfectly, I can feel all these characters in front of me while reading.. You have all the qualities to write a novel bhgi.. Think about it for sure.. Waiting for your next episode..

    1. vl update soon

  7. loved the update,longing for more. u are awesome bhgi and the best thing abut you is that you take out time for us everyday and i really appreciate you for that. and happy writing<3 <3 <3 <3

    1. ty tia my pleasure

  8. Hey dear bhgi jus awsomely written !!

    But I m cnfused of rohit !!! Not getting his part !!!

  9. Oh so cute Bhgi, awesome episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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