Strangers (Part 29)

Part 29
I dint know what to do now, I was so disturbed and scared , I don’t know what kinda stupid feeling it was but I couldn’t think of anything else except him and us ….. he texted me, saying, “divi, its not that I dint want to tell you or anything but I know youd be sad and hurt when I tell you and just wanted to minimise the time youd be sad, I just want you to be happy that’s it , and I really really love you”, my eyes filled with tears, my heart was scared to trust him, it was scared of losing him and I was scared of the distance coming between us , I was scared of losing someone who meant the world to me but there was nothing I could do about it and I shouldn’t be doing anything about it either, it is his career and his future, I shouldn’t be an obstacle in it, but its just that I was being selfish and thinking only about myself and about me losing his love.
So I texted him back saying, “that’s ok rohit, I know its your career and your future, you should do what you think is good for you”
and seconds later I get his reply, “divi, you are such a darling, you understand me always even before I try to convince you, im so lucky to have you, I love you so so much And im gonna miss you like hell”,
I replied, “il miss you more than youl miss me rohit and I love you but im not telling you that yet :P” , hahahaha ,
he replied, “you are devil divi, whether you say it or not I know you love me sweety “,
I replied, “yeah , you keep guessing about that” ,
and he texted back, “what do you mean keep guessing? , you love me don’t you? “,
I replied, “hehehe “ ,
ro texted, “I havent seen a girl as impossible as you, you are hard to get, hard to keep, innocent yet naughty, childish yet very mature, understanding and possessive aaaaawwww you make me fall in love with you more and more all the time yet you keep playing with me and never confess your feelings huh??”
and I replied, “that’s me rohit, may be you can find someone prettier than me, someone intelligent than me, someone better than me in everything but you can never find another me haha” ,
hes like, “aaaaahhhhhh why are you so irresistible??”,
and I was like, “I know where you are taking this , no need to get naughty now” ,
hes like , “yeah , you end it like this only all the time, go have your dinner now, I know you dint have your dinner cos of all this” ,
I replied, “ yeah , I dint, what about you?”,
he texted back, “I had my dinner long ago, I know youd talk to me anyway “ ,
I replied, “idiot, ohkie then im going catch you later c ya”, he texted, “yeah k my swty “
So I cald sonu and told him to get my dinner to my room, then that fellow is like, “when I asked you for dinner you dint want to have, now you only want to have dinner huh?? , something is definitely wrong with you these days di” , he laughed,
I said, “ok, now go get my dinner here, il tell you everything whats wrong with me these days “,
he was shocked and surprised both, he said, “so, there really is something I need to know huh .. ok il go get your dinner”,
he went and brought my meal to my room and after I was done with it, he started bombarding me with questions like, “di, tell me who is he? Whats his name? what does he do? How does he look? How did you both meet? When was the first time? ……..”,
And he wasn’t just stopping ,
so I said, “whoa , sonu!! Wait wait!!!! Il tell you everything but let me breath “,
he said, “ok di, now tell me everything about jiju”,
I was like, “ what??????”,
and hes like , “ haha now tell” ,
so I told him everything about me and rohit, how we met and everything, he listened to everything in amazement as if he was listening to a tale or something , after I finished telling him everything he was like, “wow di!!!!!!!!!! Your story is nothing less than a movie”, hahaha , and suddenly he came and hugged me and said, “di, im so happy for you”,
I knew he loved me, but most of the times we used to fight like tom and jerry but we would never let anyone else speak a word against each other, but he was so emotional about me I dint know this, I was indeed happy I had such a loving brother.
I said, “I love you too my bro” , then suddenly hes like, “when did I say i love you? Don’t get all mushy on me now”,
I said, “yeah yeah, I know you are the tough guy rite, idiot”, then we both started our endless gossip and chitchatting, he was telling me about the girls in his college and stuff for the first time!!! we were talking about all the youngsters talk and stuff just when my mom entered the room, and we both became silent,
mom was like, “these days na you people are going crazy, I don’t understand whats wrong with you all”,me and sonu we both looked at each other and burst out laughing hehehe rofl then mom also joined and we started talking everything random, had a lovely time and after sometime, both of them said good night to me and left my room. I was just about to sleep when I got a text from ro, “good night doll “, just something which made my day a perfect one . aaaaaaaaaww I really love my life I couldn’t have asked for anything more !!!! I said thank you to god for everything he gave me and I went off to sleep

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  1. Ha how sweet sonu……

  2. Baghi Pls giv precap. . . Hop i 2 hav such a luvng brothr. . .!

  3. Love your story and style of story telling. Keep it up.

  4. Amazing epi di..liked the cute convo between Bro and Tom and
    Everything sorted out between Div and Ro..i don’t think that Pink flowers ? is given by Ro..Anyways waiting to c that who gave it..waiting for next episodes too..
    Sorry di for not commenting on Previous I am busy and my Semester exams are on next week..I will read ur story but If I find a time I will comment it..Sorry and Thank u for updating..and Take care ❤ u..

    1. its ok Aaliya?

  5. HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY to all my friends here..? I know we r not a Child to Celebrate Children’s day but I think that EVERY PERSON HAS A CHILD ? INSIDE be happy like a child for no reason and I wish u all a Happy children’s day…

  6. Very nice episode, keep it up. …

  7. Bhagi very nice… he actually going to leave her…??

    1. he wont leave her

  8. It was so cute n awesome. Luv bro-sis relationship. He was ok with it n jiju. Luv u bhgi. Ur story is awesome n u write so well.

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