Strangers (Part 30)

part 30
our exams were not far, I needed to concentrate more, cos this was my last semester. my leg wasn’t hurting much now, I was able to walk around without any help but needed a little help while climbing up and getting down steps. So I took my semester books kept them infront of me, opened one book and started reading, and when I was turning pages suddenly a photo fell out of my book, it was our group pic at the cultural fest we had in our college, me, arohi, shradha and niki. It was so good then, I wasn’t able to believe all these days are coming to an end now. I rather don’t want it to end so soon. 4 years seemed like just 4 months leaving apart the exams and studying part , these 4 years of my life have given me a lot, these years gave me friends for a lifetime, rohit and a lot of sweet and lovely memories which I will treasure forever. Recollecting all those memories I realised my relation with niki wasn’t so good since rohit happened to me , we acted cold towards each other since what happened on arohi’s birthday, so I cald niki to talk, just have our usual chit chat , our gossip like old times , I cald her, it was busy , I cald her again after 10 mins, its still busy,I cald arohi, my call was on waiting so I thought il call later cos definitely she is talking to rahul , I cald shradhha, busy there also duhhh !!!! then I cald rohit, his was busy too, I was waiting waiting, it was 5 minutes and my call is still waiting, I dint understand what was so important and who he was talking to. I thought he’d call me when he’ll see my missed calls and was back to studying again. After one hour still no cal from ro, I cald him its still busy. I cald niki and still busy, for a second I thought are these two talking?, then I thought nahhh , why will these two talk for so long and if there was anything rohit would tell me . there was only 1 person left who I dint call kiran, and it was long time I spoke to him too, so I cald him and thankfully it rang,
he answered, “ hey divs, how r u?”
I replied, “yeah im good , wass up with you?”
He said, “hmm nothing much , have to study , and how is your leg?”
I asked, “did rohit tell you what happened?”
He was like, “hahaha, he will never accept his mistakes and will never tell anything to anyone where he has his mistake”
I dint know what to say for a minute, kiran sometimes seems weird I don’t know, the things he says about rohit and stuff but yet they are best buddies, him, rahul and rohit
I asked, “then who told you?”
He replied , “rohit wont tell directly so he told rahul to tell me”
I said, “I don’t understand about you both kiran, do you both have any problem with each other or something? I mean , the stuff you said to me that day after the movie next day, and even now when I asked you whether rohit told you about our accident. “
He replied, “whoa!!! Wait. Here it goes all over again. Now you also don’t misunderstand me , I only told you all that cos I think you also as my best buddy divs or whats the need for me to tell you all that about rohit?”
I said, “no, its not like that im not saying you were wrong, im just asking that’s all”
He said, “see divs, im very straight forward, I don’t like lies or people who lie, I tell whatever it is directly, that’s why most people misunderstand me, but I am like this cant help it now “
I said, “hahaha yeah that’s ok, actually that’s good that you don’t lie, but just try being a little sweet when your telling the truth to someone ok “
He’s like, “hehe ok il try, hey did you get the flowers I sent you? “
I was shocked, I asked, “which flowers?”
He replied, “I sent you a boquet of pink flowers divs, you dint get them?”
I dint know what to answer for a moment, if kiran sent those flowers , then why did rohit lie to me??, this is really so stupid and anoying, I asked him, “but why dint you write your name on it?”
He’s like, “just like that, it meant for you to guess , you thought it was rohit dint you?”
I was like, “yeah , I did”
He replied, “im also a good friend of yours divs, I can also send flowers, its not necessary that all the sweet things are done by rohit all the time”
I laughed and said, “yeah true “
I asked, “did you talk to rohit today?”
He replied, “no, actually I cald him an hour ago, it was busy so I dint cal him again, he’ll call back when he’s free”
I said, “I cald him too, still busy. I don’t understand who he is talking to for so long”
Kiran replied, “might be a secret gf “
I said, “what?????????”
Kiran replied, “hehe just kidding divs .. I wanted to tell you something but I don’t know, I don’t want you also to take me in the wrong way”
I said, “hey, go on whatever it is , I wont take anything wrong”
He said, “don’t you think what I said about rohit on that day after the movie was true, atleast now”
I said, “what do you mean? , tell me clearly”
Kiran replied, “see divs, rohit is a good guy, no doubt about it, but sometimes he is very suspicious, doubtful of people, and rather obsessive for the people close to him like you, even that day, he acted all weird with me and you, though he knew we had nothing like that”
I said, “yeah, but that day he was just being a little bit over possessive kiran”
He replied, “whatever divs but im telling you cos I know your sensitive just make sure you know everything about him and that you want to be with him completely before you commit to him, cos I don’t want the same thing happening to you again”
I said, “what are you talking about?, what do you mean again? What happened before?”
He said, “ rohit dint tell you?? Oh no!! that’s not what I meant, its just nothing, it just slipped from my mouth, lets change the topic, have you started reading yet?”
I said, “no, tell me, what did you not mean??? what dint rohit tell me? is there something I should know about rohit?, tell me kiran”
He replied, “but divs, I shouldn’t be telling you this, you should know this from rohit, I thought he told you”
I said, “I wont tell him that you told me about it , now tell me what it is”
He’s like, “no he’s my best buddy too , I cant tell you like this”
I said, “if you really think im your best friend tell me now kiran!!!!!!!!!”
He said, “actually, rohit ………… …………..

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  1. Suspenc. . . Its 2 big to hold on, plz updt nxt part 2day itslf dr. . .

  2. Nice epi..This Ro is definitely a Cheater..Something is cooking up between this Ro and Niki..
    I was Sure that Ro haven’t sent that flowers but I didn’t thought that Kiran will send that..He told lie too..
    Div is still want to give a chance to Ro..i suggest move on baby..this won’t work..
    Amazing epi and mysterious too..Thank u di for ur story and superb narration..
    Take care..?

    1. ty aaliya bl update soon y cnt u write a story u had good skills u cn write story

      1. My pleasure ? di.. and a story..i think if I start to write every one will laugh out..? but Thank u so much for ur compliment..? at least u thought that my writing skills r good..
        I will definitely give a try after my Semester exams..
        Thank u and take care ? and waiting for next part to know next..eagerly..pls update today itself..pls

  3. Bhgi again a blast on my head. And leaving me confused. But i luv ur story so i will bear with this. Now plz update fast. My heart is already beating fast.

    1. lol this is jz a fiction story all characters are imaginary dnt take rest jz chill?

    2. lol this is jz a fiction story all characters are imaginary dnt take tension jz chill?

  4. Bhgi u r a sadist haaa what is this dr…. plz update next one plzzzzz

    1. am sadist na thnk u? i vl nt update nxt part

  5. Bhgi di ur stry is enough to give me a heart attack !!!! coz urs stry is just unpredictable nd I love it……my xm is knocking at the door but couldn’t stop myself reading ur stry……Ro is idiot and so on… but like divi l also think ro can be changed (personally l want them together coz their luv stry is so unique)……stay blessed and luv u di………….

    1. haha tanya vl update soon

  6. Hey bhgi….tis is cruel yaar…suspense ? I hate it yaar …plsss update soon dr ….

  7. bhagi………..what is this pls update fast……… u pls …else my stomach ache will start………..

    1. lol kirti y u vl het stomach ache?

    2. kirti ru frm hydearabad???

  8. Ohh suspense. .can’t wait to know about it, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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