Strangers (Part 27)


Part 27
the rest of the day I spent with my family and was happy at nite I was In my bed thinking, I know I said to vini and sandy that I wanted to change rohit, make him love me even more and make him overcome his insecurities but I dint really know how to do that. Just then rohit cald me, I answered it,
I said , “yeah tell me”,
he was like, “its been 2 days now, I told you im sorry please divi talk to me, im really really sorry”,
I said, “ok”,
then he replied, “ok? So everythings fine between us now?” ,
I said, “yeah, fine”
he was like, “really? Is this real? Or am I dreaming?”
I said, “no, im saying alls fine between us but only if you promise me not to be such a jerk again “
he replied, “never will I be such a stupid again, never , ever , im so happy”,
I said, “ok, I gotta go sleep now”,
he said, “what? Why so early?? I wanted to talk to you!!!” ,
I said, “but im really tired rohit, we’ll talk tomorrow” ,
he said, “shall I come to your house then, il just watch you sleep, pleeeeeeeeeeeease” ,
I replied, “no way!!! Don’t even think about it, I wont open the door, so shut up and go sleep” ,
he was like, “ok, bye good night, love you and miss you”,
I said, “yeah bye” our call ended.
Yeah I told him that everythings ok between us but our conversation wasn’t like it used to be everytime we talked, and i wanted him to understand that, I wanted him to know just being angry is different and getting hurt is different, I wanted him to know what wrong he is doing but not by fighting over it but by letting him know slowly. I went to bed. Next morning I had a text from rohit saying, “good morning my sunshine” as usual, I dint reply to him. Igot ready and was waiting for arohi, shradha and niki to come home, we planned to study at my home for the exams for our last semester. 3 of them were home till 10 in the morning, we started studying rite out without any talking or chit chatting as i was still not fine with everything that happened in the past few days and shradha and nikki also knew evrything , I told arohi to tell them. I dint want any secrets between us. So we just studied till 1 30 in the aftnun, then mom cald us down for lunch, now I was able to walk around a little and climb and get down the steps with some help, but my crazy friends will never let me do things normally na , arohi and shradha both of them lifted me one side each and carried me down hehehe I couldn’t stop laughing,that was the first time I laughed that day , then we had our lunch and my mood was fine now.
After lunch again they both carried me to my room, actually I was kinda liking all the attention I was getting I dint feel like studying anymore, I was back to my naughty self again cos of my friends we started talking .. our gossip was endless … we talked and talked and laughed a lot , just then arohi got a call, it was from rohit, she talked to him and said to me, “he wants to talk to you”,
i said ,” tell him il talk to him later”,
then niki was like, “shall I talk to him if you don’t want to” and she was about to take arohi’s cell which I couldn’t let it happen, so I snatched the cell from arohi, they all were like, “we know you love him” that was true though ,
I said to rohit, “whats the matter? Tell me fast” ,
he said, “whats wrong with you? You are being so mean” he seemed a little shocked at the way I talked to him,
I said, “cal me when you get to know why I am being so mean ok” , I hung up the call and I turned around, all were laughing, I dint understand why they were laughing and what was so funny to laugh,
I asked them ,” whats wrong with you guys? What are you laughing at?” ,
and they were like, “you guys fight like you both are already married”, my cheeks turned pink again and they started teasing me hehe
Then we studied for sometime again, in the evening at around 6pm all of them left, I had my dinner with sonu in my room, and went to bed, at around 4 in the morning, I felt my cel vibrate, It was rohit calling, I dint know to answer it or not, I cut his call wantedly, he cald again, I knew he would call till I answer it, so I answered ,
he said, “im infront of your house divi, please come to your window I want to seee you once”,
I was shocked, I said, “but why did you come at this time?, I told you before already not to come to my house rite?”,
he replied, “you told me not to come into your house, you dint dint tell me not to stand infront of your house, so please look out from your window please”,
I said, “are you mad rohit?”, he replied, “yes im mad and you know for whom, im asking you for the last time are you coming or not”,
I said, “ok, wait im coming”, I went near the window, he was standing rite infront of our gate, it was still foggy outside. He stood there, he held his ears with his hands and was saying sorry, it was soo sweet, I smiled
Then he threw a chit into my room through the window, I opened it, he wrote, “I know divi, I acted really stupid, I was such an idiot, my behaviour towards you and that guy was totally wrong, it was all my fault, I swear I will never let this happen again, all I want is you , only you, please forgive me I LOVE YOU “ now I couldn’t stop myself from forgiving him, I smiled at him now and gave him a flying kiss , he caught it with his hands and kept it in his heart, that moment was so special for me , I mean I know I was angry but he came all the way to my home to say sorry to me at 4 in the morning… aaawwww I really love him. We were looking at each other just like that for a long time, no words , no signals nothing, just silence, me and rohit. It was so nice, that silence, there were no words yet there was a lot we spoke to each other in that silence, the silence which was more beautiful than words the silence which had the sweetness of love, it was like a melody, sweet music that was echoing all around love was in the air once again. Just then rohit got a cal, I looked at the clock, it was 6 , what??????? Oh god!!!!! Its been 2 hrs????, I told rohit to go home now, Everything was fine and back to normal, I said bye, he went home and I smiled into my sleep again

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  1. Divi u r super u want to change him…. but some persons are wont change their stupid behaviour….. nice dr

  2. Hop he changd 4 real,..

    1. hope fr d best

  3. romance back on track…………..i think he can change his this attitude if he loves divya, because trust is very important in any relation . being possessive is ok bt being extra possessive is dangerous for any relation.

    1. ya kirti u r ryt anxt part updated jz go thrugh it:)

  4. Really loved this episode, keep it up… still need to know Rohit’s POV. For some reason I am still not sure about him… well hope for good

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