Strangers (Part 28)

Part 28
I woke up that morning and saw a bouquet of flowers beside my bed, I was surprised they were all pink roses just like the 1st time rohit gave me a pink rose, I still remember , my face was glowing with happiness, I cald my mom and asked her who sent these flowers
she said, “ I thought it might be your friends, someone delivered it before you woke up but dint tel the name of the person who sent it. Now I know who it was, it was definitely rohit, who else could do such sweet things for me I was so happy , just then sonu came into my room, he saw the bouquet and asked, “who sent it di?”,
I said , “I don’t know, I saw it just now”, so sonu opened the tag which came along the bouquet, it said, “” “get well soon” – your well wisher””, I was all pink again, I was blushing, and
sonu was like, “mom see, there’s no name, your daughters fan it seems to me” this idiot doesn’t leave a chance to get me in trouble ,
I laughed and said,”no mom, it might be arohi or one of my friends whos playing pranks that’s it”,
she was like, “yeah , I know, your friends are crazy just like you, who knows that better than me” , me and sonu burst out laughing lol lol lol.
My mom went down , sonu came near me and asked, “tell me di, who sent these flowers? Why were you blushing so much? Tell me tell me”, I was blushing even more,
I said, “how will I know ?, I told you na, might be one of my friends sonu”
sonu was like, “really? Then why are you blushing di?”
I said, “sonu, stop it now please”, he laughed and went away. I immediately took my cell and cald rohit, he dint pick up for the first time, he picked up the second time I cald,
he said ,”hey doll” , in his sleepy and s*xy voice ,
I said, “thank you so much for the wonderful gift ro”,
he replied, “what? What gift?”, I was surprised and
said, “what?? you dint send me those flowers?”,
he said , “which flowers , what are you talking about?”,
I said , “are you trying to fool me again?”,
he was like,” divi im really sleepy now, il call you when I wake up, bye” I dint understand whether he was just trying to fool me or he really dint send those flowers. I cald arohi, she also said that she had no idea who sent those flowers. I kept wondering who might have sent them. Meanwhile, I needed to go to the doctor for my leg, I went to the dr. along with sonu cos dad was busy with his office work and couldn’t make it. The doctor examined my leg and said it would be fine in one week but you need to take rest completely, he told not to walk until it is necessary. then both of us went back home. We had our lunch and then I cald rohit again and asked, “rohit , tell me the truth you only sent those flowers dnt you?”,
he said, “which flowers? I don’t know anything about any flowers”, he paused for a moment then said, “was there any card with it?”,
I said, “yeah”,
he asked me to read it, I told him what was written on it and that they looked the same pink rose he gave me the 1st time ,
then he was like, “oh, yeah yeah , I only sent them I totally forgot”, phewwww now I was releived it was rohit only and I was happy too .. he’s really sweet when he’s like this , I mean normal, I don’t know what gets into him suddenly sometimes, he becomes all insecure and over possessive and obsessive too!!!
I told him about what the dr said to me and rohit was like, “oh no!!!!!!!” ,
I said, “what happened?”,
he was like, “why does all this have to happen now, when I don’t have time” ,
I said, “what time? You don’t have time for what rohit?”,
rohit said, “divi, I need to tell you something”,
I replied, “rohit, if you are planning to fool me again forget it, il kill you this time”,
then he said, “no, actually, I meant that I have applied for MS and il leave in one month after we are done with our exams”,
I was totally shocked, he never even mentioned about this before, I dint know how to react, its hardly been sometime that we met, and he will leave in a few days, I was totally numb..
I said, “why dint you tell this to me before rohit?”,
ro said, “I don’t know , I dint have the guts to say it to you, but now we don’t have much time, so I had to tell you, I thought I could spend more time with you and then all this happened” ,
I said, “so when were you actually planning to tell me about it huh??? The day before you were gonna leave or what?, you don’t think it is important for me to know about this? ,
he said, “no, its not like that, I don’t know I just could’nt tell”
I said, “then why are you even telling this now, go do whatever you feel like, theres no need for me to know anything at all about you rite, just don’t talk to me rohit” I hung up !!!!!! now what is this??? Why does something or the other come between us all the time?? So what is our relationship status now? Do I just need to keep hanging in the air like that for him? I don’t even know if he will miss me or forget me and move on after leaving. What should I do now? If I say yes , I don’t know whats next? And If I say no, I will lose him forever!! And even if I say yes,he doesn’t have time to be with me God!!!!!! Why is all this happening to me

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  1. Bhgi u r too gud. The story is just awesome. Nw who send those flowers?? Waiting for next part.

    1. vl update sooonish:)

  2. No that pink flowers ne uss stranger beja hoga am i right bhgi…. this rohit na stupid…. all the boys r same…..

    1. wait fr nxt update u vl get to knw:P

  3. am sure pink flowers stranger ne sent kiya tha

    1. vl let u knw ruby wait fr nxt update

  4. Me 2 think dat its snt by dat strngr, bcoz he was so cute n caring. . . 🙂

  5. Nice episode. I also think it’s that stranger who sent pink roses to divya… eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you Bhgi for updating regularly. …keeping me glued

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