Strangers (Part 31)

Part 31
I was totally shocked, I said, “what???? What are you saying?, rohit had a gf? When was this? When did this happen? “
He said, “they broke up 2months before he met you”
I said, “what happened tell me about it”
Hes like, “no, divs I already told you a lot I shouldn’t be telling only cos of our friendship, I cant tell you anything more, its better you ask rohit about it yourself”
I said, “ok fine, and thank you”
He said, “listen don’t think about it much , its nothing to worry about now ok, c ya, bye and tc “
I said, “yeah, bye”
I dint know how to react to this whole thing now, what is all this?, I somewhere now feel I took the wise decision by not commiting to him or confessing my love to him but whats the worst part is that I have fallen for him long ago and I love him madly and this is something I cannot undo. All I needed to do now is to know the truth. I loved him when he seemed perfect and I wont leave him when I find defects in him. True love is loving a person with all his good and bad, I don’t know what happened with rohits ex gf or anything about it , all I know is he hid this thing from me that he had a relation in the past, I don’t know why. I just needed to be sure that his past is over and it dooes not exist in his pesent. This has gotten me into really messed up situation now, but im trying to be cool and calm and not to react stupidly now, its better I find out things without making them even more complicated. I just need to know the reason he dint tell me about this and also why he lied to me about the flowers!!!!
Just when I was thinking about all this stuff, rohit cald, I answered, I said, “hi, rohit”
He yelled at me, “who were you talking to for soo long? I cald you 3 times and it was busy”
This just pissed me off so much , I couldn’t take it anymore, 1st at the movie, then with the stranger at the accident and now again ,lieing to me about the flowers, not telling me about his ex, this was just getting on my nerves and over my head, I was annoyed, enraged and was fuming with anger, my blood was boiling to its highest temperature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said, “rohit, you better check the tone your talking to me, even I cald you several times, you were busy, did I say anything? Not even a word!!!!!! “
He was about to say something, but I stopped him and said, “no, you don’t even talk , just listen to what im saying, that day also you made a fuss at theatre for nothing, and then again you take me on a date , we meet with an accident which was totally your mistake and you leave me there and just walk away, you don’t even care to apologise, did I say anything that time??? Answer me”
He said , “no”
I said, ”Even after all that I forgave you not because you were rite, because I still wanted you in my life and I have the strength to forgive the mistakes of the people I love, what is it with you?, whats wrong if I talk to my friends for sometime on call????, you dint even care that im hurt and yelled at me at the hospital, you came to me to say sry and yelled at me again and went and even after all that I thought you realised your mistake and now you repeat all this again???????”
His voice sank to the lowest tone now, “but I apologised for all that already and il say it again im sry divi”
I was talking at the highest pitch of my voice, I said, “no!! you are not sorry for anything at all, you start yelling at me at your will and wish, what do you think I am?, my parents never yelled at me till now and that’s because they know im never wrong and that id never do anything that is wrong and also they trust me truly!!! But do you trust me? I don’t think so rohit”
Again in a low tone rohit said, “divi , you are literally shouting at me now, whats wrong with you?”
I said, “I should have done this long ago rohit, ok, leave all that and tell me about the flowers?”
He said, “what about it?”
I replied, “you know very well what im talking about so tell me why you lied that you sent them, when the fact is that kiran sent those flowers”
He said, “what?? Kiran sent them?”
I said, “who sent it is not important now, what is important is why you lied to me about it?”
He was like, “I don’t know, I thought, may be someone who likes you has sent it and I dint want you to think about anyone else when you saw those flowers, I dint want anyone else to distract you”
I said, “this is really ridiculous, so what even if some stranger sent it??, see this is why I said you don’t trust me”
Ro was like, “no divi, its not like that, its just that all the sweet and good things in your life should be from me that’s it”
I was tired of yelling now, my voice was back to normal, “ok, fine leave all that too but you dint tell me about your past, the most important thing I should know about and you even lied to me that you never were in a relation or you never had a gf”
He replied, “what?? Who told you all this?? Who is filling all this into your head?”
I said, “don’t change the topic, its high time you tell me the truth about everything rohit, before I lose my trust on you “
He replied, “yes divi, I had a gf , but the only reason I dint tell you about this was because I thought youd not accept me if you knew about my past relation”
I was like, “but why would I do that? Its over rite?”
He replied, “yeah , but remember that day you told me you never were in a relation so I thought youd have a problem accepting me if you knew about my past relation”
I said, “rohit, I don’t have any problem with your past or anything unless you tell me the truth about everything, why is it that you fail to understand me all the time?, i understand you always , everytime but you fail me always, you create new questions and doubts in my mind always rohit, why don’t you trust me for once and what is with all this lies??, what is a relation with all lies in it??, tell me the truth atleast now rohit”
Rohit said, “ok divi, il tell you everything”!!

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  1. Oho bhgi kya storh hein yaar i jyst loved it the way divi shouting at rohit absolutly right…..

    1. he deserves it?

  2. again suspense!!!! di..r u really wanna give me heart attack na ??…………………..

    1. i vl update soon i dnt want to hurt my fans vl update soon?

  3. “I loved him when he seemed perfect and I wont leave him when I find defects in him..”
    This line is extremely superbbbbbbbbb .. Divya’s is a TRUE LOVE.. How beautifully she understands him..

  4. Your story is really nice bhgi.. The way you express their feelings is commendable.. I’m eagerly waiting for your next update..

    1. welcum new reader thnks fr ur comments vl update soon?

  5. Superb epi…i liked the way Div Shouted Yaar..honestly I enjoyed her Shout?…Ro u r such a clever and cunning fellow u hided such a big Thing?..,its Div’s opinion to accept u or not who the hell r u to decide on her side too..
    I am eagerly waiting for his past Story..I still don’t believe him..whatever he says he told lie at first and hided such a big thing and how can any person Trust him..?..i don’t have little trust too on him now..
    Superb epi di and story too and thank u ? and take care..?

    1. beta calm down tensiob lene ka zaroorat nahi hein she vl correct him

  6. Hiiii bhgi nee story chala bagaundii …. I loved it ❤ plzzz keep continuing ? all the best

    1. ty mehera r u frm hyderabad???

  7. Superb bhagi loved it…..loved the way divi handled the situation…..

  8. Awesome episode Bhgi, Rohit deserves this treatment from divs…very nice narration, keep it up buddyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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